Janet Phelan to discuss the wrongful incarceration of activists

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Date: Apr 25, 2016 11:33 AM
I have been invited onto KBOO, the Pacifica affiliate in Portland, Oregon, to talk about Tim et al today, with a special focus on the psychiatric incarceration of activists .


Katherine and I are then going to do a segment on her broadcast tomorrow. Let’s keep the pressure on!!

Janet Phelan

Also, please check out the new website:  www.freetimlahrman.com which tells the story of how Tim was picked up on a 17 year old warrant.  Apparently he was pulled over one night driving his bosses’ car due to a loose license plate holder.  Then the cops searched the car over his objection and found a bit of an MJ butt, so they arrested him.  Tim filed numerous objections with the court and heard nothing further.   He brought up the fact the license plate holder did not appear to be loose at all, the car wasn’t his and it was searched over his objection.

He heard nothing further from the court after a period of time, and just assumed they dropped the matter (bad assumption, always call or write the clerk).

Apparently they held a trial without notifying him and convicted him of a broken license plate holder (crime of the century, right) and he got one year for that, and then he got another year (to be served consecutively, not concurrently) for the MJ butt, which was allegedly tested, but not for THC, so we don’t even know what the test was or why they did not test for THC, which is the active ingredient.

Warrants in Indiana, as previously posted, expire after 6 months, so that should have been the end of it.  Most likely, the first incident cropped up when Tim was helping someone in a corrupt guardianship, and most likely he was incarcerated for the ADA brief filed at the 7th Circuit.

Illinois courts do not like the ADA (other than maybe for a parking spot or two,a handrail here and there and anything else that is mostly lip service to the true meaning of the ADA), so that is the reason why Tim is sitting in prison on a 17 year old warrant that spontaneously resurrected itself like the Phoenix from ashes.

In any case, holding a trial without notifying the defendant is hugely unconstitutional. It was obviously done on purpose and to a man who has been under a disability–even according to the law–for decades.

It’s nothing but shameful, unconstitutional against an innocent disabled man, and if it weren’t for the loss of my law license, I’d be driving down there right now to represent him.

But Jerome Larkin, head of the Ill. Atty Regn and Discipline Comm. and his assistant James Grogin don’t want that.  They want activists for the little guy like myself and Ken to be crushed and put out of business and out of his hair. But Chicago has a long history of formidable activists.

One interesting thing to note is that no where in law school or in CLE or Continuing Legal Education are there any courses on Corruption, such as this blog teaches, day after day, month after month.   All the tips and tricks of crooked lawyers and crooked judges.  I want to start teaching these classes so that lawyers are warned there is something seriously wrong going on when this funny business occurs.

The ARDC’s position is that we don’t have to worry, they will take care of all this for us.

But they don’t.  The let corruption run amok in and out of the courtrooms, deals flying all over the place where the money is great and there is little or no oversight if some goes missing (Tylers, Sykes, Gore, Drabik, etc.)  Seth Gillman was indicted in Jan. 2014 for Medicare/Medicaid fraud of $100 million + over 5 years, pled guilty in Mar. 2016, and STILL shows as a licensed attorney with NO discipline on the ARDC website.  That’s consumer protection?  Looks more like consumer fraud and more cover up.*

The attorneys run freely to the judge’s areas and then lamely say “they were going to an arbiration” which is inane because we all know, if you go “back there” you get an escort or risk losing your license and can end up in the basement lockup if by chance an honest judge catches you there without an escort.

I am told that a court order was put in place during Greylord, and I have asked numerous attorneys that were involved in in Greylord for it (Dan Webb, Valukas, etc.) but none ever responded, so I still have to look for that myself.

The ARDC does not take care of any corruption and clearly covers it up. They’re absolutely no  better than the Mayor’s offices and the City Legal Dept. covering up video evidence for over a year in numerous cases showing the CPD gunning down innocent, unarmed citizens, some of them women and children and activists, in cold blood in a hail of bullets.  Bettie Jones did not need to be killed, she did nothing other than go to her apartment door and answer a knock on the door, but the police shot her in the neck through a closed door.  Who does that?  What could possibly be the reason for that?  She was an unarmed 57 year old black woman.

When I was growing up, the police were your friends and neighbors.  People would invite them into their homes and expect them to have common sense and be reasonable and kind and solicitous as a measure of good will and community service.  Police officers knew how to be polite and kind.  Today, video after video on http://www.copblock.com show rude, arrogant, disrespectful, nasty officers gunning down citizens in cold blood which are children, unarmed and they laugh and joke while someone is dying in the street, providing no aide or assistance to them.  Does no one see the psychopathy I see?

Who does this?   Why isn’t the city testing for psychopathy in the ranks of police, lawyers, and administration including the Mayor, his staff, the city law dept, the ARDC  and kicks out or delicenses the lot of them.  Someone besides me must note that the psychopathy exhibited by these deaths, by the corruption at the ARDC, the need to suppress the blogging and writing to the authorities of honest, ethical attorneys (myself, Ken Ditkowsky and Lanre Amu) is something absolutely intolerable.

Today, Janet will once again be talking about the various ways in which your federal, state and local corruption put down dissent in the US and conveniently call it something else, when it’s clearly not.  For example, the incarceration and apparent legal neglect of an activist named “Timothy J Lahrman” because he has a brief up before the 7th circuit demanding ADA compliance for those in Guardianship and that the courtroom judges and lawyers comply.

Please visit http://www.freetimlahrman.org and leave your comments there.


*ARDC Lawyer Search Results from the ARDC database last updated as of April 25, 2016 at 9:00:00 AM: for the following terms: Last Name: gillman, First Name: seth, status: All

Name Date Admitted City State Authorized to Practice?
Seth Gillman November 4, 1993 Chicago IL Yes

This guy bilks the government for $100 million dollars in false and fake Medicare/Medicaid, State of Illinois Health Fund claims, the employees complain openly in the Chicago Trib that he stole their employer taxes, FICA, FUTA, etc. and here we are, more than 2 years after the indictment (the ARDC said he had to be prove guilty first, but in mine and Ken’s case, the ARDC trial was a joke and  a kangaroo circus, and they proved no false statements from either of us, but the Tribunals rubber stamped pleadings from the ARDC.  They have never explained how their judges or tribunals are selected randomly and how they sequester the judicial part of the ARDC from the administrative, prosecuting offices.  I have seen my Chair Tribunal talking to ARDC staff, Ken has a letter blatantly admitting ex parte conversations the the issuance of orders without notice or response from him.  The ARDC has turned itself into a corrupt joke of a state agency.  Jerome Larkin and other attoreys have screwball property records indicative of hanky panky.  He does not respond to reporter requests for information (copies of his bank account records including deposit records).  This blog has also made that demand.

It’s time to end this nonsense in Chicago. Corruption costs us all dearly.

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