Please remember to Keep Randy and Gale Robinson in your prayers for truth and justice

See how this woman is treated shamefully by a local cop.  The henchman for the OPG (Office of Public Guardian, I mean Greed) is standing in the backgroud.

Gayle Robinson fought off these two for over two hours!  Then they took her away to a 9 day psych hold.  Only problem is they did not have the paperwork so they held her in a cheap motel for 2 days and drugged her because she tried to escape.

Apparently she still suffers nightmares from the entire ordeal.

Please pray for this family, for truth and justice and peace and blessings

17 thoughts on “Please remember to Keep Randy and Gale Robinson in your prayers for truth and justice

    • I am publishing this because you have a right to say what you want under the First Amendment. However, Gayle does not appear to be incompetent in any of her videos. She is clearly and intelligently asserting her rights. She is using very excellent higher cognitive powers of thinking.
      If she was afraid, she was not showing it in any video taken by Randy. Further, once a person is competent, it is assumed they can see whom they want when they want. Randy worked, so I’m not sure how he would keep her away from people she wanted to see anyway.
      I am glad for you to pray for Gayle, but if you were a close friend or relative, it seems to me that Gayle would have met you somewhere, would have had you over when Randy was not home when you did not get along, etc.
      Gayle is in California now and you are free to see her. Have you gone?
      Again, if she can shoo away the police for 2 hours, it seems to me she is seeing whom she wants when she wants.
      Legally, you cannot isolate a competent person, and if Gayle didn’t want Randy or his daughter there, she could legally ask them to leave.
      And this blog does not “support sides”. People are free to publish whatever evidence they want. Randy has videos and those are published and Gayle looks pretty darned competent in them. If you have something different to publish, please send it along.
      Gayle was clearly not Rapunzel locked away in a tower. She is her own person in her own mind. She sees people as she deems fit.

  1. Every Day I pray for Gayle Robinson, I pray for her to learn the truth. I also pray Randy Robinson faces the Justice system for what he did to Gayle Robinson. Randy Robinson isolated Gayle Robinson from her family. Filled her head full of lies about how her family was sending the police to put her in a home. Had her terrified to answer the door in her own home. Cut off all contact with her an her family. If this is the type of person you want to support. I feel I need to pray for you also.

    • Do you check the facts of any of these storys?.I know you don’t. Want to hear any other sides of story?or do you have an agenda like most places these two get to post there trash.?

      • Yes, we get copies of the court documents and they are published. You are welcome to submit your own affidavits, declarations, videos, court sworn testimony and transcripts and they will be published. Just send it along. Anyone is free to publish and we do not block any comments. Ever.


      • Good, is it on Facebook, Vimeo, etc. Please share. The public is waiting. Also, what did you file in court to show that Randy did something wrong or illegal. Please send the pleadings to me and I will post. If it’s important enough to change the case, it should have be put in writing and used in court. Please scan and send the entire court file, if possible, or download it and I will post a link. Our court system is public and open to scrutiny.

        I also have some questions; 1) what is the excuse for putting an elderly woman into a 9 day psych hold and drugging her with psychotropic drugs against her will? What did you do to stop that? What papers did you file? How did she get removed from her house when there were no papers directing this and she did not want to go? Where is her attorney protecting her? Did the family and you hire one to protect what she wanted?
        2) What is happening to the minor child, Randy’s daughter. She lived with her grandmother. Who in the family is taking care of her now and supporting her? Did she get all her belongings out off the premises because they will soon sell the home for attorneys fees. 3) are Randy’s belongings safe and cared for?
        I have lots of questions a normal person would ask. Will you be a spokesperson for the “otherside” and post your videos (not so much of manipulation) but of Gayle Robinson acting incompetent and in need of a state appointed guardian she consented to. Please publish those.
        The law presumes, and I do too, if I am competent, I cannot be manipulated by others to do harm. The instinct to do good things is a most difficult one to alter

  2. Would be willing to show you all I have, and then you can tell your people what you saw, as I was Instructed not to post on the Internet ,things about this case. I’m not sure If even that is against court orders.
    Really, the court records should be enough for most, and all the videos they post , should tell you how, let’s put this nicely “Less than normal” Randy Debbie are.
    Who videos there mother mowing the lawn. WHO??? And all the other videos, Real creapy. Real weard. My mother has very little wrong with her.(intentionally vague here) Just enough to have someone to take advantage of her. P.S. My lifetime I have never seen my mother Mow the grass. Or pump gas. She is the stereotypical old school woman. Who worked. She rasied us right ,and was always there for all of us. Sweetest lady you’ll ever meet.

