Elaine Ellbogan fights her guardianship


Excellent article on guardianship goes wrong, proposes that this woman did not need a guardianship and what good did it do her in the end.

The nursing home complained she left the home, she continued her habits of buying more than she could store and hoarding/cluttering there. She often left the nursing home and bought things.

In the end, she was run over by a train because she misjudged crossing when signals were down.

The reality is, the woman was competent. She did not need a guardianship.  What she needed was an assistant to be sure she was safe and to help organize, clean and declutter in her home.

What happened to her was the home was sold to pay gship fees, she was put in AL or assisted living against her will, and probably much of her stuff, upwards of 90% was trashed or given away.

The current system does not serve these people well.  Ms Ellbogan wanted independence and to shop.  No one was really there for her in the end.  No one provided an unintrusive companion to help her and keep her safe.

I believe that Lake County, and the judge and attorneys should refund the estate for the way they mistreated Ms. Ellbogan, the way they sold her home against her will, put her in a nursing home against her will and on a budget that she did not want or need. In the end, she was left destitute regardless.  Read her story and please work with state legislatures to defund the fraudulent for profit nursing homes of any government money, but instead provide inhome assistants for each senior according to his or her needs.  Much more humane.

Certain European cities even have made entire safe neighborhoods for seniors where they can shop, their homes are cleaned and meals are delivered and the seniors are free to do as they please and get outdoors.

Why don’t we have that in the US?  For sure in Chicago we have plenty of ghost warehouse neighborhoods, blighted neighborhoods, etc.

I also support micro homes for the homeless.  Many people are simply too poor to have a real apartment or home today.  The minimum wage has not kept up.   Mega Corp CEOs take outrageous wages of hundreds of millions per year, but pay so little the government has to provide their workers health care and churches have to provide clothes and food, and the govt provides WIC or food stamps to them.

Let’s just admit that a certain portion of the population is basically now in an open workhouse simply due to corporate greed and too high executive salaries.

Other states have passed “benefit corporations” that are allowed to take into consideration in decision making the welfare of the workers, society, the environment, pollution, climate change, etc. without fearing a shareholder’s derivative lawsuit.  Illinois needs “benefit corporations”–a hybird between an NFP and a for profit nursing home.

For profit nursing homes need to be shut until they can get their act under control.  Depriving grandma and grandpa of companionship, good care, good food and good accommodations because a CEO wants to put a few more million notch on his money charts is not the way to go.  It only breed corruption and greed.

Ms. Ellbogan should have stayed in her own home.  A financial “helper” should have stopped by once per week to manage a budget and help her pay bills.  A companion should have helped her stay safe in her own home.

What happened to Ms. Ellgogan was that she was out of control, fought the system, no one managed anything, and in the end, she was not safe and we have only the lawyers, judges and court system to blame.  They wanted the job, then they should do a good job, and that does not include fleecing an estate.


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