Lisa Nadig still cannot see her son after 2 years!

Source: To Whom It May Concern

Check out Lisa Nadig’s thoughts about judicial abuse of power and her case and how she could not see her son for 2 years because of two tiny  1/2″ scratches on her boy’s face no one would barely notice, but at the time, the son was having a fit because at 3 am she told him to get to bed and shut off the laptop.

She was being a good mom.

What did the Ex do?  He doctored up some gaping wound photos and went to court the next day to ambush her and got an “independent lawyer” (neither were witnesses) to say the son had his face gouged out with gaping wounds.

The police photos show otherwise–two tiny 1/2″ surface scratches.

Ex and CR keep on saying mom’s crazy, so even though she isn’t one to publish her medical records, here they are because she wants people to know it’s not her after so much lying in court and defamation:


Check out her blog and her postings, she has been thru the ringer with a lying Ex, a CR that never talks to mom and always takes dad’s side of things and a judge that never lets her speak in court (until she got an attorney to speak for her).

It’s all a mess and she still hasn’t seen her son for 2 years now!

Let’s bring back justice to Family Court.  The judges must listen to the Truth and help bring it out for all to see.


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