From the office of the US DOJ, Office of Inspector General

June 23, 2016
JoAnne Dennison
5940 W. Touhy Avenue, #120
Niles, OH 60714
Dear Ms. Denni!lol1~ ..
U.S. Department of Justice
Office of the Inspector General
Investigations Division
142S New York Avenue MY,: Suile 7100
Washington. D.C. 20530
The purpose of this Jetter is to acknowledge receipt of your correspondence. The matters
that you raised have been reviewed by the staff of the Investigations Division, Office of
the Inspector General.
The primary investigative responsibilities of this office are:
• Allegations of misconduct committed by U.S. Department of Justice employees and
contractors; and
• Waste and abuse by high ranking Department officials, or that affects major
programs and operations.
This Office does not have jurisdiction in the matter you described. Therefore, your
complaint has been forwarded to the following office:
Administrative Office for the United States Courts
1 Columbus Circle Northeast
Washington, DC 20002
Any further correspondence regarding this matter should be directed to that office.
I hope this answers any questions you have relative to this matter.
Office of the Inspector General
Investigations Division

The email I found on the website to write to is:

Most of our problems, as you know are with the State Courts and not with the Federal Courts, but as we exhaust our state court remedies, this email may become more important.

For certain, the theft of assets in probate and embezzlement, use of expensive chemical restraints going unchecked is all fraud on the courts and fraud on Medicare/Medicaid. It seems there is a conflict between state court proceedings where crimes are committed, and Medicare/Medicaid and the federal government.


I’m not even sure which communication they are referring to, but it certainly won’t hurt to add this email to our arsenal of places to write.



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