From Ken Ditkowsky–Dr. Fine’s revelations indicate more tax fraud/evasion

Why don’t the authorities collect?

To: Eric Holder <>, “FBI- ( (” <>, Chicago FBI <>,…..
Subject: Fw: Justice Served with Andy Ostrowski – disciplined lawyer series – lawyers for judicial reform
Date: Mar 1, 2016 2:53 PM
If the link that is forwarded to you is 50% accurate a very serious crime has been committed by the California authorities.    American Judicial System for Sale: Bribes and Corruption now the Norm
 Similar charges have been made as to Ill, Ind, Fla, Ohio, Pa, Col, etc in relationship to the Guardianship frauds (elder cleansing).     The corruption is costing Federal , State, and local governments billions of dollars and the total disregard and non-enforcement of the Rule of Law is disreputable, disingenuous, and pernicious.     
If lawyers are intimidated and punished for exposing corruption, expect that corruption will be a way of life here in America, and the lost of liberty for everyone is not far off!
Even though lawyers disciplinary commissions have openly and notoriously participated in a cover up flaunting 18 USCA 242, 371, 1341 and 4 it does not appear that the miscreants (including Jerome Larkin of Illinois) have to worry as they are ‘special citizens’ for whom the law does not apply.    AN HONEST INVESTIGATION IS REQUIRED!

3 thoughts on “From Ken Ditkowsky–Dr. Fine’s revelations indicate more tax fraud/evasion

  1. Agreed that the court system needs a through RICO investigation. If RICO can investigate classroom teachers over a state test ~ why can’t RICO investigate the enormous fraud taking place that is taking away the liberties of American citizens whose only crime is to get older and more forgetful? Our government is not working for the citizens, nor is our legal system.

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