Mother Jailed for not paying a GAL!

I guess this is just as about as corrupt and out of control as it gets.

Judge have plenty of options rather than jailing a mother or any civil litigant.  Themother said she had no money.  In the Montoya Lane case–$50,000 in GAL fees in 6 months and the litigants said the GAL caused more problems than the GAL solved.  In this case, 4 months and $16,000.  Mother Gilmore was to pay $3,300 only but she had no money.

The judge could have seized her car, she could have seized her bank account. The judge probably didn’t have the right to garnish wages or child support or maintenance, but she did have other options.

I know many of you out there have problems with massive fees churned by court appointed attorneys (and this includes attorneys for the Guardian which is an indirect appointment because the court chooses the Guardian and the Guardian generally has to have an attorney for a funded estate and generally the Guardian gets an attorney that is liked and known by the judge.)

In guardianship these court appointed attorneys hardly see or care about the ward at all, they generally bill massive amounts of fees.

(Sykes–$200,000 and the attorneys only saw the ward a total of about an hour or so over 5 years).  No one cared at all about her wishes).

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