From Janet Phelan, the authorities are still stiffling dissent in the US for those that try to protect the elderly

from New Eastern Outlook:

Barbara Stone was only able to get out of jail when she agreed to stop blogging. Patty Reid is on the lam. Cary-Andrew Crittenden may be facing further jail time for his efforts to inform others about problems in the Santa Clara County legal system. And Ginny Johnson is under a gag order which nearly eventuated in a close encounter with a jail cell.

Upon visiting her mother in the home in which the guardian had placed Helen Stone, Barbara was shocked to find her mother emaciated and on a feeding tube. Barbara then allegedly took her mother to lunch.

She was subsequently arrested and charged with “custody interference,” and up until recently was confined to house arrest, an electronic tracking bracelet ensuring her compliance.

The problem was that Barbara would not shut up. She filed a number of lawsuits against guardianship court Judge Michael Genden and also against guardian Jacqueline Hertz and her attorney, Roy Lustig, as well as criminal court judge Victoria Brennan and Governor Rick Scott. She also launched a blog with the purpose of exposing the parties involved in what she termed the continuing abuse of her mother. Tiring of her complaints, Judge Genden charged her with criminal contempt for failing to show up at a court hearing and Barbara went into lock-up.

This past week, Stone, who is licensed to practice law in the state of New York, secured her release from jail at a significant price. She has agreed to stop blogging and also, significantly, to not file further papers in her mother’s case without a lawyer. In other words, the price of her freedom was prior restraint.

Unfortunately, this is the norm for probate victims.  When Ken and I published notices to the GAL’s in the Sykes case to come clean and stop the railroading and victimization of Mary, Farenga wrote a letter to the ARDC in which she asked them to investigate myself  and Ken, but not her.   But the ARDC did not investigate myself or Ken, instead, they started to harass us, deny us any defense in our cases, quash crucial subpoenas to the Bank for find Mary’s missing $1 million and in general engage in a cover up operation that was so blantant and open it’s had to understand why the FBI did not get involved immediately and purge the ARDC of it’s corruption.

Gag orders, restraint orders, the changing of transcripts, spoilation of evidence, and the quashing of subpoenas are all the norm when you operate in the are of corruption and corrupt courts and state agencies.

When I visited Florida, I was utterly amazed at the open and rampant corruption of state’s attorneys obviously scurring to meet with the judge privately on Barbara’s case.  This was reported to the FBI and we are still waiting to hear if they will do anything about these corrupt judges.

Barbara may have signed a bunch of utter nonsense to get out of her sitatuion, but believe me, it likely hasn’t stopped her, and I’m sure now she will file more pleadings about this corruption.  We all know these orders are void abinitio, or void from the beginning. So does Barbara.  These corrupted authorities waste their time trying to intimidate her is all that is going on.  Plus, usch agreements are idiotic.  Everyone knows you can’t make an agreement to murder someone or commit a crime.  Those agreements are void abinitio.  Likewise are these agreements on crushing dissent and restraining Free Speech.  The miscreants all now have a problem.  It’s 37 USC sec 371 and suppressing Free Speech, which is a crime.  Everyone who drafted, presented and signed the motion, including the judge, is now liable for Barbara’s restraints on her human and civil rights.  How stupid can these miscreants get?


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