From Janet Phelan–please submit your information on courtroom abuse that amounts to torture of the elderly with no relief

Janet C. Phelan
October 31 at 3:54pm
I need your affidavits for the Convention Against Torture right away!

This is what you need to include:

Names of perpetrators, especially public officials (like judges….)
Name of victim(s)
Court case number and court location
A description of what happened to loved one which constitutes torture.

The United States does not generally sign or ratify human rights treaties. The US has both signed and ratified the CAT. We can wait til —-forever? —for a judge to “do the right thing” in our cases or we can move this on into an international venue where the US has diminished power and control. PLEASE GET YOUR AFFIDAVITS OVER TO ME ASAP!!

From Joanne:

I would be pleased to help anyone with an affidavit or declaration on cruel, inhuman, degrading treatment at the hands of a judge and/or their minions and puppets–court appointed attorneys.  For example in a very corrupt case, Atty David Eberspacher from Illinois gave a speech on how the Harrison 9 children who filed counterclaims for property stolen from them should all be jailed — forever — or until they withdraw all counterclaims for this property–a clear violation of their human and civil rights.  Subsequently, Lyle, Pastor Roger and Andrew Harrison were in fact prisioned, for 7 months, 2 weeks and 2 months, respectively each.  Lyle complained to me that he was only receiving about 800 to 1000 calories per day and the prisoners were starving.  I filed a motion with the 4th Dist App. court asking for an inquiry and audit of meals and demanding 2500 to 3000 calories per day for each man.  Within days, the meals changed.

We must return the Rule of Law to the US. If we have to write, beg, moan and cajole to have our courts return to civilized society after a huge departure into corruption and far from the assertations of the US and Illinois constitutions, then we have to all participate and spend time every day writing letters to the Illinois Supreme Court, the ARDC, the state attorneys–Madigan (not her real name, see blog), Alvarez and Saltoun and the FBI and demand indictments, charges and grand juries once again.

Democracy is precious item that one has to be vigilant to protect.  Let’s each do it every day and remove Illinois, Cook County and Chicago from repeatedly being named in the top two or three of most corrupt jurisdictions in the US.

JoAnne Denison

Justice4Every1, NFP

UN Convention Against Torture
Considering that, in accordance with the principles proclaimed in the Charter of the United Nations,…

7 thoughts on “From Janet Phelan–please submit your information on courtroom abuse that amounts to torture of the elderly with no relief

  1. Hello Mary, I went to the bank to notarize the affidavit, but the bank were closed today being veterans day. I am sending the affidavit unsigned. But I will resend it to you tomorrow signed. Thank you for your time and efforts Mary. GarrP.S.Why do cows have bells?Because their horns don’t work.

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