Feds to step in and investigate McDonald Matter


Remember, in Chicago, corruption and passing cash and suppressing evidence is all fun and games–until someone dies.


While the article tells the sordid tale of the city covering up the video of a teen boy being gunned down with 16 bullets (he apparently had a small knife on him), it appears that it is most likely that quite a few scape goats will find themselves on the outs and even in prison.

With complete disgust and utter shame, city attorneys were actually PAID to suppress  the crucial video for 14 months.  The family was paid by the city $5 million to shut up even before suit was filed.

We know that the Mayor was in on this, why he still goes to work and not South America or the Caribbean is anyone’s guess.

We further know a cadre of city attorneys were in on the felonies (obstruction of justice 18 USC sec 4, misprison of felony or failure to report and turn over the video to the feds).  My hunch is likely complaints were filed with the ARDC, and the ARDC did nothing.  Again, this is 18 USC sec 4 violation for misprison of felony.

How long will the public allow city employees to be paid to perform cover up operations as part of their jobs?

The “honest services” provision of 5 USC sec 2635 does not allow for that.  and the Illinois Ethics Act of 2009 does not allow for that.

Illinois and Chicago are repeatedly in the top 5 of all newspaper and University studies as most corrupt in the nation.  Year after year, decade after decade.

And it’s all fun and games, until someone dies.  In this case, a 17 year old teen boy took 16 bullets and was clearly dead or near dead after the first one.  The video was covered up.  Attorneys were paid to do this with tax dollars.  In the Gov. Ryan case, Mr Ryan looked the other way as Commercial Drivers Licenses from the Illinois DMV were traded for $200 or more in cash. That was fun too, until 5 children died in the back of a van because some part broke off a truck, lodged under the mini van and it caught fire because the truck driver bought his CDL from the Illinois DMV.

You don’t see Jerome Larkin and James Grogin announcing on the ARDC website they are committed to disbarring unethical attorneys using public funds to perform cover up operations for politicians, even though it is strictly prohibited by law.

When my First Amendment rights were violated by attempts by the ARDC to suppress this blog, there was no public outcry.  The ARDC’s position is that media, including this blog, cannot report instances of corruption in the court because that would make the judges cry. This blog finds and reports corruption right away.  We publish what we find, good or bad.  Ken Ditkowsky has written thousands of letters and emails of protest to the authorities because seniors are dying by the hundreds each year of forced druggings, their human and civil rights stripped from them by a miscreant court of law.  Where is the outcry?  Mr. Lane Amu first made public his knowledge that Judge Egan was fixing cases and ruling against his clients in favor of opposing counsel who was a close relative of the Judge.  Crain’s Chicago Business later would come to announce that fact to the public officially by mega media after their investigation.  Corporations where the judge sat on the board but litigants appeared before her and she ruled in favor of the corporations booted her off the board and publicly apologized, but Judge Lynn Egan still wear a black robe.

Recently, Dorothy Brown was caught red handed taking envelopes of cash for promotions. She only promoted the “right kind” of city worker–one who brought cash and could be counted on to keep their mouths firmly shut.  It’s not too late for Ms. Brown, she can probably get a package deal with RM, that is unless the feds have already pulled passports.

If those who are outraged by the McDonald coverup want to be sure to get get everyone in the city who is part of the cover up, please do not forget Jerome Larkin and James Grogin over at the ARDC.  They protect attorneys that want to cover up. They suppress the First Amendment rights of attorneys to publish, expose and eradicate the attorney vermin that kill our children in the street with 16 bullets, and hundreds of drugged, fleeced senior citizens.

If the case of Mrs. Ellbogan isn’t enough, if the video I had taken of a perfectly competent, sentient Mary Sykes would have been great, if the miscreants had not ordered the Naperville police to destroy it.

Destruction or Spoilation of evidence is a most serious crime, yet in probate court and at the ARDC it is not a crime.  That crime was reported on this blog, to the ARDC, talked about at the Tribunal as if what I did was wrong, when it was like Adam Stern who had just talked to the Naperville police and the video was ordered destroyed.  Adam Stern has not been investigated for spoliation of evidence, tho numerous attorneys at the ARDC knew of this cover up in the Sykes case.

If we want Chicago to clean up its act, all of these instances of corruption, destruction and spoliation of evidence must be investigated and prosecuted.

The narcotizing of Mary Sykes to death on May 23, 2015 is no less a crime than 16 bullets in a child for simply being near a psychopathic Chicago police officer (if this doesn’t result in mass testing for psychopathy with MRI and pet brain scans, I don’t know what will).

The Feds apparently have a lot of work on their hands if they are to protect the First Amendment, boot out those city attorneys paid to suppress and destroy evidence in a court case, and stop the destruction and spoliation of evidence.

Gloria Sykes wanted that evidence.  It could have stopped a lot of senior deaths in probate.  But this was covered up, likely by Adam Stern, and for certain by the ARDC Tribunal and Review Board in my case.

Why these attorneys aren’t gone, I am not sure

PS– and while the feds are at it investigating the ARDC, a seat of corruption and coverups in Chicago, they can pull the OPG case where 6 people died and see about the complaints and what Patrick Murphy was up to that day and why the stairs were locked.  Go ask him.  I also want to know why initial reports indicated arson, an accelerant and homocide by the CFD, which was later changed weeks later to an accident and a faulty light fixture.  Right.  I also want to know why the Chicago Trib and Suntimes did not do their job by reporting that FILES burned during these fires and this was not just any storeroom but a file store room.  These families deserve closure.  6 dead bodies and families with no closure deserve much more from our public officials.


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