Lisa Nadig radio shows–Corruption in Family Court of Cook County

A summary of Lisa’s case:

Lisa was married to Reza for over one decade and the marriage produced one child, A.M. who is now over 16 years old.  Lisa is a professional singer who has sung with many Opera companies and the CSO.  She has a Master’s in Music from DePaul University.

Sometime after she married R.M. and was pregnant with her only son, R.M. became extremely abusive and violent and embarked on a string of affairs, spending little time with his child.  Lisa filed for divorce and in the initial petition, her ex wanted nothing to do with A.M., however he had been poisoning the child for years with a string of abusive comments regarding the mother, including the age old “your mother is crazy”.

Sometime into the divorce, Reza started up with the “mom is crazy”, the family goes into therapy and Parental Alienation raises it’s ugly head with the constant stream of false accusations from Reza.  Professionals hired by the court only make it worse and stir up the litigation, making it a win win for the attorneys and the Child Rep, Natalie Koga (if you know of other cases she has troubled, please contact Lisa directly or email me).

Lisa raised the child by herself, (who is a special needs child, being premature and in need of additional parenting), with Reza absent for long hours per day.

After a particularly difficult time of parenting A.M. which ended in a police phone call after he hit and punched his mother, the Oak Park police came to the scene and wanted to arrest the child for battery of his mother (this was over use of the computer at 3 am–a typical parent problem).  Judge Alfred Levinson ruled that 1) Mother violated a court order because she was ordered not to call the police on the child; and 2) the father produced doctored, improper evidence that Mother had scratched Child when in fact while there were three tiny 1/2 inch scars that Child never claimed came from mother.

Accordingly, Father was granted a “no contact” order against Mother when 1) Mother had a right to call police because Child had pushed her and punched her several times and refused to turn off his computer at 3 am and go to bed; 2) 3 tiny scratches that Child never came from Mother (the family has a dog) and 3) doctored photos and claims in court the “scratches” were “large gashes” by an attorney–William Kelly, who was not on the Dissolution of Marriage case and had never filed an appearance, who claimed he would “produce photos” and in fact never did.

The ex husband has mercilessly pummeled the Mother with paper after paper until he could wrest away custody.  The 604(b) was not favorable in any respect to him and professional have indicated he is a “parental alienator”.

So please listen to Lisa Nadig on the following radio shows and pray she be reunited with her son.  She is a very good mother.  And this is a reminder to all fathers 1) do not lie in court; 2) do not wrest away custody from the mother–both mother AND your child sufferes.

Joint parenting time should be the rule that both parties strive for UNLESS one parent is violently abusive or has a string of felony arrests/convictions.

Even convicted felons have more rights to see their children than a whole lot of mothers.

If you haven’t read it, read the Michael Volpe Book on Chris Mackney “Bullied to Death” over an abusive divorce case and loss of custody and his immersion into poverty from an abuse ex that controlled a court case to the detriment of the family.  That court clearly did not do its job.  What is interesting about the Chris Mackeny case is that when bullies stalk and harass on social media such as Twitter and Facebook, and someone commits suicide or tries to, there is public outrage and people want a prosecutor to convict of murder for harassment and bullying.  Hazing in school is also a crime and often treated as actionable.  But harass, lie, cheat and bully your ex in the court system, nothing is done and everyone just says “oh, well, that’s how divorce is,” when in fact no one followed the law, granted and kept joint custody and split assets 50/50.  How is that?


9 thoughts on “Lisa Nadig radio shows–Corruption in Family Court of Cook County

  1. Wow! Thanks for going on the blog talk shows.You give lots of Moms hope. Chicago area needs
    a revelation ASAP! Awesome! You’re an admiraby strong & very brave and sensitive mother. Never give up! You will pass these fine qualities on to your son. He obviously needs one good parent like you in his life.

    It’s a pitifull thing when a child and his mother have to suffer so many years in order to be the ones to finally expose Courtroom corruption.

    So Natalie Koga and her whole “new team” wiped out the investigative work of the 2 Profesionals who deemed you fit and proper to remain as the :Legal Custodian of your son.
    Yes, Michael Volpe’s call-in explained how they stole your son ~
    ” CCCC” ~ “Complexity Covers Corruption in the Courtroom”.

      • If you have any proof that she lied (court documents, please) send them along. But she has already published (or should publish) all the reports, school records showing a nosedive in attendance and grades after her ex obtained full custody and she was banned from seeing her son. Before that, the son was in honors classes, getting excellent grades, etc. Get me some proof and I will publish. You do realize, tho, since you are an adult, to accuse someone of being a liar that is a professional and run a business, she could sue your for defamation and false light. If this is not her son, which I highly suspect, you can add fraud to the list and identity theft. It is sad that someone sends me a post like this without any proof of who they are, any pleadings which were filed in court, etc. I wish her son all the best in life. Lisa is a very good, kind soul.

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    • You’re right, you are an adult now, and you should be in college. Are you going, have you signed up? When did you last see you mother. Someone who is not special needs is in college, has a job and a car and sees their mom (no matter what the bickering or dispute is) once per month

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