From Ken Ditkowsky–Case fixing in probate goes on with impunity

I can’t tell you how much I am disappointed by the investigation of the New York bar’s 13 attorneys where only one threw a corrupt foreign official out of his office on a 60 minutes report. Sixty minutes should be having a field day with corrupt lawyers and the bar associations and their programs. I am proposing herewith an entire series–“Law and Order– corruption in the courts”. Where is that series at?  Ken and I and others could write volumes of screen plays. Hollywood, please contact us.

In the meantime, we have 3 activist lawyers in Chicago who dared to make a difference, and who the ARDC suspended for 3 to 4 years–Ken Ditkowsky, myself and Lanre Amu only for whistleblowing and reporting on all the corruption.

Where is Hollywood?  You could not even make this highly dramatic and emotionally charged stories up.  Murder she Wrote and the Wurnos story has nothing on the day to day dealings of Probate Courts, especially in Cook County Illinois.  I mean, come on.  In Arsenic and Old Lace all the old ladies did was kill sickly old men.  In the Probate Courts, they fabricate evidence, kill them off with nursing home administrators and the crony RNs and doctors without narcotics licenses that still prescribe drugs to narcotize to death.

Link to most recent pleading to Illinois Supreme Court

see below

To: JoAnne M Denison <>,
Subject: Re: ideas – how about legislatively rather than suing?
Date: May 19, 2016 10:45 PM
Excellent presentation.   This travesty has to stop.  Very clearly the misrepresentations of Mr. Larkin as to the Alvarez case and the Sawyer case are about as unethical as can be imagined.   On a level playing field Larkin would summarily removed from his position based upon his ethically challenged misrepresentations as to the Rule of Law, his repudiation of the Rule of Law, his obstruction of Justice pursuant to 18 USCA 4, and his acting in concert with the criminals who have literally kidnapped and isolated Mary Sykes so that she could be brutalized, abused, exploited and be stripped of her liberty and human rights.
However, we know that this is not a level playing field her in Illinois – otherwise these disciplinary prosecutions could never have started.   The standard and burden of proof was clear and convincing.  A look at the case file 09 P 4585 makes it very clear – there was no hearing held prior to Mary Sykes being adjudicated as incompetent.   There was no testimony by anyone as to the degree, if any, of Mary’s incompetency.   It was not needed as on page 91 of her evidence deposition Larkin’s underling got Judge Connors to admit that she was wired!   It did not matter – the result was pre-determined!   So was the disciplinary proceedings.
Pursuant to 18 USCA 371 (and 18 USCA 241, 242) Larkin’s conduct of creating a sham proceeding which he uses as a vehicle of obstruction of justice ( 18 USCA 4) (18 UsCA 1341) and tax evasion renders his personally culpable.    The approximately 3 million dollars missing from the Sykes estate due to the guardians breach of fiduciary relationship is taxable income to all.   Thus, the interest, taxes, and penalties are jointly and severally owed.   With Illinois on the verge of Bankruptcy and the legislature calling for more taxes – WHY IS THE ILLINOIS DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE GIVING LARKIN AND THE ELDER CLEANSERS AS PASS?    Why should new taxes be assessed when there is a cadre of corrupt lawyers, judges, and judicial officials who are laughing all the way to the Bank and enjoying their expropriation of guardian estates tax free.    (NB.  In the Gore Estate 1.5 million and the gold extracted from Mrs. Gore’s mouth is still unaccounted for!)
I know it is not relevant to this petition, but it still galls me that Civil Rights advocate and Icon Diane Nash was barred from your hearing, while Gloria Sykes – who just happens to have a lighter hue to her skin was admitted.   As there was a seat vacant next to me, any excuse that the room was too crowded does not hold water.   If asked I would have given up my seat for Ms. Nash.   (I wrote and e-mail to Mr. Larkin asking for an apology to be forwarded to Ms. Nash – of course, as the racial discrimination was intentional no apology was forthcoming.)
I’ve forwarded your document to the Illinois ARDC pursuant to Rule 8.3 and to the Justice Department pursuant to 18 USCA 4.   (As Mary Sykes and Alice Gore died the crimes connoted by 18 USCA 241, 242 are felonies!)   On a level playing field we would not have to be dealing with this situation – the felonies committed against the elderly and the disabled would be promptly investigated and where warranted there would be criminal prosecutions.    Instead America’s core values are being trashed and criminality is being rewarded.



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