Pleased to Announce–Tim Lahrman is a free man!

He just emailed all of us and our prayers have been answered.  He is free and at home resting.

I think we’re all taking bets on how many days it is before he sues for his completely false arrest and imprisonment in Indiana Federal District Court, Northern Division.

Summary:  approx. 17 years ago, Tim Lahrman was arrested for a joint stub found in his boss’ car and a loose license plate holder.  Not the crime of the century.  He promptly filed numerous motions objecting to his arrest and any trial, because he has been adjudicated a disabled adult.

The US Supreme Court law is clear on this issue.  Mentally ill people cannot be tried until it is shown they have the capacity to participate in a trial and assist in their own defense. If they cannot do this, they must be released to the public or a mental institution, those are the court’s only choices.

So what did this brilliant Indiana judge do?  Hold a trial in abstentia, and of course no one notified Tim. The jury convicted him of each count and the court sentenced him to  1 year, served consecutively on each charge.  No one seemed to care–none of the attorneys in the courtroom or the judge that Tim had filed numerous notices (published elsewhere on this blog) that he had been declared disabled and could not be subject to criminal proceedings.

Next, arrest warrants are only good for a year, and they expire after that, unless motioned up before the court again.  With no activity on his case, and after 17 years, suddenly an arrest warrant rises from the ashes like a Phoenix bird.  Interesting. This just happened to coincide with a appeal of various issues he filed with the 7th circuit.  Now Tim only advocates for the rights of the little guy, so this means someone really, really did not want him to win this appeal.

We will keep you updated on his case. But for now, thanks for all the prayers and assistance.

We need to protect and preserve our tireless advocates for human and civil rights. Tim is nothing but a saint on earth for doing all of this for so many people.


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