From Ken Ditkowsky–new Complaint to ARDC

Fax No. 312-565-2320    From:
Kenneth K Ditkowsky
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Niles, Illinois 60714
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Now–suspended for 4 years in Illinois for asking for a complete, honest and thorough investigation of abusive guardianship
cases in Cook County Illinois

January 10, 2016

Date:   January 10, 2016
From:   Kenneth Ditkowsky
To:    Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission
Subject:    Violation of Rule 8.3 by Jerome Larkin and the staff of the IARDC & other co-conspirators

The four Government Accounting Office Reports to Congress, citizen complaints to the IARDC, and the Court file in case 09 P 4585  In re: Mary Sykes reveals that here in Illinois certain corrupt judges, corrupt attorneys, and corrupt judicial officials have systematically been elder cleansing disabled people and senior citizens.      For instance, in the Alice Gore case, Ms. Cooper, the daughter of Ms. Gore complained that Attorney Miriam Solo engaged in a course of conduct that deprived her mother of her mother’s liberty, property and even the gold filings in her mother’s teeth.    In the Mary Sykes case it was noted that Gloria Sykes complained that Adam Stern, Judge Miriam Connors, Judge *** Stuart, Cynthia Farenga and a gang of miscreants acted in 18 USCA 371 concert to deprive both her and her mother of their liberty and property.     In the Carol Wyman[1] case, her son complained that his very competent mother was literally hauled off the street so deprive her of her marital property interests of her marriage.     This tactic was much more efficacious than the usual divorce proceeding!

Rule 8.3 and the Himmel  case make it very clear that the conduct of the corrupt attorneys, corrupt judges, and corrupt judicial officials is wrongful and a lawyer who does not participate in the reporting and prosecution of such criminal acts can and should be disbarred.
The Larkin administration of the IARDC and the horde of attorneys at the IARDC have openly and notoriously acted in violation of Rule, and statute 18 USCA 4, 18 USCA 242, 18 USCA 371, 18 USCA 1341**** acted to ‘cover up’ and intimidate citizens and attorneys from complying the Rule and the law.    In so acting the Larkin administration of the IARDC has openly and notoriously violated the Civil Rights of the attorneys that it has sought to intimidate in violation of 18 USCA 241 and 18 USCA 242.     The Larkin administration and those corrupt individuals that it has formed an illegal alliance with have openly and notoriously violated the Americans with Disabilities Act as they have intentionally and wrongfully hindered and prevented disabled citizens of the United States of America from enjoying the fruits of American society.
In the course of the nefarious and wrongful conduct, it is believed and therefore alleged upon reliable information of belief, that the Larkin administration has aided and abetted Federal and State tax evasion and pursuant to its 18 USCA 371 conspiracy itself become liable for very substantial Federal and State Income tax, interest and penalties.    The non-payment to Federal and State Income taxes is a disciplinary offense.
In support of these charges, it should be noted:
1)   That the Mary Sykes case 09 P 4585 reveals the following:

a.     Mary Sykes, according to the file, and communications with the Sheriff of Cook County, Illinois,  Mary Sykes was not served with summons and in particularly was not served with the summons required by 755 ILCS 5/11a – 10.[2]     Such is jurisdictional

b.   The 14 days prior notification of a hearing was never provided the family members of Mary Sykes as required by 755 ILCS 5/11a – 10      (The sans evidence finding by an IARDC panel that the family had knowledge of a hearing required by statute was bogus and fraudulent as the notice had to be prior and in fact there was no hearing – such fabrication by lawyers is a disbarrable offense and is part of this complaint) – this is jurisdictional

c.    There was no hearing as to Mary Sykes’ competency.     Gloria Sykes and others have presented the IARDC with an e-mail from attorney Adam Stern pointing out that in lieu of a hearing he, the attorney for the petitioner, and Cynthia Farenga got together and determined that Mary Sykes was incompetent and Judge Connors rubber stamped an order appointing a plenary guardian.     This is jurisdictional

d.   The Gloria Sykes affidavit filed with the IARDC points out that a safety deposit box that was owned in part by Mary Sykes was drilled and approximately 1 million dollars in gold coins was removed therefrom and not a dime inventoried.    The guardian to this day has not denied the Gloria Sykes affidavit.     However, the two guardian ad litem who admit to no personal knowledge as to the contents of the safety deposit box have denied the averment.        These guardian ad litem also participated in certain other and different and what I deem to be criminal conduct perpetrated against the Estate of Mary Sykes and the person and property of Gloria Sykes.    (Judge Stuart – according to court watchers admitted in sworn testimony during the JoAnne Denison hearing – to chaining her and threatening her and her service animal with bodily harm so as the obtain information as to where Gloria had deposited her personal funds).[3]

e.    Other and different offenses previously submitted by family and friends of Mary Sykes and the undersigned and now incorporated by reference and made part hereof as if set forth in detail.

