Court watchers needed for Daiva Sanda in Chicago tomorrow

This woman is at very high risk of false arrest and false imprisonment.  Her case will be called at Room 401, 555 W. Harrison Street.  She had 2 children by one father Mark Radzowsky, who had an aresnal of weapons at his home, engaged in prostitution and drugs, and another by a Burris Cuthione who is a known mobster with a long rap sheet.  She was repeatedly beaten by both these men.

In fixed proceedings, she lost her beloved daughters Maria and Italia to these dangerous men.  I have faxed repeatedly to the agencies, but no one has helped her.  Every time she goes to court to try to get custody of these girls by a corrupt system, they throw in jail under false charges.

Daiva is feisty and from Lithuania.  If you can help her and watch court tomorrow to see if they falsely arrest her again, please do so.

Your concern and appreciate for her rights are greatly appreciated.  And if you can court watch, that would be great:

555 W. Harrison St, Chicago, Room 401, 9 am, Daiva Sandanavaviacuite.



Her videos of “court supervision” and her ex asking for $100,000 to get her daughter back.  the authorities won’t prosecute him for extortion. n The first one is where the ex asks for $100,000 and Daiva can get her daughter back.  The rest are awful court supervisors that are mean and nasty.  One even threatened to call the police in front of the child if Daiva would not instruct her friend to stop recording.  I am glad this was recorded. The court supervisor is a *****.

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