    • in order to be declared incompetent, you have to be incapable of managing your person and estate. It is not enough to say a person only has enough wrong with her “to have someone take advantage of her.” There are other procedures for that, but they require your mother’s cooperation. The law is strict and requires that the person have a “mental disease or defect” that renders them incapable of managing their own affairs.
      She can mow her own lawn, she is competent because it’s a complex maneuver.
      As for “posting things on the internet”, everyone in the US has the right to do this and be critical of the three basic branches of the government. It’s called the First Amendment to the US Constitution. I suggest you Wiki information on that first before you post and read the cases, especially the Alvarez case and the Citizens United case which says we can say what we want about our government, or not say anything.
      I appreciate your posting and presenting your views. I have not seen anything or heard anything “less than normal” about Randy or Debbie, and Randy has posted numerous videos where he is talking. In many of those videos he is protecting the Constitutional, human and civil rights of his mother.
      You seem to be on the opposite side of that page where you think a guardianship is needed whenever there is “very little wrong” with a person.
      That is simply not the law. First, there has to be a mental disease or defect and then that has to be proved by “clear and convincing evidence” which is a very high standard to meet. Your mother was entitled to a jury trial on those issues. What happened to that?
      Next, the court has to assess how much the state can step in and make decisions for her. Your mother seems extremely competent on these videos. You say she is “taken advantage of it” but you have not provided any proof. As long as she is competent, she can give her money away to anyone she wants, she can have anyone she wants live with her and she is free to go where she wants.
      Again, it is my understanding that she has seen numerous doctors and hospitals, and she was in a 9 day psych hold and nothing ever came from it.
      This is just pure harassment of an elder. When and if she needs a guardian her own personal physician can write the report and present it to the court. If your mother objects, she can have a jury trial.
      There is no need for 9 day psych holds, which are very traumatic, and test after test to try to show she is incompetent.
      If she knows the day and time and who the president is and where she lives and who she wants to handle her finances and have them report to her, she is not incompetent.
      The courts are not supposed to be a place to harass and terrorize seniors. This is a misuse of the court system. Gag orders are unconstitutional. Period. We live in a free, open and democratic society with free courts and a free press. Take to the media whatever you want.
      I assume if you have something valid to say, you put it in a pleading before the court so everyone interested can respond. If so, please pass along your pleading and the responses and I will post.
      Thank you.
      PS–before you post anything, please have someone check your writing for grammar issues. It does not help your position when your grammar is poor. Also, please go to your local law library and spend some hours studying about guardianship issues and read the statutes and case law. It will help you understand what is going on in court.
      A lot of people complain about the law and court, but then they refuse to do the hours of study it takes in a law library to understand what is going on.

  3. k, I don’t know how else to put this to you. I won’t talk about the case. You can tell me its legal, and it may be.(Ask Randy how thats working out for him.) You say ” It’s your understanding” alot but, you follow that with things that simply are not Fact. I was under the impression that you had all the court records. BUT, You want me to foward the pleading I put before the court. I THOUGHT YOU HAD ALL THE INFORMATION, LOOKS LIKE YOU GOT RANDY AND DEBBIE’S VERSION. Let Randy give you my pleadings and you can post it, it is very enlightening. Also, if grammer is so inportant to you, check out Debbie’s Facebook page, you will be shocked. And Randy should be a doctor with his handwriting.When I said my mother had very little wrong with her, I also said I was being vague. Do you think a person with a mental defect, as you put it, could still push a mower? I’ve seen eight year olds do it. Should they be able to Handle their own affairs?, decide who is going to live with them?. You suggest I research on Wikipedia, Really? Santorum, research that.Wikipedia is a joke. Do you even know what is wrong with my mother. DO YOU?. I KNEW before anyone told me. So did everyone who spoke to her on a regular basis. TILL THEY DIDN’T. Again being vague.
    Do you know Randy or Debbie ? It really speaks volumes to know their past. Ask Randy what his and his ex-wife s Idea of a good time was with him and “others”.If he has been arrested ,how many times and for what. Ask Debbie what all her Grandchildren look like. I REALLY could go on and on but again, being nice.

    Randy or Debbie, NEVER did what my mother wanted. Or what ANYONE tells Them to do. N E V E R !!!!!!!!!


    PS. look over your past articles your not perfect spelling or grammar. And, I think you should really know the case before you comment on it. So many people comment on things they don’t research

    • Your mother clearly knows the date, time, place and who the president is and she recognizes her family and the police and got into a huge argument with the police when they didn’t have the right paperwork. It was all recorded on video.

      Further, the true fox is Mary Rowan in all of this and she’s got your mother’s home, her car, her savings and your mom is slated for a nursing home, a place where she does not want to be.

