Comments from Ken Ditkowsky–Defining terms

Subject: Defining terms
Date: Feb 22, 2016 4:11 PM
Defining who is a disabled person should be easy, except it is not.   Our statutes are vague and difficult.     Who is a person that is not fully able to manage his person or estate?
These are the words of 755 ILCS 5/11a – 2.   
  Do the framers of the guardianship statute realize that 50% of the population of the United States of America is below average!    Indeed, if you think about it, who is at all times relevant able to “fully manage his person or estate.”   If you drawn the standard too high my metaphor seeking a guardian for the President of the United States is not that far fetched.  Every one of the current candidates for the nomination of President would also qualify with flying colors for a guardian!
With some of the corrupt jurists we’ve had occasion to encounter (such as the judge who on page 90 and following of her deposition admitted to being wired) we have some real scary scenarios pending – and with what appears to be a Nationwide cover-up of the corruption the plot thickens!   Such is the reason that each and every one of us is threatened and must insist on law enforcement conducting HONEST investigation of all of the outrageous elder cleansing cases – AND THE COVER-UPS.   
For instance, we cannot rest without knowing how a corrupt judge gets the idea that he can empower a guardian to file proceedings to annul Colonel Smith’s marriage to Glenda.    We have to know how it is that a guardian can usurp the personal assets of Angelia Woodhull.   We have ascertain by what authority a guardian ad litem can engineer the prospecting for gold in the mouth of Alice Gore.   We have to ascertain by authority Carolyn Wyman was removed from her safe home to a nursing where she was prey to sexual predators who apparently were give leave to ravage her.
Turning this issue over to a shrink does not help the situation.   In the case of Robert Jaycox, the shrink was prepared and did testify that Mr. Jaycox was incompetent and his medical opinion that he could not fully care for his estate or his person; however, this same medical professional on cross-examination that he personally supervised Swedish Covenant Hospital officials having Mr. Jaycox consent to a life threatening operation.    
To her credit Judge ****** stopped the proceedings at that point, but she did not dismiss the proceedings.   Subsequently, Jaycox was returned to the nursing home where he contacted an aspirated pneumonia which was fatal and he died.  Even though Jaycox was not Jewish, his cremation occurred with fantastic dispatch!
It is in all our best interests to get this problem properly defined and to eliminate from the equation the cadre of dishonest judicial and political figures that pollute the landscape.  For this we need 1) an Honest investigation, 2) civil collection of the taxes that are owed by the miscreants and their co-conspirators, 3) prosecution of the miscreants and their 18 UsCA 371 and 18 UsCA 242 co-conspirators and 4) priority given to the effort. 

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