As the offenses committed by the miscreant and perfidious lawyers and judges have been detailed in prior e-mails and communications to the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission the prior e-mails and communications from the undersigned, Attorney JoAnne Denision, and the families of the elder cleansing victims are therefore incorporated by reference and made part hereof as if set forth in detail.     However, it  appears that one aspect of the alleged criminal conduct of Mr. Larkin, Ms. Black the staff of the IARDC, Judge Connors, Judge Stuart, Ms. Farenga, Mr. Stern, Mr. Schmiedel, Ms. Solo ***** that has not been addressed is the breach of the oath each lawyer took. [4]
Every lawyer upon being sworn in by the Supreme Court of Illinois into the practice of law is required to take an oath to defend the Constitution of the State of Illinois and the United States of America.    This oath is not a formality – it is serious business.
Pursuant to Rule 8.3 it should be noted that in an effort to subvert the oath and the effect thereof as to the cover-up of the elder cleansing scandal (and overt violations of the Americans With Disabilities Act) Rule 8.2 et al are being used to attempt to intimidate and silence attorney compliance with their oath and in particular their obligations of citizenship.     The most obnoxious and odorous incident is found in the JoAnne Denison kangaroo disciplinary proceedings, to wit:    the Larkin conspirators actually claimed that the MaryGSykes blog exposing pursuant to 18 USCA 4 and Rule 8.3 the criminal conspiracy of judicial and lawyer corruption was deemed as akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater.
This document and letter of complaint is a formal ethics complaint seeking an HONEST investigation and the appropriate legal sanction to be imposed against any judicial official, judge, or lawyer who attorned to otherwise participated in any disciplinary action that might have been had or sought in relation to the exercise of Free Speech by Attorney JoAnne Denison.

Basis of supplemental Complaint against the Larkin 18 USCA 242 and 18 USCA 371 conspirators based upon violation of oath as an attorney:

The JoAnne Denison disciplinary proceeding characterized by the Larkin Conspirators as being equitable to crying fire in a crowded theater is particularly serious as every lawyer recognizes that as an American citizen he is bound by the Rule of Law.      This Rule of Law is not a suggestion but the living and breathing manifestation of the core values of America.     A citizen whether a lawyer or a judge has an absolute duty to comply with this law whether or not he/she agrees with it[5].
In recent years SCOTUS has entered rulings making it very clear that Americans enjoy the full spectrum of First Amendment Rights and Privileges and in particular that content related speech cannot be regulated by government or the judiciary directly or indirectly.   United States v Alvarez, 132 US. Ct 537, Brown v Entm’t Merchants Asss’n 13 S. Ct 2729, Ashcroft v ACLU 124 Sc.D.  2783, Snyder v. Phelps 131 S. Ct 1207, Citizens United V FEC 13) S. Ct 876, McCutcheon v FEC 2014 WL 1301866.       It is respectfully submitted that the aforesaid cases and their holdings are the LAW OF THE LAND and the RULE OF LAW.     This SCOTUS determined in Direct TV Inc vs. Imburgia   ___ S Ct _____, decided December 14, 2015 case 14 – 465 that certain State Courts ignore the Rule of Law as determined by this Court.    In the Direct TV case SCOTUS noted that its decisions are not advisory or suggestions, but are intended to be the Rule of Law and binding of the States of the Union.
As lawyers, the Larkin conspirators, are using public funds for a parochial purpose that is clearly illegal – i.e. the cover=up of elder cleansing and clear violations of the law by the guardian ad litem in the Gore case, the two guardian ad litem in the Sykes, the attorneys involved in these cases, and staff members of the IARDC and certain members of the judiciary.      The attempt to silence Ms. Denison, Mr. Amu, myself and others is not only a violation of the First, fifth, and 14th Amendments, but a clear violation of the oath as an attorney by the Larkin conspirators and not only must be the subject of an independent and Honest investigation but the subject of appropriate punishment of the ethically challenged corrupt attorneys employed at public expense.       Such conduct is intolerable and unacceptable.
It should be noted that the practice of the Larkin conspirators in intentionally misrepresenting ruling of the SCOTUS in briefs, decisions, and other documents is not only infamous, but a breach of the oath of an attorney.    For instance, in documents in the Denison case the Larkin conspirators claim the authority of the Alvaraz case well knowing that the very grounds that the IARDC cited the case for were rejected by the majority opinion.     Such practices are reprehensible and contemptuous.       The fact that the Illinois Supreme Court justices did not admonish the Larkin IARDC conspirators for the outrage and the legal profession is silent is intolerable and wrong.    It is no wonder that so little respect is demonstrated for the 2nd oldest profession[6].

