If you are an honest, ethical attorney in Chicago, Watch out!

But if you steal $100 million from the US Govt, the ARDC will protect you.

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Subject: Fw: EVIDENCE OF BAD FAITH ON THE PART OF Mr. Larkin and the IARDC – and 1n 18 USCA 371 cover-up

Date: Feb 22, 2016 10:56 AM

Here is tangible proof of Jerome Larkin’s conspiracy to aid and abet elder cleansings.   The cover-up of the miscreants conduct is a public disgrace and is not limited to protecting Seth Gillman, but includes blanket protections for a cesspool of lawyers practicing in the Cook County Circuit Court – including those involved in the Alice Gore, Mary Sykes et al cases.

Starting at page 90 it appears that Judge Connors admitted that she was wired – she was elevated to the Appellate Court of Illinois!    Up is down, Right is left, green is red, ******


Ken Ditkowsky


—– Forwarded Message —–
From: kenneth ditkowsky <kenditkowsky@yahoo.com>
To: JoAnne M. Denison <joanne@justice4every1.com>;
Sent: Monday, February 22, 2016 10:49 AM
Subject: EVIDENCE OF BAD FAITH ON THE PART OF Mr. Larkin and the IARDC – and 1n 18 USCA 371 cover-up

dozens of former employees, victims, and just ordinary people were upset when it was discovered that an Illinois Attorney was associated with a Hospice company and that he was a proximate cause on more than $150,000,000 in thefts from the government.   More were upset when they learned that trust funds entrusted to this lawyer and his cadre of co-conspirators had been allegedly stolen by the attorney.

Pursuant to Rule 8.3 attorneys duly reported (over a year ago) the attorney’s misconduct to the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission, and the United States of America on their website revealed the perfidy.

JoAnne Denison’s blog – MaryGSykes – reported this serious breach of lawyers ethics.   The reaction:  Mr. Larkin and the IARDC successfully argued that the publication of corruption in the MaryGSykes blog was akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater and was a danger to the public the required an immediate suspension of Ms. Denison’s law license.    Indeed, Attorney Denison’s law license was suspended and in addition she received a three year suspension in addition.

What happened to the attorney who breached his fiduciary relationship, stole trust funds, defrauded the United States of America  – pleading guilty to the charges in the US District Court?


ARDC Individual Attorney Record of Public Registration and Public Disciplinary and Disability Information as of February 22, 2016 at 9:00:00 AM:

Full Licensed Name: Seth Gillman
Full Former name(s): None
Date of Admission as Lawyer
by Illinois Supreme Court:
November 4, 1993
Registered Business Address: vivere, inc
320 West Ohio Street 3w
Chicago, IL 60654-7887
Registered Business Phone: (857) 702-5720
Illinois Registration Status: Active and authorized to practice law  – Last Registered Year: 2016
Malpractice Insurance:
(Current as of date of registration;
consult attorney for further information)
In annual registration, attorney reported that he/she does not have malpractice coverage. (Some attorneys, such as judges, government lawyers, and in-house corporate lawyers, may not carry coverage due to the nature of their practice setting.)
Public Record of Discipline
and Pending Proceedings:

Check carefully to be sure that you have selected the correct lawyer. At times, lawyers have similar names. The disciplinary results displayed above include information relating to any and all public discipline, court-ordered disability inactive status, reinstatement and restoration dispositions, and pending public proceedings. Investigations are confidential and information relating to the existence or status of any investigation is not available. For additional information regarding data on this website, please contact ARDC at (312) 565-2600 or, from within Illinois, at (800) 826-8625.

ARDC makes every effort to maintain the currency and accuracy of Lawyer Search. If you find any typographical errors in the Lawyer Search information, please email   registration@iardc.org . For changes to contact information, including address, telephone or employer information, we require that the attorney submit a change of address form. Please consult our   Address Change Requests   page for details. Name changes require the filing of a motion with the Supreme Court. Please consult our Name Change Requests   page for details.


So that the record is clear – in Illinois a citizen (and especially lawyers) who report criminal activity by public figures or elite members of society who have clout are a danger to the public and get long suspensions of their law licenses, however, those who commit crimes, steal money, rob trusts and in the case of Mr. Gillman – plead guilty in the United States District Court of the United States of America  – are ethical and receive no discipline .

Ken Ditkowsky


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