Unbelievable–the ARDC response to my Motion to Vacate a False and Fraudulent Order

See below pleadings:

Motion for Leave to Supplement Pleadings


Motion to Supplement Pleadings




Here is my Motion to Vacate:


Now here is the ARDC response:


This is absolutely unbelievable.  The ARDC offers no explanation or response to why they are using unlicensed court reporters from unlicensed agencies that list corporate names on their transcripts that are either inactive, expired or non existent corporations!

They have painted themselves into a corner.  Either a license is important and a court reporter or attorney must have it, or the license is not important and a court reporter or attorney does not have to have it but they can still act as one, file affidavits as one, and even appear in court as one and pretend to be one! What is good for the goose, is good for the gander.

The ARDC has painted itself in a corner.  It has offered no apology and no remorse for what it does.

This goes to show everyone that corruption is just a house of cards.  No good will ever come from covering up crimes and felonies.  It all falls apart one day.

Today is the day for the ARDC.  It looks like they need 2 more weeks for “damage control”.

Sharon Opryszek and Melissa Smart and Leah Guiterrez Black were all on my case and presumably all knew or should have know about using unlicensed court reporters.  The transcripts are no good.  Period. And they are full of errors and I told the Tribunal that at trial, asked for the audio copies and Sang Yul Lee just responded, “file an errata sheet.”

Was he kidding?  Was he part of it too? The FBI for sure should investigate the situation and remove the liars and courtroom thugs that do this.

Those audio tape copies do not belong to SYL or the court reporters or to anyone personally. Those tapes and transcripts belong to the people of the State of Illinois who have a right to them (they might have to pay for them).

The ARDC made numerous copies of my blog and distributed them everywhere, violating tons of copyrights.  They employed “Nextpoint” which is nothing other than a copyright infringement firm, to copy my blog.  That was ridiculous.

Now, when I ask for the audio of the transcripts, the ARDC refuses me, even when it is clear the transcripts are corrupted and inaccurate in many places.

Obviously they hire unlicensed court reporters to control the transcripts.  That way they can go to the court reporter and demand she change transcripts or they will report her to the authorities for spoliation of evidence, filing false and fraudulent evidence, perjury, obstruction of justice, etc.  And she will happily comply.

I don’t know why the ARDC needs 2 weeks to think about the “effect of an unlicensed court reporter.”  It seems pretty obvious to me and to my readers.  They are false and fraudulent and void ab initio.

As many of you have stated to me over and over, the ARDC has wasted a ton of publicly owned money on my case and Ken’s case and Lanre Amu’s case.  This is not money they own personally.  It was taken by attorneys in yearly registration fees to protect you, the public, from unscrupulous attorneys. That is the only reason the ARDC exists.  However, they have turned this all around.  They refuse to file Ethics Reports and they openlly defy the Ethics Reporting law of 2009, they go after whistle blowing attorneys and ruin their lives when the news media picks up on the story and does additional exposes of the fraud and corruption, as well the media should.

Whistleblowing attorneys should be protected, period.

The ARDC should only exist to protect the public from unscrupulous lawyers.

What I find time after time, is that the ARDC fails to investigate valid consumer complaints on a regular basis, while going after whistleblowers and then protecting wise guy attorneys for years, most notably Seth Gillman, who still shows no discipline on his record, yet he was convicted of bilking the US Government of over $100 million in Medicare and Medicaid and State of Illinois Health Care Fraud.  He promised restitution of $10 million, but he has way more taxes to pay to the IRS. This has gone on for 2 years now with no action in sight by the ARDC.  In the meantime, apparently he ran off with hundreds of thousands of dollars in employee tax trust funds and health care trust funds so the employees now have to pay those amounts and unbeknownst to them, they had no health care for 6 months or longer. The ARDC let this happen, basically saying, “so what?” and thumbing their noses at both Gillman’s employees and the public.

You just couldnt’ make this stuff up in a million years, with a million monkeys typing a million pages


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