      If you want to publish a criminal background check or whatever, those are public and that’s fine with me.

      This is the US and anything public or what a person wants to say is protected by the First Amendment to the US constitution. Gag orders are unconstitutional.

      My suggestion to get along is to hire a professional therapist to help all of you out and try to broker a get along agreement. I am not a therapist, and my role in all of this is only media.


      • Again, my kid knows who’s president and can push a mower. AND you don’t know ANYTHING your Just a blogger. You don’t know what your talking about. Are you are you a doctor NO . Stop trying to sum this up and give your opion. You know nothing and want to know less. Notice you don’t have alot of responses in other cases. This one must be making you feel pretty good about yourself. But, remeber it’s because we care that we write you its because we care we went to probate ,we had no choice. So get off your high horse and see the compassion this family has to defend there mother from Randy. We are all aware of what might happen to or mother. But ,we love her that much that we will never stop fighting for her. You feed my siblings narsasitic ways. They are the ones who need help. I PRAY THEY WILL GET THE HELP THEY NEED Then we could do what you so easly sugest get couseling. Again you don’t know anything about them ,or this case you, just type words.

      • Again, my suggestion to this family is to go into professional counseling. You are right, I am nothing but a blogger. I am not an attorney on the case, any doctor, or other professional on the case. BUT I do defend your right to make commentary and I will publish what you have to say. The blog I operate is an open, democratic forum for commentary on court cases.
        You have my support to do that.
        Still the guardianization and loss of all her money and property, is a complete travesty of justice upon Gayle Robinson and I continue to pray for her.

  4. We all can agree on guardianization is a tragedy. But when you can’t see hear or talk to your mother. What can you do ? I do give you credit on the open dialogue. However, we are handicapped by the fact that we are following the rules and cannot discuss this case, nor show hours of video. Now, our mother has been Taken from us again. And we have to pray that It is Randy, the one we have been trying to get her away from. She was last seen at the Chicago Airport. hard to have counseling when a person who needs it the most not available and is hiding (With my mother ) I appreciate the sentiment though.

    • Dear Ron;
      If the rules are illegal and unconstitutional you don’t have to follow them. Gag orders are illegal under the US constitution. Feel better? Want to post video? Go right ahead and I’d be glad to do it for you.
      With respect to your mother, I am certain that she is only hiding from Michigan which means a locked down nursing home and certain death by forced assisted suicide when the money runs out (Jaycox and Sykes in Illinois). Mary Rowan doesn’t care about Gayle, only her money. Rowan will go away when the money runs out, for sure. If you read the probate blogs, which Randy does, he knows that Michigan now means certain death for mom when the money runs out. I am sure when your mother gets somewhere safe and out of Michigan she will pop up again. For now, you have to respect her rights to do as she wants. She’s not dead yet, just give it all some time. I wan’t even the one who told her to run and hide–I didn’t meet Randy until well into the guardianship. One of the other probate blogs or victims must have helped them way back then.
      I know Randy reads this blog so I’d be glad to post any messages you have to your mother, that you want her home (wherever that is now), that you want her safe, that you pray for her every day.
      I have no idea where she is, but I pray for her and Randy and all my probate victims every day they are safe. I do have a prayer list for my victims and their families.
      Thank you for sending in a nice comment. I appreciate it when people are respectful and kind and caring about the elderly and try to get along with family, tho I know that adverse memories can run deep.

  5. A person with no memory issues wouldn’t have to write notes to herself like this…

    Also you ask for proof of the wrong doings. Well were sorry they had the chance to get to that first. Havent seen this many shredded documents since watergate.

    Wonder what they were hiding… No reasonable doubt here.

    • 1) With respect to the first photo, the handwriting is good and it looks like she is making her intentions clear. She has had it with the fights and probate BS. It is her handwriting, correct? If so, it appears she needs an attorney that represents HER wishes in the probate matter, did you get her one. I’m not as concerned about the posting of her “rights” against the world, as I am if she has an attorney that represents HER and you got her one. Did you? That is a far more important question. She doesn’t want the gship, she has the right to protest it and the state or family should provide an atty for her.
      2) Shredding is not evidence of anything. In fact, experts in identity theft recommend you shred every piece of paper with any personal information on it, including name and address before putting it in the trash. We shred everything going out of our office with a cross cut shredder. Some people like to get paper statements but everything is online anyway, going back 7 years, if not decades, so 90% of whatever was shredded, if it is financial or medical in nature can be subpoenaed, if you’re really nosy about the shredding.
      So why were you going thru her garbage and why are you worried about her shredding? If you want something, ask her or subpoena it. Perhaps most of it is none of your business. MYOB.

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