From Igor Lahoody–reports of abuse to Judge Quinn go unanswered

On Sept 2, 2015, a loving caring son wrote to the judge noting abuse of his mother in a guardianship.  She said she could not read the letter and had copies made, but nothing got done.  The abuse is continuing.

Major lawyer players in this case:  (not surprised) lawyer threatening Adam Stern, Peter Schmeidel, Paul Franciscowicz, Joe Monaghan, M. Martin.

See the letter below.  It’s disgusing.

And I would like everyone to know that I predicted exactly what this group of ***** would do.  They allowed pipes to burst in the house (predicted SNAFU), then they are selling it for a deep discount (see similar stories in Wyman and on internet).

There is a large joint account that after several years has STILL not been partitioned, but that is coming.

The good son has none of it and it has been frozen.



Sept. 2, 2015

The Honorable Carolyn Quinn
50 W. Washington
Chicago, IL. 60602

Dear Judge Quinn,

I am writing in regards to my mother; Iwanna Lahody (2012-P002742). I believe you are not hearing the truth about Iwanna’s health and living conditions. She is deathly thin, having lost 30 pounds since her placement at the Carlton. For clothing, she is wearing hand me downs, with holes and stains. Three months ago mom lost her front tooth (partial) and it has not been replaced. Iwanna wears a strong eyeglass prescription and cannot see without them. Four pairs of glasses have disappeared and Rehab Assest replaces them with $10.00 generics. I have spent my own funds to give mom the proper glasses and they were gone in 2 weeks. My mom was always a private person, but at the Carlton she shares a room with at least 2 other people.

I feel guilty every time I visit mom, because I am forced to lie to her why she is at the Carlton. My mom had a hard life. Her entire family escaped communism in the 1930’s and spent WW 2 in a German camp. Her dream was to come to America and now when I visit, she states that she hates America for keeping her at the Carlton. My mom thought she did everything to protect herself by doing a trust, POA –etc. Her second husband had Alzheimer and mom placed him in a nursing home for the last 3 years of his life. She went every day to feed and change him.
Iwanna’s wishes were to die in her own home. She witnessed what happened to her husband and thought she could afford her true wishes.

I just want to make you aware that Amy McCarty had a huge conflict of interest by not
notifying the court that her husband, Dr. Timothy Mikesell was partners with my mom’s physician, Dr. Robert Moss, who signed the CCP 0211A.
The polar vortex did not cause the boiler to break, Mike Singler did. My attorney notified
FMS Law in October, that the heat had to be turned on, which they neglected to do, so the radiators burst not the boiler.

Very truly yours,


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