From Ken Ditkowsky — the US is under attack from within!

To: Glenda Martinez <>, Cynthia Stephens <>, Eliot Bernstein <>,………
Subject: DOES ANYONE KNOW OF AN ATTORNEY WHO CAN HELP Glenda Martinez (Florida) or Tim Lahrman (Indiana) or Angelina Woodhull – or any of the other victims and/or family members of this elder cleansing scandal.
Date: Mar 27, 2016 3:39 PM
Help is needed NOW! 
 America is under attack!   Citizens are being deprived of their liberty, property and human rights by corrupt judges, judicial officials etc
Ms. Woodhull, Mrs. Martinez, Mr. Lahrman’s ******cases are bizarre!   It is amazing that such atrocities could occur in the United States of America.   These cases indicate an gross breakdown to the RULE OF LAW and demonstrate to the world that America in the 21st Century has little respect for the Constitution, propriety, or honor!    
I am calling on all honest public officials to join with us and drive the miscreants from the courthouse and restore America’s core values.    
It is amazing that calling attention to the felonies of elder cleansing (i.e. elder abuse/exploitation/isolation and forfeiture of human and civil rights of a senior citizen by a corrupt court acting unconstitutionally) should be equated to yelling fire in a crowded theater.  (This is exactly what Jerome Larkin administrator of the Illinois attorney disciplinary commission (IARDC) did – and was supported by the Illinois Supreme Court).     
Let me make it clear –  America is in real trouble and we all stand to lose our freedom if we as a Nation to not act now to obviate the cover=up and the felonies being perpetrated against the elderly by corrupt judges, their appointees, co-cooperating lawyers, judicial officials and public officials.    Our law provides remedies, but prohibits ‘self help!’    An emergency exists!    Anyone can be targeted by the miscreants and forfeit all the rights and benefits of citizenship!    Col Smith and his wife (Glenda Martinez) appear to be rule – not the exception.    Mary Sykes lost her life, her property, her humanity **** without due process and every criminal act was ‘covered’ by Court orders signed by dishonest judges who knew or should have known that their actions were wrong, ultra vires, without jurisdiction, and felonies – in violation of ADA    The GAO has exposed in its reports just how widespread this American holocaust has become but so far no government official or agency has come out strongly in favor of the Constitution of the United States of America being the protection of all citizens.    Even admissions by Omnicare, Seth Gillman, Dr. Rothstein **** of severe wrongdoing are surpressed by the media and corrupt government officials.
As a Happy Easter present to America did our government surrender to North Korea and/or ISIS? 
Ken Ditkowsky

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