Time to come clean and clean up the IARDC

Mr. Larkin,

The affidavit that accompanies the motion that discusses the use of unlicensed professionals by the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission creates such an appearance of impropriety that the person who wrote the affidavit as well as all who were consulted in reference thereto surrender their law licenses as severe dangers to the public.

You are aware that professional licensing is the chosen method by which the State protects consumers. Use of unlicensed people by the Attorney Disciplinary Commission (IARDC) is beyond contempt. However, it is consistent with everything that went on in my case, JoAnne Denison’s case, Lanre Amu’s case ***** and the racial insult heaped upon an Icon of the Civil Rights movement (Diane Nash). Just focusing on the JoAnne Denison case you at this point in time know that the charges made against Ms. Denison (and myself) were totally false and even had they been true they were protected by the Constitution of the United States and the Illinois Constitution. You however told the Supreme Court that the disclosures of judicial corruption was akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater. You further ignored the fact that on page 91 of Judge Connor’s deposition she admitted to being ‘fixed’/’wired’ Of course you before you filed the charges was aware that due process – i.e. notice and hearing were denied Mary Sykes and that one of your panels use clairvoyance instead of evidence to reach its decision. It is also no secret to you that Rulings of the Supreme Court of Illinois were misrepresented and falsely characterized. I trust you have now read the Sawyer and the Alvarez cases.

Naturally you have not apologized or retracted the inappropriate pleadings and documents that you filed. We did not expect the same as we were detailing for the FBI, IRS, IDPR and DOJ the fact that your action was intentional. (Had it been an error the same type of misconduct would not have continued unabated until culminated in the attempted intimidation of Attorney Denison and the outlandish fraud of presenting an ex-parte petition for costs that included illegal charges.

It is time, Mr. Larkin, for you to resign and surrender your law license. The damage you are doing to the reputation of the legal profession is horrendous. Few legal practitioners have heaped so much disrepute on the 2nd oldest profession as you. Dishonesty has become the expected norm based upon your total disregard for the oath you took to become the administrator of the IARDC and to become an attorney. How can you explain claiming that Lanre Amu was not telling the truth when independently Crains Chicago Business made the very same averments concerning Judge Egan. How can explain your inaction in the Alice Gore case? Justice Jackson sentenced Nazis to death for what was done to Mrs. Gore yet you would not even investigate. How do you explain prosecutions of Ms. Dension and myself for demanding an HONEST INVESTIGATION?

Mr. Amu, Ms Dension, and yours truly are not naive, nor did we just fall off the turnip truck. We all knew from day one that a fair hearing before the IARDC was impossible and that the ‘fix’ was in. It is/was sad, but a fact of life. Today, you have crossed the line. There is no going back. By your acting as defined in 18 UsCA 371 you are a co-conspirator. By your thwarting 18 USCA 4 (and a death occurred) you have violated 18 USCA 241 and 242. These violations are felonies. As you used the mails to communicate *******.

Do the right thing Mr. Larkin! You and I both went to the same law school – do not disgrace it and yourself further by not owning up to the obstruction of justice and other perfidy that you have committed.

To the IARDC, even though the request of an HONEST INVESTIGATION is offensive to the management of the IARDC, Attorney Cynthia Farenga ***** DEMAND IS MADE PURSUANT TO aba RULE 8.3 FOR AN HONEST INVESTIGATION OF THE CRIMINAL CONDUCT OF JEROME LARKIN AND EVERY ATTORNEY DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY INVOLVED IN THE MARY SYKES CASE, THE ALICE GORE CASE, CAROLYN WYMAN CASE and other elder cleansing cases. As Mr. Larkin and others associated with the IARDC are intimidatingly involved in the alleged judicial corruption, I call for an independent law enforcement organization be requested to conduct the investigation.

Ken Ditkowsky

Subject: Re: breach of the pubic trust is a taxable event

The problem that is to be faced is no one gives a damn about the murders! These murders echoed the holocaust and in the Alice Gore case even demonstrated the stealing of the gold from the teeth of the victims.

Every day, most of us write e-mails up the gazoo to law enforcement, civil rights organizations, and anyone who will accept them – How many guardians do you see even being investigated for their felonies? Routinely I copy the FBI, the Justice Department, and local law enforcement authorities on my e-mails – I leave to you to ascertain what if any result that has had. (It has had some – that I was able to confirm, however, public officials are afraid.)

Let’s take the case of the Judge who sentenced that Stanford swimmer to six months in jail for a rape. We all are adults – we know what happened. The Judge got a telephone call from on to the political people he owes a favor. The caller told him the terms and conditions of the collection effort and when it came time to sentence the miscreant the Judge did as he was told. Some deviant (like you or I) found out about the incident and blew the whistle. As some event was the news of the day was unfavorable to on of the Presidential candidates and a distraction was needed the judge was the diversion. (Hillary’s stop staff members were taking the 5th amendment). Bingo **** you know the rest.

Like DONALD TRUMP’S admission that he bribed William and Hillary Clinton the murder of hundreds (if not thousands ) of senior citizens in corrupt guardianship situations is not going to get much media attention. Trump may feel that an honest political operator is one who when bribed stays bribed, but that is not one of his credos that either side of the isle wants the great unwashed to dwell upon. He bribed the Clintons! How would it look for the New York Times to endorse a political figure who was bribed by her opponent? How would it look for the ****** (I could not find a newspaper backing Trump) to endorse a political figure who bribed another political figure?

