Can the public make a difference? Can 50 FB members get rid of 20 local police in a local raid?

Apparently yes.  The Canadian government was all set to raid a local, organic raw milk cooperative (milk was not pasteurized until well into the 20th century when mega agra insisted dairy farms pasteurize milk. The reality is, whole raw milk is a health food considered so valuable it is still dispensed in vending machines 24/7 in
Europe).  But mega corps have to make mega profits, so they don’t give consumers a choice to purchase raw milk for its health food benefits, and many consumers are unhappy about that.  Raw milk, like human breast milk is a living breathing substance with anti bodies in it and has the ability to still captue and eliminate bad bacteria because it is living.  Once it is pasteurized, it loses those abilities and bad bacteria quickly grows if left at room temperature.  Pasturizing equipment makes milk much more expensive.  Fortunately, human breast milk, if pasteurized,will eventually kill your baby, otherwise mega corps would likely force that on mothers too.

Citizens everywhere are tired of mega farms and mega agra picking on the local small farmer everywhere and raids have  increased with lawlessness gone amuk.

Jerome Larkin and James Grogin are but one example at the ARDC.  Dozens of valid citizen complains are tossed away like so much garbage.  Lyle Harrison and his family have had vast amount of farmland taken from them, and yet the ARDC does nothing.  The IRS investigates and liens Hardware State Bank and US Bank $21 million, still Lyle goes to the ARDC and they send him a paralegal and Jerome Larkin and James Grogin refuse to meet.

Lyle Harrison shows proof that Bob Elder was given nearly $200,000 to pay inheritance taxes, but the county treasurer’s records only show $3,000 paid.  Lyle wants compensation from the Client Protection Fund for attorney theft of client assets.  For some reason, that’s a complicated process and they dismiss his claim.

While Canadian official pick on small farmers and are beaten off with a handful of farm coop members that show up after a FB post, we in Chicago struggle with an ARDC that takes away mine and Ken’s law license for publishing the Truth about the Mary Sykes 09 P 4585 case and her MURDER, and they still refuse to investigate.  The FBI does not investigate, nor do the states attorneys we pay the big bucks–Lisa (Murray)  Madigan, Anita Alvarez and Diane Saltoun.  Obviously these women were put in place for a reason and “don’t do” corruption, leaving this area as one of the most corrupt in the nation.

But you my reader, and I can change all that.  We don’t need any more Mary Sykes cases, or Robert Jaycocx, Dorothy Baker (murdered in probate), Alice Gore (same), Lydia Tyler (same), Rose Drabik (same) when the money runs out.

We can and should change all of this.  Ask Jerome Larkin and James Grogin what happened to Patrick Murphy after the fire that killed 6 people at the OPG. What happened.  What did they cover up?  What information do they owe the families of these victims?

Ask JL and JG why Diane Nash is summarily booted from my hearing.  Is it because she’s from African ancestry, was a famous civil rights worker, featured in the movie Selma,  and she has been honored by Ophra Winfrey who might lambast them for what they do to honest and ethical attorneys?

Why did Judge Aicha MacCarthy have to leave her courtroom screaming because a service dog barked and wanted to jail a probate victim, Gloria Sykes, who already suffers from Litigation Abuse Syndrome (similar to PTSD), after Gloria has just been crying in the hallway, the series of abuse and horrors too much for her.  Not for Aicha, who has a great video here

she says she is compassionate and just, but I don’t see that ever happened in the 09 P 4585 case.  JMHO

If she were, she would have asked the GAL’s why Mary hadn’t seen Gloria but a handful of times in 5 years. She would have asked them why Mary could not go home with Gloria.  When I and 3 other close friends went to see Mary in June of 2014, she was walking and talking just fine at age 94.  There was nothing wrong with her. She wanted her beloved Gloria to come and get her out of the nursing home–a place where she never wanted to be and they “could start over again”.  That would never happen. The 40 minute video was destroyed after a Naperville Police Officer talked with GAL Stern who clearly had a need for it to be destroyed.

So why does JL block all discovery in the Mary Sykes case?  Why did he block it in my ARDC trial. Why does he not allow it now?  Mary is dead, clearly narcotized to death and still he has no compassion for her or the familiy members that cared for her and not just for her Money.

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