Illinois and Chicago–the land of the no show or zombie job

The Walking Dead, a zombie show has an awful lot of corollaries with Chicago and Illinois and it’s plethora of no show jobs.

Take a look at a case in New York from Ken Ditkowsky:

Subject: this is SOP in Illinois – however, according to the Jerome Larkin – reporting by JoAnn Denison’s blog – such activity is AKIN TO YELLING FIRE IN A CROWDED THEATER.
Date: Dec 5, 2015 7:38 AM
How does a ‘low life’ employed by government (or the public) get away with these frauds?    Why does prosecution take so long?    Are the Federal and State Income taxes being collect?
Our democracy is under attack!    There is little distinction between the Jerome Larkin 18 USCA 242 and 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators and the ISIS terrorists.    The Larkin group kill hundreds (if not thousands) of senior citizens (elder cleansings) over a finite period of time, while ISIS groups kill a score or two in isolated attacks.    The distinction – we pay Larkin and his band of criminals high five and six figure salaries, while ISIS terrorist pay their own way.   In addition we look the other way when the Larkin group rob their victims.
Of course = the corrupt judicial officials have our sympathy and our ear when they suggest that reporting their criminal activities is AKIN TO YELLING FIRE IN A CROWDED THEATER.
(I did not make that statement up  – Larkin actually said that in documents filed of record in the JoAnne Denison disciplinary proceeding) 
Ken Ditkowsky

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