I read this morning that we are going to forget about Truth, Justice, and the American way – we are instead going to worry about the definition if the word: “is!” Donald Trump is expected to announce a new definition of the word: “honest”. An Honest politician is one who when bribed stays bribed!

Now Mr. Bernstein – why have I suggested that we push the fact that the miscreants are not paying the taxes due on the bootty .

The public (electorate) is interested in putting food on the table and purchasing a new car. A few elderly people dying does not mean anything to them; however, government increasing taxes is a prime concern. You, me and other members of the great unwashed have made it very clear – we do not to pay more taxes! How do you legally avoid paying taxes? Have no more taxes assessed is one answer, but we also want all kind of services from government and we have to pay the bill. Answer number 2 – tax someone else. The most attractive people to tax are the political elite. They live high on the hog and get paid more money that we are for doing much much less. They also get paid after they retire. They have generous pensions.

Some of the political elite are not nice people. The most not nice of the political elite are the corrupt judges, corrupt lawyers, corrupt guardians, and the 18 USCA 371 group. Taxing them is attractive! Legislature cannot single out Jerome Larkin for addition taxation – such would be unconstitutional; however, the taxman can single out Larkin for audit and in particular to determine if he reported on his 1040 the remuneration that he received for his cover-up of the Sykes case, Gore case *****. By his cover-up he became an 18 USCA 371 co conspirator and therefore he has joint and several liability for the taxes due.

Yes, Mr. Bernstein and fellow members of the Great Unwashed we are not directly punishing Mr. Larkin for the crime that he committed against Alice Gore and Mary Sykes. BUT this is probably the only remedy the general public will have. Do you have any confidence that someone close to Mr. Larkin will not call the judge who is assigned to Mr. Larkin’s criminal hearing and cash in a favor! Judge Connors who admitted on page 91 of her evidence deposition that she was ‘touched’ and thus ignored the lack jurisdiction, her duties as judge and due process. Her punishment was being elevated to the Appellate Court.

Look at the Clinton e-mail scandal! People with a heck of lot more clout than you and me want to see Hillary receive the very same level of justice that General P received and just as currently. Do you have any doubt that behind the scenes the wheels are turning so that the ‘fix’ can be accomplished! On the other side of the coin, Donald Trump admitted that he bribed the Clintons. Do you expect Trump or Clinton to be even investigated for the alleged bribes?

Indeed – I would settle for civil tax collection as it many be all that we get. It also will take the profit out elder cleansing and judicial corruption.

Ken Ditkowsky
from Ken Ditkowsky:

Subject: Affidavit in support of motion by IARDC for more time
Date: Jun 9, 2016 3:18 PM
The affidavit filed by Larkin 18 UsCA 371 co-conspirator and employee is amazing.   She does no know what the ramifications are for 1) a State entity or Public entity using in their professional capacity persons not licensed by the State of Illinois Department of Professional Regulation?   and 2) she indeed did use such persons and filed with the Court documents seeking assessment of costs based upon what literally amounts to fraudulent charges – it is axiomatic that if you are required to have a professional license and do not have it, you cannot charge for those services.  An employee of an agency regulating such activities should be knowledgeable of said fact.
Thus comes the question – why was a petition submitted to the Illinois Supreme Court that had charges on it emanating from entities that were not licensed to perform professional services?  The answer is quite simple.   The Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission routinely acts in an improper manner and a case of deliberate fraud and misconduct has been demonstrated in the Petitions filed by the IARDC before the Supreme Court of Illinois.
This particular activity by Larkin and his 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators in light of their other obvious infractions cannot be overlooked or swept under the rug.   
I am calling on Mr. Larkin to resign and because of his perfidy surrender his law license.  The exclusion of Diane Nash from the open kangaroo hearing as to JoAnne Denison should have been immediately apologized for if there was any part of it that was not intentional.   The fact the Larkin in the wake of the Amu case (Practicing Law while Black) failed even make one of those generic apologies is inexcusable and racist. 
I completely agree with Ken, it’s time for the ARDC to stop covering upon felonious actions by judges and lawyers, or resign and refund the money they have taken from the State of Illinois trust fund to protect the public from unscrupulous lawyers and judges.
This cannot go on.  It’s a fictitious house of cards that will not stand. The public is outraged. The ARDC ignores open and obvious corruption and prosecutes and persecutes and oppresses/suppresses the First Amendment rights of honest, ethical lawyers and their blogs and their communications to do justice in Illinois.
It’s time to end this charade and empty the ARDC of any lawyer who has suppressed First Amendment rights, ignored valid grievances about lawyers and judges that steal from, abuse and murder innocent elders and disabled persons.
The California bar is now undergoing a civil war within itself and appears to be imploding with out and out war declared on do nothing staff lawyers that ignore and cover up corruption, vs. one past president who is now a whistle blower and wants to sincerely protect the public.
Either these miscreant lawyers can do the right thing right now and leave, or they can wait for the orange jumpsuits and silver bracelets to become their adornment for the decades to come.
It’s their choice.

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