Corrupt Judges Gorcyca/Petrsky need to go now!

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There  are now over a million signatures on this petition which involved a slap on the wrist prison sentence for a well to do Stanford athlete and his family, when the state was asking for 6 to 8.

He should have received 8 to 10.  Why the lax request from the state’s attorneys offices? And the horrific miscarriage of justice by this judge?

Was it because Stanford athletes have multi million dollar programs and this lady was just a poor working class kulak?

Was it because there is a tacit agreement to give Standford rapists a slap on the wrist?

98% of rapes are not even reported, primarily due to conduct like this from the courts, and many women don’t get the press this woman got.

The entire case demands a full investigation.  I want to see all of the other rape penalites handed down by this judge in the last 8 years, don’t you?

Please sign the petition.

The US and Cal. state governments are protecting perps and not vulnerable women.

Equally, the US and state governments do not protect the elders and disableds that are at risk of the mantra “target, isolate, medicate, drain the estate, narcotize and eliminate, cremate”.  Nor are they stopping Title 4 and they stop co parenting from spreading, they do not test parents for psychpathy and supervise those parents, they allow the states to medically kidnap and steal kids from their parents with false DCFS/CPS reports from unqualified anti-social workers.

Please help reform the system and clean it up.