From Ken Ditkowsky–the future is here

The Future is here.
This report will receive little mention in the press, unless some the American Human Rights organizations can find a profit in raising a hue and cry.     Similarly, the elder cleansing scandal is subject to the same market forces.    The reason – the profit is in the cottage industry of elder cleansing and NOT in the protecting of old people.     On the pages of Probate Sharks/MaryGSykes/Nasga **** is detailed the manner in which enormous profits are obtained by the miscreants.    In the Mary Sykes case (Cook County, Illinois) 09 P4585 several million dollars were stolen by corrupt individuals.     These funds were received by the miscreants as matter of right and were neither inventoried or subjected to either Federal and State Income taxes. [1]    In the Alice Gore case a similar situation existed, however, the incarceration of Grandmother Gore generated funds yet to another set of parasites.      (The details are on the blogs and in particular Probate Sharks).
The protections of 755 ILCS 5/11a – 1 et seq. and in particular 755 ILCS 5/11a – 10 are routinely thwarted by ‘wired’ judges.      Not all the judges are ‘wired’ or ‘fixed’ but those who are well known by the victims.    (They are disclosed on the blogs: blogs.    Judge Maureen Connors was the Judge in the Sykes case.    On page 91 of the Evidence Deposition that the IARDC (Jerome Larkin – Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission) took revealed the admission of Judge Connors that she was ‘wired!’  – of course Judge Connors not only got a pass, but was elevated to a position on the Appellate Court of Illinois).      Hundreds of complaints across the United States of America have been forwarded to the ACLU, AARP, and other so called Human Rights organizations that routinely solicit money from you under guise of defending your CIVIL AND HUMAN RIGHTS.      Even though the Government Accounting Office has issued four (4) reports to congress the silence and lack of response from not only our elected representatives but these tax supported organizations have been electrifying.    They have been STONE SILENT.
If you were to write to our Elected Senator, Durbin, about this problem you would receive the response that I did – he sent me a copy of a speech that he claimed to have given as to his fight to protect SOCIAL SECURITY!      (Senator Kirk forwarded my letter to the Attorney General of the United States and asked them to look into it–that was ages ago).     The response of Senator Durbin is unfortunately the most common response.     Even though billions of dollars are stolen from the elderly and their families, and Medicare and other health care programs are being driven into Bankruptcy the fight against elder cleansing (and the defense of the Civil and Human Rights) is largely ignored.      Philip Esformes was recently reported to be charged with a Medicare fraud of a billion dollars!       He accomplished it using only 30 nursing homes in South Florida.    His father and a cadre of nursing home operators are doing the very same thing that Esformes did in Florida right here in Cook County and the Medicare Frauds appear to be tolerated.     The number of nursing homes engaging in same Medicare Fraud as Esformes is about 100x or more as great.
Medicare Fraud (and health care fraud) is not a victimless crime [2].       We are all victims.    Obamacare or any other program of health care would be fantastic success if we could reduce the fraud to the Federal norm of 25%.     The Seth Gillman hospice fraud does give us some insight into the problem.   N.B.  Gillman has pleaded guilty and is reported to be co-operating with the United States of America.      Gillman was openly and notoriously protected by Mr. Larkin and the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission.     It does not appear that the Attorney General of Illinois or the States Attorney are actively prosecuting the Hospice crimes or the nursing home crimes!        THUS we have a de-facto abrogation of the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.      We no longer have equality before the law.     We have whole group of elites who are ABOVE THE LAW!
What happens if you speak out right here in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois against the isolation of senior citizens by corrupt judicial officials so that they can abused, exploited, robbed of their dignity, humanity, civil rights, humans and property?     What happens if you speak out against the judges (such as Judge Connors – who admitted on page 91 of her evidence deposition her corruption) who could care less about the facts in their elder cleansing activities?      What happens if you follow the dictates of good citizenship 18 USCA 4, lawyer rule 8.3, *****?
The Wall Street Journal article, to wit:
tells you what happens in a totalitarian country such as China.     Here in Illinois a similar approach is promulgated.    Lanre Amu exposed Judge Egan, who was similarly exposed by Crain’s Chicago Business    –  he was castigated, defamed and politically assassinated.     The Supreme Court of Illinois thought his disclosures to be so horrible that he received an interim suspension of his law license, even though the charges he brought we not only true by verified by a respected business publication.      Jerome Larkin and his lackeys (co -conspirators pursuant to 18 USCA 371) found Amu to be practicing law while ‘black’ and therefore the trust was a lie.
  In America ‘due process’ for the great unwashed is on its way to becoming whatever the ‘political and judicial elite’ predetermine.      The FIRST AMENDMENT to the Constitution is the core value of America.     The right to complain to the government as to misconduct by the government or its servants is basic.     The right to report criminal behavior is sacrosanct – especially if the corruption is that of judges, political figures *****.    The Right to Speak out as to any political or content related subject has been upheld by the CITIZENS UNITED case.  (SCOTUS).      It does not matter if the speech is in corporate, union, association, or just that of the great unwashed – the speech is protected.     In the ALVAREZ case the SCOTUS held that the speech did not even have to be true!      The political and judicial elite are livid!    The great unwashed like the Civil Rights lawyer in China can openly and orally make their views known, even if those views are contrary to the views of the government.
The response of the Political elite is to intimidate those of us who speak out.    Jailing dissents at this point in time is not impractical in the United States of America and even in Illinois.    In the case of Gloria Sykes chaining her in a courtroom and threatening to kill her service dog etc. was the preferred method of punishing her.    Robbing her of her inheritance and some sundry property was also sufficient.      *****    In the case of  an attorney, kangaroo disciplinary proceedings usually does the trick.     If it does not, long suspensions of law licenses are at this point in time the punishment that is prescribed.    Getting the law license back at the end of the suspension is problematical.        For instance,  in a sister State Andy is being literally blackballed because he exhibited political ambitions and has created a forum for dissent.     JoAnne Denison still publishes her blog and regularly exposes corruption!
The League of Women Voters had a slogan, to wit:   Democracy is not a spectator sport.      We, the great unwashed, should not take the jailing of a foreign human rights activist smugly –  Our government by tolerating the elder cleansing scandal and the attempts by public officials such as Jerome Larkin is demonstrating some of the worst habits of totalitarian tyrants.      The silence by our institutions as to the assault on the First Amendment is a red flag!    (The first red flag was raised when the political elite commenced the assault on the First Amendment!)       ******

[1] The Gold coins stolen from the safety deposition box had a value of about a million dollars.    The guardian allegedly entered the safety deposit box of Mary Sykes (see affidavit of Gloria Sykes filed with the IARDC) and just removed them.   They were not inventoried.   When the outrage was pursuant to Rule 8.3 disclosed to the IARDC and law enforcement, it was to be noted that GAL Cynthia Faring – who admitted to having no knowledge as to the truth or falsity of the Gloria Sykes charge and affidavit was the only one of the miscreants to deny the charge – the guardian to this day has not denied the charge.     Other substantial property was also reported to not being inventoried, and Mary’s dwelling was sold for a fraction of its value to a miscreant related entity.    As these items were not inventoried it is a certainty that no Federal or State Taxes were paid.
[2] I do not know why crimes against the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA are called victimless – but in the case of the 700% surcharge on health care few people not sick, disabled, **** really get excited.    The doctor who slows his vehicle down to 30 miles an hour as he drives past the nursing home and records a visit to the 300 patients resident there is honored by the Community and all too often given a pass by law enforcement and the tax collector.

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