Press Release–AARPG demands federal investigation of US probate courts


April 09,2016 | United States | News & Society

Warning the Public about Rampant Probate Court Abuses Call to Presidential Candidates to Address Probate Racket Call to Loretta Lynch, US AG to appoint monitors

Palm Beach, United States, April 09,2016/ — Contact Dr. Sam Sugar

Telephone 855 913 5337 x101

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April 4, 2016


Warning the Public about Rampant Probate Court Abuses

Call to Presidential Candidates to Address Probate Racket

Americans Against Abusive Probate Guardianship’s members across the country call for the intervention of the Federal Department of Justice to monitor and bring to justice Judges, Lawyers and Guardians who have exploited laws designed to protect vulnerable elderly citizens and used them instead to exploit and plunder families and estates for their own personal profit. This pattern of Court abuse can be seen not only in Probate but in family, divorce and bankruptcy courts all over America.

Palm Beach, Florida, April 4, 2016–

This announcement is a dire warning to an unsuspecting public about the danger they face from an out of control confiscatory, predatory court process that enriches itself at the expense of its innocent victims. Anyone with any assets is a potential target.

AAAPG members and their families have endured the horrors of this rapidly growing “industry” for decades. Complaints to every level of State Government have been ignored. We now demand Federal Intervention to stem the tide of exploitation that has exploded across the country and particularly in the retirement states.

Florida is home to over 4.5 million retirees and baby boomers who seek a sunny place to spend their golden years. But, even as the flow of seniors in the “Silver Tsunami” increases, retiring to Florida as well

as other retirement States has become a nightmare as the wealth accumulated by honest, law abiding, hard working Americans is being systematically extorted in thousands of fraudulent guardian and probate proceedings every year.

This devious scheme mercilessly deprives retirees of their assets inheritances and constitutional rights with racketeering lawyers, judges, guardians and complicit state agencies.

Family, Divorce and Probate/Guardianship Courts are used to financially exploit, isolate and often physically abuse innocent Americans with assets while family members who object and expose these

crimes publicly are viciously retaliated against and isolated from their loved ones. And there is no reason to expect that anything will change without Federal intervention.

Billions of dollars have been extorted from our loved ones in this inconceivable crime that is hidden in secrecy in the Courts using

sequestered files, “Inside Clubhouse” Lawyers, massive billing fraud, persons taken into Guardianship with no due process and blatant unchecked conflicts of interest and unfit, complicit Judges.

Before another victim falls into the abyss of these court based predators, we urge you to learn more at

American Against Abusive Probate Guardianship




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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact AAAPG at 855 913 5337 x101 or email at

Press inquiries welcomed

4 thoughts on “Press Release–AARPG demands federal investigation of US probate courts

    • Thanks Jane, and there’s still a ton of work to do as evidence by the volume of phone calls I receive and emails on corruption in the courts. People are still receiving gag orders, they are being defamed, slandered and subject to false light by tied in corrupt court appointed attorneys and vendors. Lots to do. I’m writing books and blogging about all of it. Let me know if you want to write a book on the court corruption you experienced.

  1. The exact same thing is happening to our family right now. The hospital my father has been in for a year has insane billing practices. Due to incompetence, his Medicare benefits were exhausted ( an expected short LTAC stay turned into a year), and he ended up on a trach, which is not needed (it was to be for 2 wks only because his saturation is 98-100% off oxygen…we know, because they keep leaving it disconnected for hours at a time). The often malfunctioning continuous read pulse oxymeter is being billed at $907.00 per day…just one example of the “rape and pillage” practice of senior healthcare. We have not paid the over 1 million dollar bill because of the horrendously insane billing practices. Because of electronic records keeping, verification of charges as authentic is nearly impossible. He starts to get a bit better, and like clockwork hydration and feeding through his g tube is stopped. He requires repositioning due to a huge coccyx decubitus ulcer. They turn the feeding pump off, but nearly always forget to turn it back on. I cannot believe that this is anything but intention (careful carelessness). He has contracted every possible nosocomial infection possible, due to horrendous infection control practices. It is incessant. Every minute he is off his feeding causes reversal of his healing. This, along with dehydration due to absence of the water in his feeding formula causes another complication every time. This has happened at least 5 times since he has been in this hospital, and is happening again as of 3 dats ago. Having 34 years in medicine, I got irate with a stupid nurse practitioner who insisted he was not dehydrated, or had a fever, or had an elevated heart rate…now 100 (normal heart rat for him is 65 to 79). Fortunately, another nurse stood up for me and told her to back down (the nurse practitioner is contracted by the hospitalist, and is not an employee of the hospital). The hospital lawyers are threatening to get him a conservator, because we “are not looking out for his best interests”. This is strange when one realizes that every “status change” has been predicted by me, not hospital personnel. I could write a book regarding how he got to this hospital, which involves kickback schemes, fraud, false billing practices, basically RICO issues (racketeering). There is also the prevalence of gang stalking, gaslighting and other forms of targeting of the patient and families. Generally, these racketeering practices started around 2008 in our country. Our government agencies, who get our tax dollars are doing nothing. Same with Adult Protective Services, all government health agencies, Medicare and even licensing agencies like The Joint Commission. For the victimized patients and their families it is a lose-lose situation. The only explanation that makes sense is eugenics.

    • That is a horrible, horrible, story, and yes, contact me if you want to write a book about your experiences. The ARDC is furious with me for publishing this blog, and it only bespeaks the need for more blogs, more books and more efforts to bring this RICO to light. You might want to read up on the case of atty Seth Gillman who operated the Company Passages in Illinois where all the elderly needed GIP so he could get $170 per day, and those that needed GIP were upgraded to Hospice for $800 per day. The Feds indicted this atty in Feb 2014, and the ARDC did nothing, in Feb 2016 was his trial and he pled guilty to 10 counts of fraud: Medicare, Medicaid and SOI Health Care Fund. The ARDC is silent on the subject and has not filed charges against him. But during the same time period, the ARDC rushed through a kangaroo court to declare this blog a pack of lies and to try to cover up massive crimes among Illinois attorney. I am thoroughly disgusted with their behavior, and so is Ken Ditkowsky, another lawyer suspended for 4 years for outing the corruption in Illinois.
      Please keep on publishing your story. Send me your documents so I can load them up on gdrive and the public can easily see what is going on. Thank you so much for writing me. This horrific abuse of our elderly loved ones can and must end.

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