Lisa Nadig still cannot see her son after 2 years!

Source: To Whom It May Concern

Check out Lisa Nadig’s thoughts about judicial abuse of power and her case and how she could not see her son for 2 years because of two tiny  1/2″ scratches on her boy’s face no one would barely notice, but at the time, the son was having a fit because at 3 am she told him to get to bed and shut off the laptop.

She was being a good mom.

What did the Ex do?  He doctored up some gaping wound photos and went to court the next day to ambush her and got an “independent lawyer” (neither were witnesses) to say the son had his face gouged out with gaping wounds.

The police photos show otherwise–two tiny 1/2″ surface scratches.

Ex and CR keep on saying mom’s crazy, so even though she isn’t one to publish her medical records, here they are because she wants people to know it’s not her after so much lying in court and defamation:


Check out her blog and her postings, she has been thru the ringer with a lying Ex, a CR that never talks to mom and always takes dad’s side of things and a judge that never lets her speak in court (until she got an attorney to speak for her).

It’s all a mess and she still hasn’t seen her son for 2 years now!

Let’s bring back justice to Family Court.  The judges must listen to the Truth and help bring it out for all to see.

8 thoughts on “Lisa Nadig still cannot see her son after 2 years!

  1. Good Evening,
    I am Lisa’s adult son, and I have this to say:
    My mother is a manipulator who cannot be trusted. There was no fit (on my part) I did not assault her. There were no doctored photographs.

    As far as I know, none of you bandwagon types (flying monkeys) care about what I have to say. You only care about hearsay that confirms your biases and supports your agenda. If you really care about fact checking I will be happy to share with you to the best of my ability, soon. For now I say it’s comfortable to believe a poor american woman is being abused by a mentally disturbed son, a corrupt court system, and an evil middle eastern man! Who better to sell that lie to???? I will be back. I am so sick of this shit following me like a cloud. I want to be free to be my own person.

    • Lisa is a good kind woman who loves her son and would never do anything whatsoever to harm him. She doted on him for years. I don’t believe you are Lisa’s son and you are more likely her ex. Call me if you want to prove this is your post 773 255 7608. She has published all the pleadings (or will if you approve) that show she is a good mother and the court screwed her over. There’s a lot you don’t know. Go pull and read the file in your parent’s divorce case before you comment. These files are public. Good luck. I wish you all the best. But please go see your mom at least once per month for lunch or dinner. She misses you and loves you.

  2. 1.”(neither were witnesses)”
    You weren’t a witness either.

    2. That single mental health record is cherrypicked from one doctor she visited completely independently, and independently of court recommended professionals, I might add. It’s hardly her whole record and it’s easy to malinger or otherwise distort facts that way. There are other, less flattering diagnoses she received.

    3.Lisa claims the cuts were from a dog, and you claim they were no big deal. I say they were from the nails she drove into my flesh. Also, since you’re so nifty with court records i’m sure you could easily find that I was acquitted and that the testimony of oak park police officers have contradicted quite a few of her assertions.Also, the imaging technicians found no evidence of injury on her person. It’s really not hard to get someone arrested. Arrest is a sign of suspicion, and not neccessarily guilt.

    4.Let’s hope for another 30 years of no visitation (outside objective supervision and/or therapy)

    5. You talk about defamation, yet you two were the only ones sharing any of this information. Hell, I would’ve moved on if not for this mess. You, I believe are doing the right thing for all the wrong reasons. At the end of the day, I have to explain this nonsense to potential employers or acquaintances. Is this a victory for you? How does this help foster a normal life removed from instability? Maybe it would be justified if everything were true. I still maintain the most dangerous lies are half-truths.

    I am working on a blog with comprehensive records. Expected launch date is december 2020.

    • you’ve got to be in massive denial. first of all there is no “visitation” for adults. you should see your mom. you are an adult now. not only that, you should be taking care of her. you are 18 now. I don’t know where any of this is coming from, I suspect you are actually the father and you clearly have a lot of problems. If you are the son, you are 18 and you should be be seeing your mom and caring for her. She is the parent and you are an adult child. The police records speak for themselves, they were subpoeaned directly from the police. Where are your pictures? We note those doctored pictures disappeared from the court records and were never filed with the court. Most likely because they were lies to begin with. If you, the father, had something to say, you should have filed it with the court.

  3. 1.”Go pull and read the file in your parent’s divorce case”

    Sweetheart, I lived it. That’s not to say I haven’t already done that either. I’ve seen more records than you, because i’m not some 3rd party.

    2.”These files are public.”
    Some certainly are…

    • again, you are in denial. ALL court records are public. you have something to say, send a file stamped court record. Lisa was evaluated by professionals and it was determined she suffered from PTSD from an abusive relationship where she was beaten, humiliated and degraded for years. That’s what those records show. The records also show she spent quite a bit of time at DV shelters for abused women and children. I suspect this is Father and your employers should know exactly who you are and they should pull the court records themselves. Pretty soon it will all be online anyway and your gig will be up. Get your behavior under control. It is possible for psychopaths to conform to social norms for the most part, but they will likely always be dangerous individuals at a certain level. You have my prayers and sympathy for a difficult life because when you can beat someone and not have empathy, you are headed for a life of trouble.

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