A Miracle! Tim Lahrman and Lazarus now have much in common — an NDE

Thanks to every one for their prayers.  Tim Lahrman is breathing on his own.  I don’t know the full story, but Tim was out cold on the floor for more than 10 minutes at his home, his wife Cindy conducted CPR until the ambulance arrived. When he arrived at the hospital everything was shut down, and there was no brain activity and they put him on 100% life support, chilled his body for a few days and then warmed him up.

During that time he had no brain activity.  When he warmed up, there was no brain activity. They were getting to pull the plug, but they noted that Tim’s heart rate would rise from 30 bpm to 80 whenever his wife spoke him, so she kept on speaking.

I just received a picture of him off the respirator and Cindy is right with him hugging him and smiling.

So much for ANYONE knowing when human life is over.

He has not awoken yet, and everyone must keep him in their prayers, he does have a terrible heart condition, I am told. He is not out of the woods because he is still in a coma, but breathing on his own is the first step.

And three guesses as to the people that broke his heart from a karmic perspective, and I bet they were all involved in his guardianship.


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