From Ken Ditkowsky — If a man from Mars visited the 18th floor of the Daley center and also N. Korea, would s/he find any differences?

To: “JoAnne M. Denison” <>, et alia
Subject: The lives of senior citizens matter
Date: Sep 2, 2015 8:43 PM
This morning up with the thought that the Supreme Court of Illinois has been reported to not having ruled on the outrageous and unconstitutional charges that Larkin and his co-conspirators brought against Attorney JoAnne Denison.   That was outrageous, but so typical of the modern criminal political elite.   

Today, we no longer have young people intolerant of their elders.   No longer does a young defense lawyer in a wrongful death lawsuit think: “my client did him a favor by putting him out of his misery.”    (I know that such thoughts were made – in 1960 something an insurance defense lawyer actually said that to me when I made my demand for compensation for the wrongful death of my client’s husband – and the father of her grown children.)

To many of the youth of today (and too many of our political and judicial leaders) we – the elderly – are prey!    We serve no purpose and are a burden on society.   Our savings is being wasted on such luxuries as food, clothing, keeping warm in winter and cool in the summer ***.   Corrupt judges, corrupt administrators, corrupt public figures, corrupt judicial officials all feel that our saving are better off in their hands than *****.    

The disgraceful conduct of the judicial officials and public figures recounted on Probate Sharks, NASGa, MaryGSykes **** blogs is the tip of the iceberg even though the examples curl your hair.    The assault on our First Amendment rights and Federal and State legislation cannot be tolerated.   

Some of the victims and their families are timid and say nothing, however, there is growing body of people who legitimately want action even if they have to toss the baby out with the bathwater and/or resort to various forms of ‘self help!’    The frustration is not a secret, nor is it a secret that some of the victims and their families have little, if any, desire to wait one second longer before they act.   

For half a decade I for one have been pleading for an HONEST investigation and Justice.   The family of Alice Gore has been also pleading for Honest justice and restoration of basic core values of America.   ***** (the list is endless).   Even the Government Accounting office has been demanding a remedy – HOWEVER, we have come up empty.    

We need that HONEST investigation and vigorous prosecution of the miscreants now!    We need the conspiracy stopped in its tracks.

