HOAs and their methods to steal, plunder and loot

From Cynthia Stevens:

To: Spetri@pahousegop.com,
Subject: A need to see – Re: CNBC – HOAs – “Next Foreclosure Fight” video link. Bill Davis, Texas HOA homeowner attorney and Tom Skiba, CAI, youtube.com
Date: May 24, 2016 10:48 AM
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I believe it is beneficial that you see this!  All our elected officials, investigators, prosecutors need to wake up and acknowledge what has been on going in the HOA criminality, HOA property thefts and HOA legal and judicial abuses across America!

In this interview, I believe Tom Skiba, CEO, CAI delivers industry propaganda and bad stats.  Bill Davis, Texas  HOA homeowner atty did excellent job, but they needed to hear more from him. Tom Skiba clearly got more time and I think the news correspondents were a bit biased with the way they said many things.  If you are going to do a news account on the HOA property thefts, it should at least be truthful.  There are many who owe absolutely nothing.  All created conflict and created debt by some who have no authority to do so, and/or who are abusing their usurped power and violating the laws and as well as their fiduciary duties and more and misusing courts and legal process for their frauds and criminality!

These crimes and injustices are intentionally inflicted upon innocent and unsuspecting HOA homeowners to generate legal fees, fabricated fines, and collection costs and the most unthinkable legal and judicial abuses to innocent HOA homeowners imaginable. The agenda is to steal their victims homes, equity, belongings and sometimes the people too!  Some attorneys will even file in a court “a foreclosure for the cost of the foreclosure.” The HOA homeowner owes nothing.  I Monroe County, Pennsylvania apparently, at least one attorney is forging  at least one judges, or former judges signature to accomplish this and then file these false and fraudulent documents in the courts, I am told.  This legal and judicial abuse, criminality, HOA homeowner abuse and property thefts are deplorable, and especially, in Monroe County, Pennsylvania.

Mr. Skiba said nothing about these created conflict, selective discrimination, etc., HOA homeowner abuses, HOA legal and judicial abuses and HOA property thefts which make up most of the HOA fraud closures I believe one would find, if they did the research and Mr. Skiba is well aware of these fraud closures, and dix not speak about them at all!

The truths on HOAs, all of them, and who is behind all of it locale, by locale across America. The predators and perpetrators, these criminals and despots need to be held accountable, no matter who the are, or who they know.  This is long, long, long overdue!

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