Gillman apparently is tied in to some interesting characters

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Unfortunately I can’t find an attorney who will sue (a nursing home) for me (anyone interested out there?)

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You saw the document that offered $2000 for referrals of patents at the nursing home  – I assume from reading the affidavit in the Gillman case that the referral was per month.  That would provide a nice piece of change for the guardian ad litem.   It might also explain Adam’s nursing home investments and his ability with almost no client base to afford an expensive home in the Western suburbs.   As I recall Gloria Sykes found some interesting information out as to Cynthia’s husband.
The affidavit in the Gillman complaint states:
According to a review of documents and emails, Passages had arrangements with several nursing homes in 2009 and 2010 in which Passages agreed to pay the nursing homes $250 for every patient who was on GIP per day. As of September 2010, Passages had such arrangements with approximately eight nursing homes, according to an email exchange between Individual A, GILLMAN and the chief financial officer at the time, in which the chief financial officer confirmed the nursing-home GIP tracking sheets he had received that month.
This indicated that a substantial cash flow travelling between the ‘nursing homes’ and the Hospice facilities and between the facility and its suppliers – many owned by the miscreants.
The affidavit explains why the FBI was so interested in interviewing Sheldon Niedich (sp)   I understand he became quite anxious to discuss the situation.   Shortly thereafter Robert Kaplan vanished in the void and I have not heard from his since.   (He was selling Red Light programs, last I heard! – another venture?)
I’ve heard from a confidential source information that leads me to believe that Jerome Larkin is tied into these people.  (NB – the Larkin hospital in Florida had a partial owner – Morris Esformes) Thus, his cover – up is quite well thought out and quite desperate.   (Sam’s son is reported to work from Sheldon)
It is too bad that Harry Heckert is no longer with us – his quiet questioning of the witnesses in this Gillman case would bring to the government real treasure trove.   (Harry died a year ago).
And Ken also notes from the Quad cities, more information on the crimes of Seth Gillman:

Owner Seth Gillman, 46, of Lincolnwood, is accused of bilking Medicare and Medicaid out of millions.  Now, Lyman says, money raised for Passage’s Hospice Dreams program is gone.

“Passages Dreams was for someone’s last dream. If it’s to be with their family that maybe isn’t here, we’d fly them to be with them. He took that money, so we could no longer do that,” Lyman said.

According to the Passages Hospice Dreams website, the foundation granted one man a last ride on a Harley. Another man, chose to go on a fishing trip.

Lyman says the money donated to the dream fund, in many cases, came from families of loved ones who had died after being cared for by Passages Hospice nurses.

Lyman says the family of one of her patients had recently donated $500 in their loved one’s memory.

“Now, it’s gone,” Lyman said.  She says she doesn’t know how much money was in the charitable fund, which included donations from all of the company’s branches all around the state.

“I knew Gillman, I met him. He convinced me he was a good guy and now I am furious. I am heartbroken,” she said.

More than 300 employees lost their jobs and health insurance when Passages abruptly shut down, four weeks after Gillman’s indictment.

“We have not been paid for a month, we have lost our insurance. They didn’t pay the premiums, so it’s gone. Employees went to the doctor and found out that way. They no longer have insurance,” Lyman said.

The indictments make no mention of the Passages Dream Foundation.

Prosecutors say the company received about $125 million in Medicaid and Medicare payments from 2006 to 2011. The indictment doesn’t say how much of that was allegedly fraudulent.

The government says Gillman would reprimand or fire whistle blowers who questioned the way business was conducted.  In some cases, Passages allegedly billed taxpayers for hospice care for patients who weren’t even terminally ill.

“I would describe him as the lowest form of life. He deserves what’s coming to him,” said Lyman.

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