So arrogant are the guardians for profit and the crooked judges who pave the way so that they can rob the elderly and their families that in the AW case (Florida) when the Appellate Court of Florida ruled that the guardian had no right to touch the personal assets of AW, the judge assessed attorney fees against AW for complaining of the guardians action.   He then awarded the guardian the stolen funds.    When AW appealed the guardian just drew down her funds and stole her money.    (She called me – as I am suspended from the practice of law and was never licensed in Florida I can do nothing for her; however, I recommended that she talk to law enforcement and in particular Federal law enforcement as elder cleansing is an interstate crime and the violation of her civil rights is a serious matter.
This morning I wrote:
Elder lives Matter
If a man from Mars were to visit North Korea and then visit Illinois what differences would he see?
1)      Corruption:     If our Man from Mars visited the 18th Floor of the Daley Center and if he stumbled upon one of the hearings held in relation to the guardianship cases the level of corruption in North Korea and in Illinois would tip toward Illinois.     Historically the Communist countries are careful to observe all the non-essential procedural procedures.    In the Sykes case 09 P 4585 the miscreants were careful to observe virtually none.    In Korea there would have been ‘show trial’ and the drugged Mary Sykes would have been displayed.    In Illinois not only were the notices ignored by so was the hearing.     Attorney Peter Schmiedel when asked specifically if there was a competency hearing he told the truth.   There was a hearing on some care plan – no competency hearing was every held.     In North Korea only a few party members are involved; however, in Illinois everyone and his brother is involved.    Even the IARDC (administered by Larkin) is involved.
2)      Free Speech.     Once again the edge goes to Illinois.    Our restriction on speech is much more draconian.     When I tried to do a preliminary investigation the two guardian ad litem, the attorney for the guardian, and the corrupt presiding judge tried to intimidate me not to do so.    The fact that they did not have jurisdiction did not bother them.    When they were called on the issue and I wrote the Attorney General of the United States, and requested an Honest Investigation, Jerome Larkin and his co-conspirators stepped up and the Illinois Supreme Court took suspended my law license for four years.    No pretense – pure unadulterated assault on the First Amendment and Article 1 of the Illinois Constitution.    
(In North Korea there would have been some diversion – after someone looked at the Sykes file and discovered the lack of jurisdiction was obvious, an obvious fiction was invented.   The fiction – the people who were entitled to prior notice had knowledge.   NB – not prior knowledge, but knowledge.    Unfortunately, unlike the North Korean propaganda machine the fiction was obviously outlandish.    No hearing was held.     Thus, Free Speech does not exist in Illinois.
In Illinois the deprivation of Civil Rights is not an isolated situation.    Larne Amu echoed an expose of Crain’s Chicago Business’ someone who pulls Larkin’s puppet strings objected and Amu was charged with lying about the integrity of a judge.     The fact that the judge could not and did not deny the averment was irrelevant.    Mr. Amu has a black skin so that his complaint allegedly created a clear and present danger and he received an interim suspension.   
JoAnne Denison as a private citizen and as a lawyer operates a blog.    In that blog she reprints the call for an HONEST investigation and embarrassing facts.     Amongst the facts she has reported on is
·         Each of the miscreants has a very discouraging and embarrassing biography.
·         Mary Sykes was competent at the time that she was seized, isolated, stripped of her liberty and property.     The blog even displayed videos in which Mary demonstrated her competency.
·         Calls for an HONEST investigation.   (Strongly objected to as unethical by the two guardian ad litem and Mr. Larkin)
·         Facts of similar indiscretions by the miscreants
·         Fact of atrocity and other assaults by persons acting in conspiracy with the Sykes miscreants and/or acting on their own to commit other heinous crimes.     In particular the exploration and the harvesting of gold from the mouth of victim Alice Gore.
·         Cover=up by Larkin and his co-conspirators and participation in criminal activities by said 18 USCA 371 conspirators.   
·         Making public 18 USCA 4 and Rule 8.3 reports to law enforcement and the IARDC.
3)       Lack of Due Process.     Using the Sykes case 09 P4585 the two elements of due process – i.e. Notice and hearing are both missing.      In Gore and other cases there appear to be some notice and a sham hearing.     Declare a person to be incompetent – with or without perjured testimony of a medical expert – and there is a total loss of all civil rights.    The fact that Americans with Disabilities Act and 755 ILCS 5/11a – 3b prohibits this scenario elder lives and rights are forfeit.    Taking property without due compensation and/or due process are par for the course.    These are the very elements of the elder cleansing and guardian for profit scheme.
4)      Special privileges for special people.     If you look at the Sykes case, Cynthia Farenga was obviously upset when she read in Probate Sharks that Ms. Denison and I were calling for an honest investigation.    She wrote a letter to the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (IARDC) claiming the call for an Honest investigation was unethical and even sent to the IARDC a copy of the page of the blog.     Almost immediately disciplinary proceedings were commenced against me.    Shortly thereafter they were commenced against Attorney Denison.
Like proceedings in North Korea no action was taken by the IARDC to investigate, court rules that apply to every lawyer were ignored, and intentionally false pleadings were filed by Mr. Larkin and by his co-conspirators.    All safeguards – such as the requirement to present competent evidence – were ignored.      In fact when Judge Stuart was caught perjuring herself no problem existed – the transcript was altered to delete the admission of perjury.        Serious crimes = including crimes against Nature and against humanity that occurred in many of the guardianship cases and in particular in the Gore were ignored by authorities.     When a favored guardian ad litem, who was responsible for horrible crimes against Alice Gore and others, filed in a Florida courtroom a totally perjured claim and such was reported the Mr. Larkin and the IARDC the reporting citizen was told that such was not unethical in Illinois.     On a blog quite frequently the perfidy of the favored lawyer guardian is referred to and reported for another criminal act – the IARDC (and apparently law enforcement can care less)
5)      Predetermined determinations and sentencing.     Again Illinois has an edge.    It is my understanding that even though the Supreme Court of Illinois has not affirmed the ethically and morally offensive proceedings orchestrated by Jerome Larkin against JoAnne Denison, JoAnn Denison has been suspended from the Practice of Law in Illinois on an interim basis.    This summary suspension occurs only when there is an imminent danger to the public.      Amu was suspended on this basis as he has the wrong color skin!      I was not granted an interim suspension as my skin is lily white and I live in a Chicagoland community in which may political heavyweight reside.    I had also been cycling with a former special agent of the Department of the Treasury and our wives were friends.
The interim suspension is a harsh and procrustean punishment intended only to be used in the emergency situation when a real hazard to the public exists.     Larkin’s stooges and co-conspirators alleged that Attorney Denison authored a blog.   (Protected by 47 USCA 230).    In this blog she informed law enforcement of Americans With Disabilities violations, civil rights violations, human rights violations and other felonies  18 USCA 4, Rule 8.3, 340 ILCS 20/4, 735 ILCS 3, 755 ILCS 5/11a 0 1 et seq,  18 USCA 241, 18 USCA 242, 42 USCA 1983, 18 USCA 1341 etc).   Larkin claimed that this act of complying with the aforesaid statutes constituted something similar to crying fire in a theater.      Larkin then patently lied claiming that recent Supreme Court cases provided him with authority to silence citizen (if the citizen was a lawyer) exposure of criminal acts by judges, lawyers, judicial officials et al.     He cited the Alvarez case improperly failing to note that his argument had been specifically rejected by the Supreme Court.
The Supreme Court of Illinois rubberstamped the interim suspension.     HOWEVER, it has come to my attention that the Supreme Court now having all the phony, perjured, and wired proceedings that Larkin dreamed up before it, it has not affirmed Larkin’s gang rape of America’s justice system.     This action by the Supreme Court in not doing its job as disreputable and disingenuous.      They thus would fit right in in North Korea or a radical Islamic state (ISIS).
The leader of North Korea could set up shop in Illinois and most of us would notice the difference.     In many ways even though he is ‘insane’ and badly in need of a Illinois guardian for profit,  his benign and intolerant leadership would be consistent with Illinois moral and fiscal bankruptcy exhibited almost daily on the 18th Floor of the Daley Center here in Illinois.      
Genocide as a public policy has a certain ring to it.     Now that we have people of color being cleansed in certain communities,  immigrants no longer welcome on our shores,  law enforcement people available for target practice in other communities and ****  maybe the elimination of the elderly (whose bodies and riches have some interest to the corrupt judges, lawyers, judicial officials  et al) is consistent with the Illinois sovereignty.       Kim ***** (the leader of North Korea) endorses genocide and certainly the lawyer disciplinary commissions of Illinois agrees – BUT,  I have a problem with the concept and the operation of the program.     It is this problem that caused Mr. Amu, Ms. Denison and yours truly to be suspended from the practice of law – WE EXERCISED OUR FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS TO PROTEST!      The political elite, the judicial elite and the savior of North Korea all objected to the protest.      Except in the case of JoAnne Denison the Illinois Supreme Court rubber stamped – they have Denison in limbo in an effort to dishearten and intimidate her.      All for her saying the words:  “Elderly lives matter!” 

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