From Ken Ditkowsky–how can honest citizens standby and let corruption occur in Chicago unfettered?

And Ken, you may note for the record, the mega media does nothing or very little to promote truth and justice.  We just had Veterans Day, a day to celebrate peace and love and stop all the war, hate and violence, and yet there was no commotion over corruption.

We have to stand up and make a difference.  Blogs and FB have to speak out.  My FB grows every day with more and more instances of political corruption because I am garnering on my own the activists out there that want to save the world, make it a better place.

I call upon Jerome Larkin, head and Administrator of the ARDC, his side counsel James Grogin, Sharon Opryszek, Melissa Smart and Leah Black Guiterriez. The conduct of Steven Splitt, supposedly an ethics professor at John Marshall was particularly shameful.  All of these attorneys know or should know the law.  Ms. Smart started out my ARDC trial lying about the law was the “blog was like crying fire in a crowded theatre” which was not only not the law, but just dicta from the turn of the century.  The standard now is that the speech must incite immediate lawlessness.  This blog does none of that, her conduct and the other attorneys that did not speak up and shut her up that were present was shameful conduct.  The ARDC should be filing a motion to withdraw my suspension and investigate why Melissa Smart blatantly lied about the law to a Tribunal to silence this blog–a blog which is doing great good in the justice system.

The Sawyer case made it clear the US Supreme Court said that an attorney can criticize a judge, a court and a decision.

The Virginia Bar case of Hunter Hogan made it clear that a lawyer can run a blog without interference from the bar association.

The recent case of Rosemont v. Weil makes it clear that a professional organization cannot regulate speech in the news, the media and on blogs.  It’s simply unconstitutional.

I am still waiting for my apology from the ARDC and my lost income.  Today every day I write and study for the blog.  I write books and help out court corruption victims.  I am busier than ever.  But it’s good work (not paying) and highly worthwhile.

I want to know who among the attorneys mentioned above would ever do this?  How do they walk by someone in need and do nothing?

Oh, I know, they need to take the psychopath/narcissist/sociopath test and then go find a job where society will be safe from PNS people.



Mr. Bernstein,
This battle will not be won by an individual appearing on the scene and changing the world, nor will it be won by ‘crying the sky is falling.’    The “woe is me” approach claiming that the entire legal system is corrupt and has to be replaced or worse also will not work and leads to frustration.
Thanks for criminals like Mr. Jerome Larkin who are using their public positions to aid and abet the criminal exploitation, abuse et al of the elderly and the disabled (elder cleansing) we all have an opening to make a difference.
Larkin (IARDC) assault on the First Amendment in the JoAnne Denison case is so obscene that no citizen can stay silent.    The fact that he has so far gotten away with it makes him not only one of most infamous and unethical public figures, but a cancer who must be not only barred from any future public office, but a person who must be prosecuted.   I would like to call upon you to do the following:
1) conduct your own Honest investigation of the Sykes case (09 P 4585) it is detailed on the Blog MaryGSykes
2) conduct your own Honest investigation of the Gore case – it is detailed on the blog Probate Sharks.
3) Go the the IARDC site and read the info on JoAnne Denison.   Also read the information written by Attorney Denison.
After you have satisfied yourself of the criminal activities that went on in the prosecution of these three cases and you have satisfied yourself that authoring a blog disclosing the perfidy and criminal felonies openly and notoriously disclosed in the three proceedings pursuant to 47 UsCA 230, the First Amendment et al is a protected activity and no akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater, join in the fight to protect the FIRST AMENDMENT and the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment.
Only by defending and protecting the American Constitution and in particular the Bill of Rights from public officials and criminals such as the elder cleansers will lwe provide our children with an inheritance that we can be proud and which resembles that which we ourselves inherited.
We have to shoot rifle bullets – not shotgun shells!   The travesty that Ms. Denison has had to endure is a threat to the very fabric of America.   The fact that the Illinois Supreme Court attorned makes this assault on the “Bill of Rights” by Larkin a National Socialist highlight!

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