From Ken Dikowsky –Larkin’s employing unlicensed court reporters is not unnoticed

To: “” <>, FBI and states attorneys
Subject: Jerome Larkin cover-up of 18 USCA 4 violations and obstruction of Justice
Date: Jun 12, 2016 12:38 PM
Mr. Larkin,
I trust you and your comrades 18 USCA 371 have noted that the attempt to silence JoAnne Denison’s blog not only was unsuccessful, but, has exposed in great detail the cover-up and violations of the law by not only you, Jerome Larkin, but all who acted with you.   The engaging unlicensed professionals is only the tip of the iceberg.
Previously, I called upon you, Jerome Larkin to resign and surrender your law license.   I did this because your miscreant behavior has not only been demonstrated by your outrageous intellectually dishonest publications, your filings before the Illinois Supreme Court, by your kangaroo panels, but, the absolutely wrongful action of engaging unlicensed court reporters and then using their equally wrongful billings to try to intimidate and punish JoAnne Denison.   Such action is intolerable.    It is also an assault on the Constitution and Federal Law.   
For the record, Ms. Denison has posted on her website that you refer to as akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater the Court Reporter statutes that you participated in violating.   For a disciplinary commission to aid unlicensed professionals to violation consumer protection licensing laws is not only outrageous but of such an unethical nexus as to require your resignation.    Of course, I assume that you personally will reimburse the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission the funds illegally paid to the unlicensed practitioners you unlawfully engaged.
If you engaged other unlicensed professionals (in other situations) I assume that you will personally reimburse the IARDC and any attorneys who were required to pay costs for the illegal charges.    As it appears that this tactic was not performed for the First Time in the JoAnne Denison case the States Attorney and the United States Attorney should look into whether or not the deception by you, Jerome Larkin, has been common.  
An entity that regulates the ethical behavior of others should have the moral standards of Caesar’s wife, not Al Capone. 

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