Use of Public Funds to pay Unlicensed Court reporters is Illegal, Mr. Larkin

Subject: effect of Jerome Larkin’s refusals to make disclosures of illegal payments of public funds to non-licensed professionals.
Date: Jun 14, 2016 9:35 AM
To:  approximately 100 activist accounts including the states attorneys
It is an axiom of the law that action consistent with other wrongful action is proof that the entire scenario of wrongful conduct was intentional.    Thus, participation in the ‘cover up’ of criminal behavior is not given a pass – see 18 USCA 371.
The administration of the IARDC under Jerome Larkin, including the demonstrated ignorance of certain attorneys employed by the agency as to the law, the Constitution, the core values of America etc, has demonstrated just how venal the agency has become.   Not only does it appear that the 18 USCA 371 cover-up of the criminal felonies of elder cleansing exhibited by the Gore, Sykes, **** cases were carefully crafted acts of extortion, intimidation, and conspiracy, but, had a profit motive.   There is no doubt at this point in time that the criminal enterprise was crafted by the miscreants who sought to rape the treasury as part of the massive health care fraud that defeats the attempt to provide health care to all in America.    Lawyers who might demand Honest investigations were targeted for extinction so that corrupt judges could act with impunity to assist the criminal enterprise.
It now appears that the use of unlicensed court reporters was promulgated so that Larkin and his miscreant 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators had an edge over the transcripts of proceedings – i.e. when a protected corrupt jurist was called upon the testify, if by accident the jurist testified truthfully and incriminated herself or disclosed something was an inconvenient truth, an unlicensed professional would be much more vulnerable and inclined to alter the transcript of proceedings.   This is exactly what happened with Judge Stuart’s testimony in the JoAnne Denison kangaroo hearing.
Such is old hat!    The question for discussion is whether or not there are Federal land State Income Taxes due.    My answer is Yes,
Jerome Larkin and each of the attorneys he employs in his scheme to elder cleanse from profit certain targeted senior citizens is a public servant enjoying a public trust.   Any act that thusly has a effect of benefiting the scheme to defraud or otherwise obfuscate the function of the public agency is taxable.   
Thus, when Larkin authorizes and the agency pays out illegal payments to unlicensed professionals he creates a taxable event and he and everyone else involved owes Federal and State Income taxes on the amounts paid out.   The subsequent payment by the court reporter of taxes does not create a deduction for the dishonest public official.    It therefore follows that if $18,000 were paid out to unlicensed court reporters in the Denison case Jerome Larkin and the two attorneys who joined in the fraud on the IARDC (as a government agency) jointly and severally must report the $18,000.00 on their personal 1040 tax form.   Only one payment of the tax is due, but all must make the disclosure.
The failure to report this income by Larkin et al in my opinion is Federal and State Income Tax evasion and the statute of limitations does not begin to run until the report is made.   As it appears that Larkin and his co-conspirators do not file State of Illinois Ethics statements if the FOI requests are not voluntarily provided to JoAnne, myself, and government agencies it is additional evidence that the evasion of taxes is intentional by Larkin.    
In every case that he authorized directly or indirectly these payments to unlicensed professionals he owes the USA and the State of Illinois Federal and State Income taxes in the amount paid.   He also owes the State of Illinois (public) reimbursement of these charges.
Being a public servant creates a position of trust that is not easily ignored or shunted.   Jerome Larkin and his 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators have intentionally violated that public trust and therefore deserve no mercy, on consideration, and no quarter.   The criminal acts that they participated in are reprehensible and abhorrent.   Looking the other way, covering them up, or otherwise not acting forcibly and with efficacy is unacceptable.   Larkin acted with dispatch to violate his public trust – he should be required to act with equal dispatch to pay the taxes due the State of Illinois and the USA.

From: kenneth ditkowsky <>
To: “” <>

Sent: Tuesday, June 14, 2016 6:11 AM
Subject: Re: Alchemy of Idiots, Negotiating Great Client Outcomes: New MCLE
When the Administrator of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission gets caught violating the law – i.e. engaging unlicensed professionals, illegally paying them with public funds, and then in exparte proceedings appearing before the Court to seeks reimbursement for the illegal payments a strong message is being sent to the public,    It is not a positive one.   
This is the same disciplinarian who has misrepresented the SCOTUS rulings, assaulted the First Amendment, protected and covered up unconscionable conduct on the part of clout heavy and corrupt lawyers, judges, and judicial officials etc.   His crimes and ethically challenged actions are legend and obscene – yet as a memorial to corruption he laughs at the law, the Constitution, and the oath of a lawyer.
Equal protection of the law and the Bill of Rights (1st ten amendments to the Constitution) are routinely mocked and ignored as elderly citizens are elder cleansed openly and notoriously.  (elder cleansing being isolation of senior citizens so that they can be systematically deprived or their savings, assets, liberty and rights by court appointed guardians acting wrongfully under the supervision of the Court in their nefariousness.    In the Gore case the avarice included removing her teeth so that access could be had by the miscreants to the few grains of gold in her teeth.    These grains of gold were not inventoried – the miscreants just pocketed them a spoils of elder cleansing.)
To demonstrate that the legal profession is not ‘likeable’ the Illinois Supreme Court has failed to act against obvious criminal activity by the IARDC and its administrator that it would not tolerate from Joe sixpack.    
Illinois is one of the most corrupt States in the Union, and it supplies the jails with corrupt political and judicial officials on a regular basis.    We even had two former governors in prison at the very same time!
It is scant comfort to read the Wall Street Journal and enjoy the fact that their corrupt political structure is finally getting its due.     see:    Probe of Ex-Aide Caused a Stir at N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Office

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