Lets hear it for NASGA!

If anyone thinks that court watchers and blogging doesn’t help, take a look at the tied in case of Judge Colin in Florida and his wife who is a “Professional Guardian (of death)”  When NASGA and other blogs got ahold of the fact that Judge Colin was appointing HIS WIFE and passing he (and her friends) business as a Professional Guardian and vendors, all of a sudden that stopped.

Imagine that, a blog making a difference in corruption.  An NGO and concerned citizens making a difference in the courts!

Let’s hear a great hurrah to NASGA and all the court watchers that cleaned up Judge Colin’s act.

He should be kissing all their fu**y be****s right now, because this could have kept him out of club fed med.

No one wants to put people away, we want them to act with intergrity, Honesty and Justice.

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Guardianships: A Broken Trust, 115 Recusals in Six Months
His wife’s [Elizabeth Savitt] job as a professional guardian leaves Judge Colin compromised, handcuffing him from fully doing his job, The Post found. He’s recused himself from 115 cases that involve his wife’s lawyers in the last six months of 2015 after The Post started asking questions in its investigation.“When you have a judge suddenly […]
Guardianships: A Broken Trust: Judge’s History of Debt, Foreclosures, IRS Liens
Judge Colin,  Elizabeth Savitt’s husband[Judge] Colin and [Elizabeth] Savitt are positioned as the power couple of the lucrative probate arena. Colin’s financial history, however, is littered with debt, including suits for foreclosure on three properties and $65,000 once owed to the IRS for back taxes.Savitt also had a recent foreclosure on a property. The couple’s […]
Guardianships: A Broken Trust: How Do You Convince a God He’s Wrong?
The nation as a whole is beset by unscrupulous guardians, some of whom have been charged with crimes. Florida passed its first effort at reform last legislative session, including applying criminal penalties to guardians found guilty of abuse. Advocates say legislative reform, though, means nothing if judges are complicit in draining the life savings of […]

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