CONFIRMED BY ILL. SUPREME COURT– YOU ARE VIEWING THE MOST DANGEROUS BLOG IN ILLINOIS. This blog warranted a 3 year suspension by the ARDC/Jerome Larkin! Mottos: "Sunlight is the best disinfectant". Justice Louis Brandeis ; "If the truth can destroy something, then it deserves to be destroyed" Carl Sagan; "Justice is Truth in Action" Benjamin Disraeli. Illinois uses the ARDC to quash dissenting attorney activist blogs ; "The freedom of the press is one of the greatest bulwarks of liberty, and can never be restrained but by despotic Governments" — (1776-First Amendment preamble adopted by 8 US colonies)

Sunita Advaney article on Linked In supports the First Amendment and Lawyers’ right to blog

First Amendment vs. Attorney Conduct Regulation

A hurricane of recent events that has proven to be a mixed bag of blessings and challenges has prompted me to write this article.

JoAnne Denison, JD, a stellar legal professional whom I have known for decades, has signed up as an independent sub-contractor paralegal with my company, Paralegal Support Services Inc., a Delaware corporation.  Ms. Denison is operating as a sub-contractor paralegal because her attorney license has a three-year suspension for what appears to be enforcement of an ambiguous ARDC Rule in violation of Ms. Denison’s First Amendment Rights to Free Speech.

Ms. Denison is an amazing woman who received her Juris Doctorate from Indiana University in 1985.  She practiced law as a licensed attorney in Chicago for over 25 years.  She was my mentor and…

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