UCLA study: reversal of dementia, heart disease, cancer… is possible w/o drugs


the actual study is published here:


Many people swear that exercise, diet, yoga, keeping fit, reading, playing music, etc. keeps away dementia, or may even reverse it.

Supplement can also easily alleviate:  cancer, dementia, heart disease, depression, anxiety and other mental disorders (your gut is connected right to your brain and both contain the exact same type of tissue).

Vitamins and supplements are linked with reversing and preventing dementia, such B vitamins, C vitamins (Lyphspheric or Lyposomal type) D3 (get tested first), probiotics and MSM sulfur, Iodine, etc.

However, these supplements are pennies each and there is no patent on them.  Many health food stores sell them at reasonable prices (note, the supplements found at big box stores may not be as effective as those, or they may even be slightly toxic, so either research the studies yourself, or as a good medical researcher or Natural Doctor).

In this study, patients admitted to a nursing home were able to return home and some were even able to work again.

I think this is excellent work  the teaching hospitals are conducting and I encourage them to continue these studies.

I personally believe that no person should be admitted to a nursing home without first exploring and testing for basic nutrients.  So often MD’s gloss right over this and go for the harsh chemical drugs of Mega pharma because the doctors often get benefits* from expensive, patented medications. In some countries, medications cannot be patented so that advances in medicine are always available to everyone at reasonable prices.

Nursing homes really should be required to test for vitamin D and C levels prior to admission, and unless there is some reason not to, patients should get regular supplements of vitamins B, C, D3, probiotics and sulfur.  Patients should be offered yoga, meditation and other activities to improve mental and physical functioning.  The food provided should be low carb, with green juicing available and fresh vegetables, both raw and lightly cooked.

But then that would have the propensity to empty the nursing homes after a while, right?

  • note, while doctors are not allowed to take direct kickbacks, they will often vacations, business trips, fancy dinners, etc., as long as they are giving or sitting in at lectures on drugs and health.

Recommended amounts to reverse cancer, dementia, heart disease and viral disease and bacteria disease;

Vit C.  take 2 to 3 gr per day for optimal health.  Be sure to take lyposomal vit. C (mercola.com) or LivonLabs.com Lypo Spheric vit c because these are coated with lecithin.  Vit C is easily destroyed in the gut within minutes which means conventional vitamin C is worthless.  LivonLabs.com has the sina quo non of vitamin C which is lypospheric.

Vit C is well known to cure cancer, dementia, heart disease.  Get the book, The Real Story about Vitamin C from Amazon.com. http://www.amazon.com/Vitamin-Remarkable-Controversial-Healing-Factor/dp/159120223X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1453662176&sr=8-1&keywords=the+real+story+about+vitamin+c

Vit B or fish oil  Take 2 to 4 gr per day until you have good blood pressure.  Krill oil is even better because it is made from krill or the tiny shrimp whales live off of.  Many report to me they have plenty of energy naturally, feel great and need less sleep.  If you have the money, go for the krill.

Vit D3, like C and sulfur is essential to every cell in your body.  Get tested (Mercola has a test online for $60) or your doctor can do it under insurance. Insist on it at your next appointment.  Take 5,000 to 10,000 IU’s per day until blood levels reach 80 to 100 ngr/mL which is optimal.

probiotics.  eliminates IBS, diarrhea, constipation, all types of disease and improves brain functioning and libido.  take 20 to 120 billion units per day.  Mercola brand or Flora jen.

Sulfur.  Necessary for healing and joints.  Any brand will do from a reputable mfgr.  Take 2 to 4 gr per day maintenance.  More if you have suffered trauma (bruises, cuts, broken bones, etc.)

Hotflashes or menstrual problems:  Take iodine supplements until better.  Reproductive tissues and the brain need a lot of Iodine/Iodide. http://www.1-thyroid.com/  Dr. Andrew Jones, MD, Austin, Texas



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