From Ken Ditkowsky–Nursing home deaths that hide dirty little secrets

This morning on the MaryGSykes blog you exposed a dirty little secret, to wit: assisted INVOLUNTARY SUICIDE  is not gentile and the word involuntary is not the equivalent of voluntary.    In fact the word involuntary suggests that the people who assist a senior to kill himself/herself are not nice people and in fact are murders.

Your point out the following in your blog, to wit:
He died in January 2007 at age 76. On Shepter’s death certificate, Dr. Hoshang Pormir, the nursing home’s chief medical officer, explained that the cause was heart failure brought on by clogged arteries.   Shepter’s family had no reason to doubt it. The local coroner never looked into the death. Shepter’s body was interred in a local cemetery.
But a tip from a nursing-home staffer would later prompt state officials to re-examine the case and reach a very different conclusion.
When investigators reviewed Shepter’s medical records,  they determined that he had actually died of a combination of ailments often related to poor care, including an infected ulcer, pneumonia, dehydration and sepsis.
Investigators also concluded that Shepter’s demise was hastened by the inappropriate administration of powerful antipsychotic drugs, which can have potentially lethal side effects for seniors.
Prosecutors in 2009 charged Pormir and two former colleagues with killing Shepter and two other elderly residents. They’ve pleaded not guilty. The criminal case is ongoing.   

In the Jaycox matter, a similar situation occurred right here in Chicago.   A quick cremation eliminated any consequences and the nursing home operator was able to trot happily to the Bank with his booty.   In the case you cite, charges were brought in 2009.   It is now 2015 (almost 2016).   
Angelia Woodhull informed today that the money that the Guardian outright stole from her (with the appropriate court orders) still has not been returned.   Glenda still has not received the money stolen by the guardian from her husband ****.    What good is a remedy in which the bad guys never are required to make restitution even if a court orders it.
It may sound old hat and tired, but, as long as those public officials – such as Jerome Larkin –  who engage in the 18 USCA 371 conspiracies are immune from the justice system, paying the taxes due etc Justice will not only be delayed but will be farce.    Corrupt public officials such as Jerome Larkin and his 18 USCA 242 conspirators have to be vigorously prosecuted and every dime of taxes, interest and penalties due based upon their overt actions pursuant to the felonies of elder cleansing must be extracted.   Only by vigorous enforcement of the Rule of Law to eliminate Larkin and his co-conspirators from the equation will senior citizens and disabled people be safe!    (In other states the same approach has to be implemented)   Larkin et al teaching legal ethics is an affront to every intelligent citizen of America.
The outrage created by the silence of the legal community to your suspension for exposing the fraud of elder cleansing and the cover-up is outrageous and illustrative of the decline of American citizenship.    There must be people out there who still treasure America’s core values!
Dear Ken;
And to add to that, I have a string of nurses who have told me that abuse is not reported by nurses under threats they will be fired.  Some nurses have tried it, and were then fired AND blackballed.
One current client told me he was a nursing home orderly in college and soon as either the government did not pay or the family didn’t, a quick death was conveniently arranged from management.
If this is the way we treat our seniors, then the US still is a 3rd world country.  There is evidence we belong more in the 3rd world status, to wit:  1) we do not have free health care for the middle class and poor; 2) our minimum wage is not a living wage, as most industrialized countries; 3) the disparity between what a CEO makes and management continues to rise to 300 to one, whereas it used to be 15 to one (that is, it used to be a worker making $15,000 per year had a CEO making $225,000 per year); 4) we still have the death penalty in some states; 5) vacation time in the US is not mandated by law and falls into the 2 to 3 week category, while Europe has 4 weeks for the average worker; 6) we still do not have an Equal Rights Amendment, and most European countries have passed that and eliminated pink collar discrepancies; 7) survey after survey, our workers are in general more dissatisfied with their pay and benefits than the same workers in Europe; 8) college is low cost or free (many US students study abroad now to save money); etc.
Of course, the retort to that is that we have more minorities and are not as homogenized as Europe, but that’s not really true either.
So, I guess unreported deaths and cover ups are just one more indicator.
But they need not be.  We know who the culprits are–Jerome Larkin and staff and they can and should be replaced by the Supreme Court of Illinois.  SCOI created them and if they turn into a bad apple, SCOI should take them out.
Lawyers should be honest, ethical and trustworthy.  They should speak up and out for every injustice–especially in the US where so many, many immigrants come from 3rd world and unjust countries.  England at one time was a horribly unjust monarchy and many of our first immigrants were from there.  King George was a tyrrant upon us, and the US Constitution was established to remedy that.
Now we find the mobs and their family members infiltrating our court system and states attorneys offices and nothing is done (Madigan–daughter of drug lord lawyer Joel Murray, NY, Marilyn F in the Official Court reporters directs reporters to alter transcripts, the ARDC hires Morgan and Messina to change my transcript, Presiding Judge Timothy Evans has 2 daughters in the court scheduling department for $100k each, plus Rosemary Roti, daughter of a mob member Frank Roti from New York.  We have to stop all of that.  Pennsylvania has shut down its Kids for Cash program and Illinois must do the same.
To wit:
1) the Illinois ARDC must file ethics reports as mandated by the Illinois Legislature (can’t believe they stand for the fact that the ARDC is essentially flipping the Legislature the bird on this one and the Legislature takes it);
2) all lawyers and judges have to be tested with brain scans for psychopathy, narcissism and sociopathic brain responses;
3) same for the Judicial Inquiry Board.  It should either be directed by SCOI to do it’s job or it should be wiped out.

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