From Ken Ditkowsky, 4 GAO reports, 60 minutes and GAO reports being ignored.

To: Cynthia Stephens <>
Subject: Re: The Government Accounting Office is investigating — AGAIN????
Date: Feb 1, 2016 11:47 AM
Subject: Re: The Government Accounting Office is investigating — AGAIN????
Date: Feb 1, 2016 11:47 AM
It is my impression that the 60 minutes report was a diversion.  Every time that the FBI or the IRS gets a handle on a particular money laundering scheme, the bad guys modify it so as to continue their bad ways.   Professionals like lawyers have a tendency to have huge blind spots that prevent them from seeking the broad picture and deal with the more sophisticated criminal schemes.   Law Enforcement people on the other hand are trained to look for the perverse and the pieces of puzzle that build the puzzle.   
The GAO reports to congress, to wit:
GAO-13-626T: Published: May 16, 2013. Publicly Released: May 16, 2013.  
All provide a wealth of information that Congress has and is ignoring.   Congress is a political body and its members have to worry about getting re=elected.    It is very hard to become elected if you cause pecuniary harm to the very people who give you the money to run for office successfully.
How much money did you give your key elected representative?   Did you give him any time?     Of course you and game our respective senators almost nothing  (In my case zero) in campaign contributions and my support was solely advice — BUY LOW, SELL HIGH! or similar.    However, our two guardian ad litem in the Sykes can be counted on for a substantial campaign contributions and other contributions.     If I operate a nursing home I can guarantee that each of the residents will vote for the candidate of the representative’s  choice and when they did – a nice cash contribution.
Yes, I know that this is all illegal and not paying tax on the benefit is tax fraud; however, no one can look under the covers in a free society.  (4th Amendment).   No we do not have to wear blinders or not listen to the cries of ***** uttered by the participants.    That is where law enforcement comes in.     The GAO has provided congress with a road map, and the blogs Probate Sharks, MaryGSykes, NASGA have been the GPS that Congress has ignored, law enforcement has ignored and the reason we are in such distress.    Equal protection of the law means enforcement of the Law equally and effectively.
Most frustrating is the “fix!”  CBS in the program the “Good Wife” last night did a nice job of dramatizing it.   Amazingly, it even named one of the masters of the ‘fix’ by name, referring to her in a disguised setting.   (Had the name Hillary or Donald been used – it would have been less subtle and more in line with the 60 minute presentation).   The ‘fix’ is so frustrating BECAUSE WE ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN.   We elect crooked judges who foster elder cleansing and we elect public officials who we know are very frugal with the truth – how can we object when we get what we demand.


On Sun, Jan 31, 2016 at 10:53 PM, Cynthia Stephens <> wrote:

Ken, will you tell me what the subject matter was on 60 Minutes?  I will look it up.  BTW, I came across fairly newly formed group, and I have contacted one of the organizers to see if they would like to help try to coordinate “forces” and expertise to support one another.  I told them about the guardianship abuses, financial crimes, corrupt judges and what was being done to atty, “whistleblowers” reporting these judges, injustices and crimes against elders and their families, etc.
Please look at this info on them and let me know your thoughts, ok?  They are in “the same boat” for their honestly and integrity, caring about what is right and the future of banking/finance and following the laws, reporting financial crimes and criminality, etc.  This is another reform we need in America. There are 4 founding members.  I wrote to William Black. Your thoughts?

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