Another huge area of unrest and corruption–(anti) family court–wish list for reform

I have heard from soooo many new clients that their cases involve corruption, but it’s in family court and due mostly to the vendors and court appointed attorneys.

One lawyer, Mario Jiminez is working to alleviate these problems, so here is my wish list for family court:

To: Mario Jimenez <>
Subject: Re: Taking the unrest out of (anti) family court.  My wish list.
Date: Feb 3, 2016 12:38 PM
Dear Mario;

I really think what we need is for all the jurisdictions to
1) use a 50/50 coparenting agreement enacted by the legislature;
2) to use a 50/50 division of assets agreement enacted by the legislature; and
3) 50/50 parenting shall be implemented unless one parent is a felon or psychopath (either party can demand testing–brain scan only, please) or there is sexual abuse allegations ;
4) one parent pays child support and the other accounts for child support and must also spend the child support rate on the kids (this can include utilities, rent, housing, etc.) from their income.  If the parents cannot agree on who pays child support, the court should toss a coin. If one parent moves out of the jurisdiction, they must make arrangements for transportation for co parenting.
All we need to do is get the vendors out of the scam business and a lot of the unrest will go away.
All vendor lists must be published on the internet for every court room, and past clients and family members should be allowed to rate any court vendor for quality of services, list any problems, effectiveness, cost, etc. Ratings should be published on the internet.  All prices should be published on the internet.  Parties should be able to ask for a flat fee or capped fee arrangement.  CV’s or Resume’s must be published on the internet.
Anyone who is court appointed MUST file an ethics report yearly disclosing all sources of income from any person or business and the amount received if it is in the probate or family court area.  This shall be published on the internet.
The ONLY time vendors can get involved is if there are special needs children, extraordinary medical expenses, one or both parents on disability, and then they should be trained volunteers who work for low cost or free.  Courts should always pull from this list first to see if they can get a low cost or free volunteer rather than someone paid.
In the case of parents requiring supervision (felonies, psychopathy, sexual abuse, etc.) this should also be low cost or free.  The court should always look on the lowest cost list first and for volunteers, esp. where the parties are not wealthy and the marital estate is not large.

4 thoughts on “Another huge area of unrest and corruption–(anti) family court–wish list for reform

  1. Testing for the possibility of a psychopath or sociopath should be mandatory for all courts, and with that, a guarantee that evidentiary hearings will take place in total. The court is the playground for these pathological liars. They and their attorneys manipulate the court cases, so their secrets will be kept.

  2. There are some flaws in this plan.50/50 time does not work in all circumstances especially women who breast feed or the children are very young. Also. not all mental illness should bar a person from connecting with a child, nor is it the courts business. Only if a mental illness shows the willingness to commit crimes, especially against children should it be an issue. Your recommendations do not show considerations for partners who experience domestic violence. they need protection. Also, not all felons need to be kept from their children. Only felons who have committed crimes that would cause concern for potentially harming their children need supervision. I agree there is need for reform, but it is complex.

    • I am not talking mental illness, I am talking antisocial personality disorders where psychopathy/narcissism/sociopathy results in a personality that cannot show love, tenderness, sympathy or empathy but the person only feels better and more focused when it engages in or watches torture, humiliation, war, violence, etc. These people are dangerous to children and pretty much need supervised visitation. As for breastfeeding, women can pump and I have not seen one judge care about that at all. You can’t keep a child from it’s father because mom needs to breastfeed.
      I agree with you on mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression, but you might want to take a look a what a psychopath is and what they do. Her is a good example of why you don’t want this type of person anywhere near a child.

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