From Ken Ditkowsky-more revelations about Elder Cleansings

Subject: Need for legal representation
Date: Jan 21, 2016 1:27 PM
I understand that the United State of America in reviewing the obvious frauds in the nursing home business of Morris Esformes both here in Illinois and in Florida has obtained the voluntary disclosure by Nursing home owner Sheldon Netich (sp)   The gossip is that Netich has become an opera star and has been number 1 in popularity over at the FBI.   Netich (SN) knows where the bodies are buried, including those bodies buried by ER, ND, ****.    
The net net bit about this situation is that a large part of the booty from elder cleansing will be recoverable = including the money that was redistributed by wrongful guardianships and extra judicial seizures.   In my opinion this elder cleansing scandal is the biggest fraud case in history (in terms of money stolen).   
Here in Illinois as an example, in the Sykes case approximately 3 million dollars is unaccounted for and in Gore 1.5 million dollars.   
In Helen Stone case (Dade County) is well over a million and the civil rights violations that Barbara Stone suffered at in the millions.  Pursuant to 42 USCA 1988 an award of attorney fees is available on the issues won.   The Col Smith case involves millions as does the Woodhull case.   Dr. Sam Sugar has been in contact with dozens of victims and his blog (and the good doctor himself) are leads to literally dozens of victims who have meritorious complaints that could be and should be addressed pursuant to the Civil Rights acts and the Americans with Disabilities acts.  (The usual common law actions of trespass, wrongful imprisonment, theft, breach of fiduciary relationship, accounting etc are also present and available).
THE PROBLEM is that few attorneys are willing to risk their law licenses by taking on these cases.   I requested an HONEST INVESTIGATION of the Mary Sykes case and the fact that the miscreants denied Mary all her basic and core Civil Rights.   In marched Jerome larkin and I got railroaded!    Everything averred by Larkin was repudiated in the common law record of case 09 P 4585.   The case file was of course not allowed into evidence and the subpoena quashed.   No matter, the blogs have memorialized the fact that Mary was not served with summons that complied with the act (the Sheriff finding in his records that she was not served with summons by anyone), the jurisdictional prior notifications to family members never made, and no hearing was ever held, but a guardian appointed by a judge who never made the first required determination – she just signed whatever one of the two guardian ad litem requested.
The same obfuscation of the Rule of Law is common in Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Pa, California, Arizona *****.    To date the law enforcement community has been benign and ineffective.    Lawyers who have spoken have almost uniformally been slapped down – especially in Florida. They also have been vilified!
However, I note that Dr. Sugar has been drawing blood with his revelations and his blog.   I know that with very little pressure SN will provide the Federal Law Enforcement with the intimate details of Rothner’s, Esformes’, Draiman’s **** sex lives and misdeeds.   He is so knowledgeable that he can even tell them what questions “Morrie” cheated on during his third grade math examination.   
It is only a question of time before the hammer drops and if will be once again safe once again for Florida lawyers to practice law in the Florida courts where their services are most needed – i.e. protection of the elderly and the disabled!   
Please do not get me wrong — I am not asking you to jeopardize your license and excellent reputation, I am asking you to do your Rule 11 investigation now so that when it is safe once again for lawyers who reside in Florida to practice law you will be able to accept referrals and assist aggrieved disabled people and their families get their lives back and their assets recovered.    I want to make it clear – the 18 USCA 371 conspiracy of corrupt judges, corrupt lawyers, corrupt guardians and other judicial officials is protected at the highest levels of government and us “flotsam” are not going to be tolerated.   
Syth Gilman was indicted for over–charging the USA a billion dollars  – his trial has yet to be heard.   Omicare was fined over 150 million dollars (which is paid like you pay a traffic ticket.   It was sold to CVS pharmacy for 12.4 billion dollars.   ND is reported to have found a way to launder cabal money – he purchased a casino in Romania.   (Not one word in the press and law enforcement appears to be disinterested). *****
Interesting information is not only found of Dr. Sugar’s blog, but on the blogs of MARYGSYKES, Probate Sharks, NASGA, etc.    
NB.   Until the USA either starts civil income tax collection of the moves and shakers of the Florida Bar, or vigorous indictments of Esformes **** this is like Pandora’s box and could be hazardous to law licenses.    It is so touchy that my wife suggested that I find an multi-jurisdictional attorney to suggest referrals to and as you are a friend I should stay away from you as to this subject matter.  I thought about it, and then remembered that when my client (HK) got sued for racial discrimination and hired a specialist, rather than me, to represent him, I was insulted.  I was especially ‘hurt’ when the attorney for the discriminated employees called me to inform me of HK’s loss before HK came to see me.   (for the record – In the appeal to the Circuit Court I reversed the result, but that is another story)   The Elder Cleansing cases are legitimate cases and the actions of the corrupt judicial officials are actual violations of civil rights and ADA.    The fact that there are at this point few, if any, successful prosecutions is a testament to the corruption of the system and the lack of respect by government for the Rule of law.     
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