From Ken Ditkowsky

Subject:   Bishops covered up child abuse and violations of Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
Date: Mar 4, 2016 12:26 PM
Today’s Wall Street Journal article   is indicative of the fact that the narrative that we are witnessing in the political world, i.e. cover-up, fraud, deceit, and conspiracy is everywhere.     Right is left, up is down, truth is false is the new criteria.    In fact the bribe solicitation and payment is everywhere.    See:
During last night’s Republican debate, the front runner admitted to paying for services rendered to the Democratic front runner at least ten times.    The amazing candor demonstrating that we have the best politicos that money can buy does not seem to really faze anyone.    Purchasing judges, public officials, et al. is a way of life in 21st Century America.    In fact the JoAnne Denison disciplinary prosecution and the total lack of ‘hue and cry’ demonstrates that corrupt public officials such as Jerome Larkin, administrator of the Illinois Attorney Disciplinary Commission are becoming the norm not the exception.
The perception is that entire system is rotten to the core.   It is hard to argue that it is not.      Ms. Lerner at the IRS openly used her position for partisan political purposes in derogation of the long standing rules of the agency, but she appears to have escaped discipline.    On the other side of the coin Lanre Amu pursuant to ABA rule 8.3 reported that a judge was refusing to recuse herself in a case that the defendant employed her on its corporate board and her brother was the attorney for the defendant.    (Larkin and his 18 USCA 242 and 18 USCA 371 co=conspirators determined that even though the respected Crain’s Chicago Business made the same averment that Amu’s report was false and jeopardized the course of Justice in Illinois)    Amu received an interim suspension followed by a three year suspension.     [Indeed, the only false statements made were made by the Disciplinarians!)
Last night’s Republican debate made it very clear that America is in crisis AND “we the People” are about to lose our Liberty and heritage unless something is done immediately.    The assaults by the clergy, the judiciary, and protective services on our children are becoming common place and the elder cleansing of our senior citizens a cottage industry.     
We need right now an HONEST INVESTIGATION and a cleansing of the corrupt judges, lawyers, political and judicial officials who are polluting our environment and National existence.     There is no Constitutional Right to be a public officials (judicial or political) and there is no human right for a clout heavy individual to prey on the elderly, the young, or the disabled.   
Act now before the cancer of corruption becomes stage 4.

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