Respectfully Submitted,

Kenneth K. Ditkowsky

[1] Ms Wyman, who a judge adjudicated as incompetent after she escaped the State of Illinois guardianship elder cleansing mill,  had a career wherein she was able to accomplish exactly the acts that the Court in its kangaroo proceedings determined that she was incapable of performing.    The elder cleansing is openly and notoriously being promulgated by corrupt judges, corrupt lawyers, and corrupt public officials in defiance of law.   The requirement of clear and convincing evidence has been subverted to mean – if you have the clout, no other evidence is necessary.    In Larkin promulgated disciplinary proceedings his clairvoyance is sufficient to meet the standard of clear and convincing and the Rule of law is what he says it is!      Unfortunately, Larkin’s administration is widely copied in many states such as Florida, Arizona, California, Ohio, *****.      For this reason this complaint is filed with the Department of Justice and Federal Law Enforcement.    Copies are also forwarded to news media outlets so that when the RULE OF LAW is re-established here in America for all citizens Larkin and his co-conspirators will not be able to claim surprise!      The Florida Bar as an example will no longer be able to hide behind ‘name calling’ such as:  “Jeffery Norkin is ****”
[2] It appears that the Clerk of the Circuit Court did not have printed a summons that was required by 755 ILCS 5/11a – 10.      This fact does not bother the Larkin conspirators or the Court.     In her deposition Justice Connors pointed out that if someone had pointed out the jurisdictional problem she would have terminated the hearings and required the correction to be made – however, she would have reached the same result.     This admission is found at pages 90- 93.
[3] It should be noted that breach of a fiduciary relationship is a taxable event.    An 18 USCA 371 co-conspirator has joint and several liability for the event and therefore must report to the taxing authorities the benefit on his/her 1040 tax form.    As the fund breached is under the control of the conspirators the entire fund must be reported as income pursuant to the doctrine of ‘constructive receipt!’      Thus, each of the Larkin cadre of 371 co-conspirators owes the taxes, interest and penalties from day one.     This non-payment is a serious ethical and legal offense.  Pursuant to Rule 8.3 I am reporting this unethical and legal breach as it applies to each of corrupt lawyers, judges and judicial people including Jerome Larkin and the participants in the Ditkowsky and Denison kangaroo disciplinary proceedings.     (It should be noted – no one had a gun to the head of the participants and at all stages in the proceedings the affidavit of Gloria Sykes et al was part of the pleadings and record)
[4] A real concern is the doctoring of the record that was noted in the Denison case.    Judge Stuart on direct examination made one positive statement, and on cross totally contradicted herself and admitted to the intentional mis-statement.    Court watchers reported alleged perjury; however, the transcript of proceedings offuscaded and removed the conflict.     Other tampering has also been noted.
[5] An individual citizen under the Bill of Rights can reject a law, but, he or she might be subject to criminal penalties for such violation.    Public officials have no such discretion.     Individuals who disobey the can be and are punished in accordance with the law.   Thus, even though it might be inconvenient, a reasonable accommodation to an American who has a disability is required by government and persons holding themselves out as servicing the public.   Ergo, blind people and other disabled persons are entitled to enjoy the company of service animals.    The failure to tolerate a reasonable accommodation cannot be prevented, but a fine or other punishment can be and is usually imposed by law enforcement.
[6] This essay is intended as a formal complaint against Jerome Larkin, Judge Connors, Judge Stuart, and all the lawyers and judges who have acted in concert to cover-up this elder cleansing scandal and deny lawyers such as myself, Ms. Denison, Mr. Amu **** of our First Amendment Rights and the Rights to Free Speech pursuant to the Constitution of the State of Illinois.     Senior citizens are dying out there from the felonies of elder cleansing as corrupt lawyers, judges and political (public) officials officiate.     A communication called a ‘blog’ is identified as being the functional equivalent of yelling fire in a crowded theater when it exposes serious criminal activity committed by judges, lawyers, judicial officials and public officials AND PUNISHED BY A LONG AND UNJUSTIFIED SUSPENSION OF THE BOGGER’S LAW LICENSE.       Democracy is not a spectator sport, and unless immediate remedial action is taken our collective legacy will be the loss of America.

Ken Ditkowsky

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