From Ken Ditkowsky–lawyers band together to support court reform

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Subject: Re: Justice Served with Andy Ostrowski – disciplined lawyer series – lawyers for judicial reform
I appreciate your efforts in regard to the First Amendment Rights of Lawyers.   The idea that a LAWYER cannot speak out and complain of corruption is absurd.    In fact Rule 8.3 requires it, and a lawyer may be sanctioned if her/she fails to do so.   Thus, how is it that so many lawyers are being suspended or otherwise intimidated to keep quiet about corruption?
A leading case and demonstration case is the JoAnne Denison case here in Illinois.   JoAnne Denison created a blog – MARYGSYKES.    In her blog she highlighted Judicial Corruption and in particular the outrageous actions in the Mary Sykes case 09 P 4585. The call for an HONEST INVESTIGATION initiated a complaint to the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission by a guardian ad litem in the Sykes case.   This call for an Honest investigation by the miscreant guardian resulted in disciplinary cases to be brought.  JoAnne was one of the lawyers that the IARDC and Mr. Jerome Larkin in particular needed to silence.    
In most disciplinary cases the “fixed” panel of 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators merely rubber-stamp whatever averments that the Administrator of the commission dreams us – it does not matter if they are true or false – the commission finds them true.   In the Lanre Amu case, the Administrator’s allegations were virtually identical to those made by the respected  CRAIN’S CHICAGO BUSINESS DAILY.   The fact that the Administrator was a bit more than frugal with the truth and the facts that he claimed to be untrue were not denied and admitted on the record by the Judge was of no moment whatsoever.    The targeted lawyer can escape severe punishment by attorning to the cover-up, but JoAnne Denison and Lanre Amu did not.   Ergo, the Supreme Court took the unusual step of an interim suspension.  
What makes this Denison case demonstrative is the fact of the usual lengths that Larkin has gone to try to intimidate and silence Ms. Denison.   In particular:
  •  misrepresented SCOTUS cases in writing
  •  equated the report of the corrupt of judges to “yelling fire in a crowded theater.”
  •  violated specific Federal Statutes  – in particular 47 USCA 230.  The freedom of the internet is now an issue.    Blogging and communication between citizens is now being actively interfered with by the Disciplinary Commission.
  • possible violation of copyright  – i.e. using without the author’s permission or acknowledgment of copyrighted material.
  • actual violation of State Law in the prosecution of a disciplinary case
  • embezzlement and violation of the public trust by Administrator of the disciplinary commission
  •  A disciplinary commissioner (Administrator Jerome Larkin) caught lying to the Supreme Court of the State.
Right now there is now pending a Petition for a Rule why Jerome Larkin should not be held in contempt of Court for his misconduct in lying to the Supreme Court of Illinois now pending in the Supreme Court of Illinois.   JoAnne can furnish each of you with a copy of her Petition.
It also appears that our fight against Elder Cleansing is making progress.   Philip Esformes has been indicted for stealing about a BILLION DOLLARS from the Medicare program.    The gravamen of the indictment is starting to sink in on all of the miscreants of the health care industry who are and have been preying on the elderly. To add to their misery is the fact that Attorney Seth Gillman has plead guilty to a hundred million dollar plus Hospice fraud and is reported to be co-operating fully with the United States of America.    (Mr. Larkin has acted quickly and Gillman received at interim suspension from the practice of law after news leaked out that he was co-operating with the Federal authorities.   Naturally, the timing of this interim suspension may just be a coincidence!)
All the lawyers who have spoken out on your program, and who are similarly affected by the assault on LAWYERS FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS should speak out on the Denison case pending before the Supreme Court of Illinois!   This gesture of solidarity serves three purposes:
1) It draws attention to the fact that inspite of ABA Rule 8.3 and admonishments by lawyer disciplinary commissions that lawyers cannot remain silent when they observe other lawyers violate the law,  reporting violations by connected lawyers, corrupt judges, et al is dangerous to the lawyer’s license.
2) It is a trial balloon — can we work together and most importantly what type of clout to be have when we work together.
3) We strike a blow for JUSTICE!
Forming a political committee to ‘fight City Hall’ is an ambitious activity and it is kicking the can down the road as we have an opportunity right now to make a point.  We have Jerome Larkin – an administrator who has warts – as a target and the actions that Larkin have taken in this case are indefensible and wrong headed.   If we lose this opportunity we may have to wait years for another to come down the pike.
In addition, with the Fed targeting the son of the biggest villain in the health care industry clout funding and political clout is being diverted.    Rest assured silencing JoAnne Dension is on the back burner with Philip Esformes facing the charge of stealing a billion dollars from Uncle Sam!
For the record – I received a telephone call from a ‘friend’ of Philip’s mother and suggested to the ‘friend’ that Phillip’s best interest was to ADMIT the crimes he was charged with and offer – as did Seth Gillman – to co-operate fully with the Federal Investigation.   If Phillip has a brain cell left in his head – he will attorn to that advice as otherwise  – if his clout does not get him a pardon from President Obama = he can expect to spend the rest of his life in Prison.
Just a thought!
From Joanne;
I agree with Ken wholeheartedly.  Phil and Morris Esformes have operated abusive and intolerable nursing homes in the US for decades, the Feds and authorities have known about this racket since the 1990’s and little has been done to correct this massive fraud and abuse of senior citizens.
But the public knows and notices.  Not a day or two or three goes by and I hear about another case of “target, isolate, medicate, drain the estate and eliminate and cremate” scheme that is now a favorite evil child of our nation’s probate court system.
The complaint against me (13 PR 01) was filed in January 2013.   Since that time, Seth Gilman in Chicago has been indicted for $100 million and the Esformes for $1 billion, but  only in Florida.  I agree with Ken, if the Esformes do not want to spend the rest of their lives in prison, my advice too is to cooperate fully with the feds. Such a massive system of nursing home fraud and corruption was not built over night. There are many licensed professionals involved, from the CPA’s that structure these companies, layer upon layer of corporations to hide the transfer of millions of dollars, to the licensed doctors and nurses that write up bogus reports of incompetency, to the bogus social workers that write up reports a patient is better off in a locked down abusive facility where he or she is drugged when kind, Protective family members can care for the same elder or disabled in their own homes or another family home.
The point I am trying to make is that 1) the $1 billion stolen in Florida from Medicare/Medicaid is only one area with 30 nursing homes run by the Esformes, many other areas across the nation are involved and billions more; and 2) the probate courts have to stop being part of this vile system; and 3) there are a whole host of licensed professionals involved in the fraud–doctors, nurses, social workers and banksters–and they all have to be removed and should be indicted too otherwise the system continues as the guy next in line steps into place.
I also note that while nursing homes are required to divulge ownership to the State of Illinois and to Medicare, if you look at the databases they offer to download on nursing home information for each nursing home, that field is curiously blank.  How is this?  The rule is there, there is a space for it in the data base which is supposed to be available to the public.  How do they get away with this.  I want to know if a nursing home is or was an Esformes nursing home, and this should be made public.
I would like to see a “Bastille Day” for nursing homes where every patient that wants to go home, gets to go home, and every patient that has a loving family member to care for them, gets to go home to that family member, with support and assistance from the US got–which is far cheaper than dumping someone in a nursing home and drugging them to death with illegal psychotropic drugs.

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