Real proposed regulations from an HOA in Minnesota

You just couldn’t make this up.

And remember, all of these people are supposed to be adults and graduated high school.

Too sad:

My HOA has just passed new “Rules & Regulations” that prohibit: 1. Knocking on a neighbors door. 2. Swearing 3. Emails between neighbors 4. Any communications between neighbors deemed “not nice” by the board. 5. Being discourteous 6. Being disrespectful 7. Written communication among members that doesn’t involve association business 8. Discussing complaints about the board with anyone. 9. Complaining about the board outside of an official meeting. 10. Communicating with neighbors via email or US mail. 11. Communicating with the board via email or US Mail about anything other than association business. 12. Making more than one contact to the board about any complaint or issue. 13. Any behavior the board deems inappropriate. Anyone who violates any of the above policies will be fined, and have foreclosure action taken upon them if they don’t pay the fine. Also, other legal action may be taken against them at the violator’s expense. HELP!

Dear Rocky Champion;

You don’t need the help, it’s the Board that needs to grow up about 6 grade levels.

I don’t know what to do with HOA morons like that, but maybe my readers will have a few choice words.


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