From Ken Ditkowsky

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Subject: Integrity
Date: Feb 11, 2016 5:20 PM
A large plurality of the American public has indicated great doubts about the integrity of the members of the legal profession.  Hardly a day goes by without a substantial number of the public disparaging the 2nd oldest profession.   The problem that the profession enjoys is the fact that so many of the most outrageous of the remarks have an element of truth to them and all we, the American public, has to do is open a newspaper and it is rare that something negative concerning the profession does not jump out at you.
The ‘coverup’ of elder cleansing has my focus as it has affected me personally and when I called on Illinois Judicial officials to do an investigation of several cases that came to my attention (none of which I was of record in) Attempts were made to intimidate me.  The First attempt was about as blatant as could be – the three miscreant attorneys involved in the Mary Sykes case 09 P 4585 threatened me to stop my investigation.   When I did not, they went to court and sought sanctions against me.   The presiding judge who admitted on page 90 and following of her evidence deposition that she was wired  (i.e. had her mind made up to rule adversely prior to hearing a word of evidence) actually directed that sanctions were to imposed upon me.   The fact that she lacked jurisdiction over me did not deter her.  Finally, after I wrote to the Attorney General of the United States the attorney disciplinary commission came after me and in an attempt to shut me up I got a four year suspension of my law license.  (This did not shut me up, as after more than 1/2 century before the bar I am not intimidated by criminals or cover-ups).
All that said, we know that the ABA knows about the JoAnne Denison case and the soviet style censorship that the miscreant criminals engaged in the elder cleansing operation in Illinois sought to impose.   The Article read:

Lawyer’s blog posts about ‘sleazy world of probate’ bring ethics complaint

POSTED FEB 04, 2013 01:20 PM CST

Corrected: A patent and trademark lawyer who blogged about alleged corruption in Chicago’s “sleazy world of probate” is facing an ethics complaint that accuses her of undermining the administration of justice.
Chicago lawyer Joanne Denison is accused of knowing that her statements were false or made in reckless disregard of the truth, the National Law Journal reports. The Legal Profession Blog links to the complaint.
Denison began blogging after a judge refused her application to represent a client who was seeking appointment as guardian for her mother. The client’s sister was later appointed guardian.
The court had disqualified Denison because she had notarized signatures for the client and the client’s mother on a document giving the client her mother’s interest in a lawsuit. The court had found that the mother may have been suffering from dementia at the time, the ethics complaint said.
According to the complaint, Denison’s blog posts had claimed impropriety and financial exploitation in the case. Among other things, her blog claimed “garden variety theft, embezzlement, malpractice and malfeasance by attorneys and the court.”
Denison had published a disclaimer. “Sorry, but portions of this blog have to be entertaining so we can get the word out,” she wrote. “There is most certainly a great deal of (stinging) truth in it.”
Denison told the NLJ she has no plans to take down her blog. “Why would I shut up when there’s corruption going on in the courts?” she said.
Corrected on Feb. 5 to say Denison has no plans to take down her blog.  
As everyone who has examined the Cook County probate file 09 P 4585 has learned, the allegations made by the Attorney Disciplinary Commission were patently false and the administrator of the IARDC and several attorneys employed by the IARDC are actively in violation of Rule 8.3 and 18 USCA 371 and 18 USCA 242 engaged in a ‘cover up’ and effort to protect the criminal activities disclosed in the Court file.
[NB.  the criminal activities were: 1) seizing Mary Sykes and removing her from the County of Cook to isolate her from family and HELP, 2) committing fraud as to service of process – i.e. providing the Sheriff with an address to serve Mary where each of the miscreants and the presiding judge knew she did not reside, 3) failing to serve a summons on Mary as required by 755 ILCs 5/11a – 10, 4) failing to serve prior notice of any hearing as to Mary’s competence of close (near) family members such as her two sisters and younger daughter, 5) failing to hold a hearing as required by statute and in particular failing to require petition to prove Mary’s incompetency by clear and convincing evidence. 6) failing to inventory some 3 million dollars in assets including gold coins valued at a million dollars (see Gloria Sykes affidavit)]
Literally thousands of similar cases exist and many innocent victims and family members have been subjected to unspeakable crimes by corrupt jurists, lawyers, judicial officials and Mr. Larkin and his gang of 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators.    No prosecution – that we know of – has commenced and the miscreants appear to be free to continue to prey on the elderly and the disabled.    (In another venue – it appears that the USA is prosecuting lawyer Seth Gillman for his miscreant conduct as a banker and in the hospice activity – goggle suggests that next Friday is the trial date)
As a lawyer who paid dues to the American Bar Association for many years I am personally disappointed that the legal profession is AFRAID to comply with the oath that every lawyer takes upon admission to the Bar.    The legal profession when hearing of the JoAnne Denison matter is it had any INTEGRITY should have as a single entity got out the tar and feathers and amass knocked down the doors of the Supreme Court of Illinois and the Illinois attorney registration and disciplinary commission.     Lawyer who are intimidated and afraid to stand up for the RULE OF LAW and the Constitution of the United STates amongst the most despicable creatures on earth.    
The American Bar Association in standing silent while Attorney Denison is openly and notoriously denied her First and Fifth Amendment Rights is reprehensible and devoid of any claim of integrity.    The SCOTUS has made in very clear in the Alvarez case that even socially unacceptable speech is protected by the First Amendment.   Disclosure of corrupt jurists, criminal conduct by lawyers and others is not only protected by required.   The ABA rule 8.3 requires such disclosure!    However, if a lawyer does disclose criminal conduct by certain clouted political or judicial miscreants the lawyer can expect to lose his/her law license.
The shame that the ABA has cast on the legal profession by its benign neglect of its 8.3 obligation is shameful and casts ill repute not only on the ABA but on every lawyer in America.    If lawyers do not stand up for the Constitution and the Rule of Law – there is no rule of law!   
One more point!    Every preteen  in Illinois prior to being promoted and allowed to enter High School has to take a Constitution test and demonstrate knowledge of America’s core principles.    The article quoted supra concerning Attorney Denison demonstrates that lawyers employed as jurists, as part of disciplinary process, ***** apparently are ignorant of the very information that pre-teens must demonstrate knowledge of to be allowed to enter high school.     How can these lawyers in good faith charge clients fees for services?      These individuals by claiming to be lawyers are engaged in a serious deceptive practice and should return to consumers – and the public – the pecuniary remuneration that they received while lacking the condition precedent for honestly taking the oath as an attorney and the knowledge that is required to enter secondary school.
Ken Ditkowsky

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