From and Mark Adams – sign the petition to abolish family and probate courts

Whether or not the bar associations agree with this, something needs to be done about both family court and probate court where we regularly see kids for sale, disableds for sale and seniors for sale.  Once a wealthy family or wealthy estate appears in these courtrooms, they are then flooded with a sea of tied in attorneys and their court appointed vendors, who frequently come from secret lists, they do not file any ethics reports, their fees are not known until the bill is received, judges rarely, if ever, ask for a competitive bid or budget for a project, and when the money runs out, the senior or disabled is narcotized to death and no autopsy or tox screen is ever performed. In (anti) family court, sole custody is often given to the parent with the largest bank account who pays their vendor bills generously, despite the fact that both parents are fit and both parents should have a co parenting agreement with substantially equal time with the children.

I personally receive scores of complaints every month about cases in probate where significant assets (a million or more) are missing and custody cases where co parenting should have been invoked, but was not even considered.

This petition makes a lot of sense.  Panels can be set up and coparenting, equal division of assets can be done using form agreements without an attorney to save everyone tens of thousands of dollars or more in a divorce. Seniors and disableds should have volunteer assistants to help them pay bills and get reasonably priced help to stay in their homes.  As published before on this blog, Sunrise nursing homes will give any person placing a senior in their homes $2,000 on the spot.

Many things are seriously wrong in Family and Probate courts, please take a look at the petition and sign it.

As you know, this blog advocates for simpler, easier and less costly systems when dealing with disabled seniors and children.  Using numerous attorneys to draft up agreements and handle forms that all of use in our daily lives should not mean that all a family’s wealth is quickly drained.



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