From Ken Ditkowsky–Neither political candidate mentions elder cleansing or the Chicago Media

Subject: The Art of legal deception and extortion
Date: Sep 2, 2016 12:41 PM
Believe it or not when I first was initiated into the practice of law, almost all lawyers have a credo and lived up to it.    Of course there were some whose ethics mirrored that of Jerome Larkin and his 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators, but we knew who they were and they really had to work at their infamy.    However today we have an alliance of lawyers who are devoid of any degree of moral compass and the political elite.    In particular, I refer to a group that prior to the turn of the century called themselves the ‘disaster lawyers’ and they rushed to every part of the world wherein there was a sniff of an American company maybe having liability.   Using extortion and the rising cost of litigation (and well placed political contributions) without having to submit a single witness they extorted from American business millions of dollars.
Subsequently these lawyers got renamed as the trial lawyers and their realm of influence grew and the breeding of corruption extended right into the white house and the state house.   Career political elite made sweetheart deals with them to literally blackmail a major US company into paying millions just to avoid litigation; however, they also used their sweetheart status to defraud particular vulnerable groups of citizens.    
One particular fraud comes to mind.   My client Tony, had a very successful business in Chicago and as he was in a high tax bracket he sought investments with tax advantages. From his accountant he learned about depletion allowances, and found that they existed not only in oil, but in some agriculture ventures.    Orange trees was one in particular.
Tony found a company that was selling futures in orange trees in Florida.   The details of the venture are interesting but irrelevant.   As with most of this type of venture, disaster is not far from the table, and it was not long before my client Tony discovered that he was involved in another of the Florida land frauds.   He called me, and I arranged with a Florida attorney to bring a fraud suit.    To our surprise, the defendant filed a motion to dismiss based upon res Judiciata.   It appears that the company recognized its deficiency long before we did – so they sued themselves under a class action lawsuit banner, published for all similarly situated persons and settled the case.    Naturally the Florida authorities were not interested!   ditto for the Federal authorities.    The miscreants were large contributors to the dominate political parties.     
In the elder cleansing scandal and also in the health care scandal a similar trend is very evident.    Here in Cook County it does not take Philadelphia Lawyer to figure out who the miscreants contribute.    It is however humorous to the note that my wife communicated with someone at the Chicago Tribune asking the question: “Why is there so little coverage of the Philip Esformes indictment for stealing a billion dollars from Medicare?”    The answer;  ” we cannot see a Chicago connection!”    Apparently, people who work for the Chicago Tribune live in an Ivory tower.   They did not read about the Esformes nursing home scandals, the Esformes scandal involving Larkin Community Hospital, the Esformes homeless kidnapping scandal, **** or see any of the vehicles and buildings defaced with the name ESFORMES on them.
It is therefore not surprising that neither political candidate has mentioned any of the major miscreant players in the aforesaid elder cleansing scandal NO ONE IS INTERESTED IN THE FACT THAT ELDERLY PEOPLE ARE ROUTINELY HAULED OFF TO COURT so that guardians can be appointed for them (with or without jurisdiction).   The isolation of these elderly so that their estates can be looted as they (the elderly) a deprived of their humanity, civil rights and property rights!.  
Corruption has become metastatic and the quest by the political class for riches has become an epidemic.    Even law enforcement and science are victims.   Today’s WAll STREET Journal editorial illustrates the extent of the problem, to wit:

How the Exxon Case Unraveled

It becomes clear that investigators simply don’t know what a climate model is.

I have to disagree with Judy and Ken. I believe the Chicago mega media IS covering up elder cleansing, this is just one particular excuse, because ONE BILLION in medicare fraud is a news story throughout the nation.  I see plenty of news stories in remote 3rd world countries for far less money involved in perfidy throughout the US.

Someone wants to keep this all quiet and on the down low. We know as you walk into a nursing home, the residents are openly and notoriously drugged to their gills, and the ones that talk cry out to go home.

It’s all clearly illegal, but why does the Mayor’s offices and the Chicago Police Dept turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the problem.

Like it or not, the vast majority of us will reach or 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, despite the efforts of mega medicine to kill us off.  Why do we look the other way at hordes of elderly abused elders.

What we need is a Bastille Day for all the nursing homes.


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