From Sarasota Florida — News Channel 7 reports on cases of Probate Abuse

thanks to Dr. Sam Sugar on the (Americans Against Abusive Probate Guardianship) website

On this page you will find no less than 10 mega media reports from around the country decrying the treatment of the elderly in abusive guardianships.

5 minute video is excellent on the case of Mrs. London, an 87 year old woman–says the Newsreporter–the system is in “Desperate need of change”

Julie London’s 87 year old mother is caught in a abusive guardianship after one thieving  daughter started to charge a credit card without her permission.

Contacting Lutheran Services resulted in a guardianship where she was stripped of all rights, the mother and daughter Julie (the good daughter reporting the abuse) were not served.  LS was granted complete access to all mom’s bank accounts and home.  LS services admits that guardianship was a course of last resort.  LS services not cheap–$85 per hour for Julie to make any type of phone call to them.

Julie went to State Stenator Nancy Dieter.  Dieter noted about a 800% increase in fraud.  In Florida, gship is 24 hrs notice!  She asked for an office to regulate both private and professional guardians.

Julie is still fighting for the life of her mother.  Julie just wants to keep her mother happy.

Please pray for them

3 thoughts on “From Sarasota Florida — News Channel 7 reports on cases of Probate Abuse

    • Dear Frania;

      I am working on this night and day. I think there might be some break thrus because the mega media is no longer dismissing us.
      I pray for the court room injustice victims every day.

      thanks for your support

  1. Pray for Julie to have strength . Her love for her mother is boundless . She is a hero . I pray also for something good to happen . A miracle …..strength to get my innocent , courageous mother out of guardianship hell . it is truly unbelievable that this goes on ….. The Devils greatest trick was making us think he does not exist . That’s why this has gone on . No one would believe such a thing exists . In regular daily civilized society . Cries for help and no one comes . Unbelievable

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