Tests and indicators for psychopathy

I know that many of you out there often wonder, especially in court, or when you meet a new lawyer, who are these people that are so unfeeling, uncaring and kind?  How did they get in these positions of power and control?

Psychopath: a person who does not feel sympathy, empathy, love or tenderness for others, kindness toward others ,etc. They either commit crimes or are in prison or jail. They become more focused and calmer when watching violence, torture, crime, humiliation or nastiness. They may be violent or commit violent crimes, but many do not.   This may be because they don’t want to go to jail, they have “learned” this is a bad idea in the long run, but it may also be that they don’t get paid to be violent or cruel.  Most are obsessed with the bottom line.

Sociopath: a psychopath that is not violent and has learned to confirm to laws because they don’t want to go to jail or prison.  Some sociopaths claim a good nurturing upbringing kept them out of jail or prison.


Narcissist: a sociopath where everything revolves around him or her. They do not like criticism. They think they are the best, they have to have the best car, home, wife, etc. and the most money. They are unhappy when others have more. People are things to them and disposable.  Just a different version of psychopath.

This is my favorite psychopath video:

See Web MD. http://www.webmd.com/mental-health/features/sociopath-psychopath-difference

What are the indicators for psychopathy?

One test is found here:


together with spot the psychopath.

what is the difference between a psychopath and a sociopath?

Psychopathy can now be determined with brain scans, MRIs and pet scans.  Before you invest in a relationship, or hire a new lawyer, you might want to ask them how they score on these tests.  Courts should publish these results.

Judge Gorcyca, IMHO (see my prior posts) seems to have problems with this in her online videos where she puts 3 young children in a detention center because they refuse to see their dad.  She has now left the bench in disgrace

My test, based on what I have personally observed at court and with judges and lawyers is here:


I fully support testing for all doctors, lawyers, judges, police, nurses and any and all licensed professionals.

Once a psychopath is diagnosed, they will not be sad or angry about the diagnosis. Psychopaths will justify their behavior that living without emotions is better because emotions cloud good business decisions and reduce the bottom line.  They call non psychopaths “emos” or “empaths” or “normies” in a derogatory fashion.

My list of psychopathic behavior I have seen in others:

Signs of psychopathy:

swearing, being rude, nasty or humiliating, showing no remorse, lying and cheating;
justifying injustices to others;
damaging someone else’s property and blaming an innocent bystander or blaming the property owner;
having a rant and telling an innocent bystander they did this to you to make you mad,
acting nice only when they want something, sex, for example, or your help with a project;
never coming back to say thank you for helping them, refusing to pay your bill;
having an out of control temper;
deliberately violating the laws for personal gain or enjoyment;
lying and gas lighting (gas lighting is where you did something wrong and then tell another person they just don’t remember that right)*
drug and alcohol addictions and blaming others (you make me drink or smoke dope);
sex addictions and blaming others (you made me cheat on you);
getting drunk or high and then claiming not to remember you hurt someone or their property;
rarely saying you love someone, except when you want to get something from them;
ignoring your debts and claiming the vendor’s job wasn’t good enough, but you watched them perform the job and only objected when the bill came due;
hitting or hurting someone physically and saying it was justified;
always looking for a new scheme or con to make money fast;
growing bored with a project if it does not make money right away;
demanding money from your family and withholding love;
engaging in the silent treatment, ignoring others on purpose;
controlling, manipulative behavior to gain power in a relationship, get money;
ruining holidays or making them all about you, especially birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother or Father’s Day;
picking on one or more persons in the family, excluding them, giving them the silent treatment, making them a pariah for no reason;
claiming someone is a drunk, a drug addict or alcoholic when they are not; this is to help the psychopath look good when they are drinking and drugging, especially
concern for objects and things over people (someone is in a car accident, the psychopath will ask how’s the car and not if anyone was hurt);
watching you work your butt off around the home or at the office and not offering to help out;
they never clean up their own messes, physically and mentally, blaming others
watching someone clean up and fix things, and then not thanking them. (Often a psychopath will say the job was not good enough or they have a “special” reason they don’t help out, often connected with money);
having sex with a person that is unconscious or asleep;
harming animals and children for pleasure;
isolating family members by saying someone isn’t good enough for family get together;
checking others text messages or emails on a regular basis to see if they’re talking about the psychopath.

Here is a great BBC series on psychopathy:




  • for example, at my ARDC trial, horrific injustices were done to the Sykes family and in particular Gloria Sykes and Kathie and Yolanda Bakken.  The psychopaths on the tribunal tried to convince the family these injustices were “sour grapes” and “too bad you lost”, never looking at the equities of the situation where Mary was guardianized without jurisdiction, her advance directives to live at home and be cared by her two daughters there was ignored, the GAL’s then took Gloria’s insurance money in addition to selling Mary’s home for pennies on the dollar (a $1 million home was appraised for $750,000 in Feb of 2012 and then sold in April of 2012 for $213,000, most of the estate money went to attorneys fees ($160,000) and nursing home fees–a place Mary said she never wanted to go, etc.  When the money ran out, Mary was narcotized to death and buried without a wake or funeral and no death announcements were allowed–more psychopathic behavior.   The psychopaths on the tribunal blamed the family “for losing” and elevated to hero status the attorneys and Judge that did this to Mary.  This is how the Illinois ARDC operates–in a bubble of psychopathy. The bottom line is all that matters, keep the money flowing to the clouted judges and attorneys, and anyone that gets in the way is “a loser.”  To the ARDC honest, caring attorneys are losers and to be silences lest the public finds out they are just a rats nest of corruption and psychopathy.


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