From Ken Ditkowsky — While Jerome Larkin continues his vendetta against the whistleblowers, the public does not remain silent.

Dear Readers;

Ever since Jerome Larkin, head Administrator of the Atty Regn and Discipline Commission began his vendetta against this blog to shut me up, this blog has only grown in strength and power form one with 50 views per day, then to 100 during the trial, and now it regularly is able to garner 200 or more views per day from viewers like YOU.  People who are gravely concerned we must bring truth and justice back into the Illinois courtrooms.

It is pretty much a laughingstock that Jerome Larkin continues this vendetta to this day despite the fact that is it well known among lawyers and the public that Jerome Larkin and the ARDC is simply not doing it’s job and those that engage in “target, isolate, medicate, drain the estate, narcotize to eliminate all witnesses and cremate” are literally getting away with murder.  How many senior citizens do we have to lose before those in the legal community with power and clout wake up and take a stance.

To compare, recently a pretty young lady came to me in tears.  She said that she had little money and that Attorney X responded that he would defend her in a minor criminal matter for X dollars. She said, “I don’t have that much money”, and the Atty responded in a string of text messages, “that’s okay, I only want to f*** you, let’s just f*** instead, everytime I see you I want to f*** you.”  Amazingly enough, the ARDC didn’t send back their usual letter, “get lost you minor peon letter.”  Althea Walsh said she would seek to suspend him.  Of course, I think disbarment is appropriate and he should be tested for psychopathy.  What kind of a person says that to someone who has little money, claims she is charged innocently of a crime, and we all know the PD’s are lazy and only push to settlement.  But I digress.  AW made the appropriate response.

Now when grandma is subject to “target, isolate, medicate, drain the estate, eliminate and cremate” what is the proper response?  Go after the messenger.  It is still go after the messengers, the rable rousers, those that want to implement low cost or volunteer Elder Assistants and rid the courtrooms of secret lists of attorneys and vendors that are bottom feeders and abusers instead of stealing $80k per year or more from estates from tied in attorneys like David Martin ($60k per 14 months) and Paul Franciskowicz ($20k per 14 months or more).

So read on below. The fight continues and I will not abandon a one of you.  I promise.


From Ken

The resistance of Jerome Larkin as a public official to an HONEST INVESTIGATION of the Elder Cleansing scandal is beyond belief.   You would think that after being hammered day after day by the blogs and yours truly he would join in and ask for an HONEST INVESTIGATION.
If Larkin’s hands were clean, this would have occurred almost six years ago when the first call was made, however, his resistance and that of others who are allied with him is much more than a refusal to do their jobs.   IT IS AN ADMISSION of a massive failure of public, political and judicial officials to do their public, political and judicial jobs.   It is an admission of corruption!
This is now much more than a ‘cover up’ and intimidation of a couple of lawyers who spoke out against the WAR ON THE ELDERLY AND THE DISABLED that has been the official policy of the STATE OF ILLINOIS for more than a decade.    This is our Waterloo!   Either we take a stand and DEMAND that our public officials embrace some semblance of Honor, honesty and individual integrity or we will soon be kissing our democracy goodby and surrender to a NORTH KOREAN style totalitarian State. 
I do not have the answer or the answers – but, I am not so blind that I do not see the handwriting on the wall.      The ex-parte petition for costs that Larkin filed with the Supreme Court in your case (JoAnne Denison) is a DECLARATION of the corruption.   Not only is it wrong from him to have ex-parte communications with the Court, but he openly and notorious brags that he violated the Law, and even though specifically prohibited from using any funds to pay unlicensed professionals, he used public funds (over $10,000) to make the illegal payments.   Larkin by his co-conspirators not only admits the felonies, but,  sought to obtain the connivance of the Supreme Court of Illinois justices.    (The decay in our judicial systems is illustrated by the fact that at first glace the 7 legal eagles attorned to Larkin!)
The Hurricane Warnings are up!
—– Forwarded Message —–
From: kenneth ditkowsky <>

Sent: Tuesday, August 2, 2016 9:58 AM
Subject: Re: Demand to Jerome Larkin head of Illinois Atty Regn and Disciplinary Comm

Pursuant to Rule 8.3 and 18 USCA 4 I am forwarding your demand to law enforcement and the ABA.
There is absolutely no doubt that Jerome Larkin as part of the cover-up of the cottage industry of ELDER CLEANSING has committed multiple felonies.    Among the Felonies is the violation of your CIVIL RIGHTS, and as Mary Sykes died in part as approximate cause of his inaction and cover-up his Civil Rights violation is a felony.  Ditto for Ms. Opryszek and Ms. Smart.    I am therefore echoing your demand and REQUESTING THAT LARKIN, OPRYSZEK, SMART and the other miscreants involved in this travesty and assault on the FIRST AMENDMENT be brought before a FEDERAL GRAND JURY to answer for their misuse of their PUBLIC TRUST and Public Funds.  (nb.  their latest filing to the Supreme Court of Illinois indicates that public funds were illegally paid out.   Certainly lawyers who swear to uphold the Constitution have some idea as to the RULE OF LAW).
The youth of America and the public general need to have their confidence in our leaders renewed.    This morning I noted the following in the Wall Street Journal, to wit
It is easy to dismiss the Larkin frugality with the truth as small potatoes when compared to the public charges that have been made concerning our two political candidates (Clinton and her emails and war crimes and Trump and his 3500 lawsuits and a NY lawsuit alleging a brutal rape of a 13 yo with witnesses), and his dipping into public funds to tilt the playing field against Ms. Denison a bit as a misdemeanor; BUT what we are observing is a cancer.   In the Larkin offensive against the First Amendment the cancer affects YOU AND ME and therefore is particularly nefarious.
THE TIME TO TAKE BACK AMERICA IS NOW.   The First Step is to obtain the HONEST INVESTIGATION that Mr. Larkin is so afraid of, and the second step is to address the crimes of Jerome Larkin and all his 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators.   (NB.  As the State of Illinois is on the verge of Bankruptcy – collecting the income taxes, interest and penalties that he and his co-conspirators owe on the booty of Elder Cleansing would also be nice – Why should Larkin be given immunity from the tax liability promulgated by his felonies).

To: numerous attorneys fighting elder cleansings, states attorneys and fbi email addresses
Sent: Tuesday, August 2, 2016 2:41 AM
Subject: Demand to Jerome Larkin head of Illinois Atty Regn and Disciplinary Comm

Dear Mr. Nguyen-Ba;

I am sure you have read the pleading that I recently submitted to your offices that my proceeding in Illinois with the ARDC was nothing but Fraud on the Court by the IARDC.
I am here with demanding that Mr. Larkin and the other attorneys involved contact your offices immediately and issue an apology and with draw their complaint against me.
I am certain that you are shocked beyond belief at the conduct of attorneys in Illinois and how they fail to protect the elderly and disabled and financially exploit and abuse them, up to and including the point of murder by narcotizing them to death.
Attached is my current summary of 29 cases, many of which involve murder of our disabled Illionis citizens which I am sending to your offices.
I trust that you will take your oath as an attorney and to uphold the laws of your state and the US Constitution and dismiss the complaint against me.
I have not gone away, but I am now petitioning members of the Senate Subcommittee on Aging and the House Subcommitte on the Judiciary to allow me a hearing and to appoint a special investigator to protect our elderly and disabled across the nation.
I appreciate you prompt assistance in this regard.
All of the above lawyers were involved in the Fraud on the Court against me.
Please publish, post and cross post on social media.
JoAnne Denison
cc:  blogs,,


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