From Eliot Bernstein–his thoughts on the Barbara Stone case

Recently Barbara Stone was defaulted on a defamation case by Roy Lustig–but only after a Federal judge kicked the same case out of his courtroom in another jurisdiction.

A witness for Barbara Stone in another courtroom as a handicapped child and the judge, in retaliation took all rights from the mother, so she grabbed the child and left Florida.  Let’s pray for them to be safe.

This is Eliot’s response:

Yes Candice, attorneys are threatened when they speak up and write affidavits like Rochlin, Esq. stating Judge Genden threatened her to get off Barbara’s case and then who more bravely testified to same in a Federal Court only to get slapped with a bar complaint for doing the heroic and RIGHT thing as required by her attorney conduct codes.  She deserved it anyway for helping Barbara.  As for Patty who also wrote affidavit in support of Barbara and more important stating her mother’s plight first hand she should also be targeted and fired from the facility where she was giving Helen hope whilst visiting hell and so serves her right that her son is targeted for removal and torture at the hands of another of goons, bet ya saw that coming.  Then local counsel after seeing what happened to the first attorney then refuses to file further pleadings and thereby precluding you from representing Barbara who gets creamed with NO DUE PROCESS and all this sounds so predictable and kosher in our courts, we should all be proud we have such judicious courts.  And then, lest we not forget the judge who basically terrorizes you at the opening of a hearing for a mistake and threatens you repeatedly with big bad sanctions and a smack bottom baby and rudely interrupts your proceedings with your witnesses basically terrorizing them and silencing them with his compassion and kindness.  Oh yeah, let us not forget Judge Pearlman a true pearl of a judge who reviewed Barbara’s pleading and expressed sympathy and the need for Barbara to get protection for her whistleblowing and who was then filed on for disqualification by PIG ATTORNEY ROY LUSTIG, who was found guilty of FRAUD ON A COURT and LYING and more by the 3rd DCA and thus forced this lovely judge off the case, perhaps a gun went to her head or she was threatened from that Top Judge, ya know Labarga, who disbarred Barbara for her whistleblowing but she deserved it too as she was compassionate to Barbara and so stated on the record.

However, I am shocked you knew people would be targeted for trying to help Barbara, especially since that extortionary behavior is committed by JUDGES and ATTORNEYS who are torturing her mother and her.  And oh, by the way, these esteemed and honorable Judges and lawyers are PSYCHO KILLER CRIMINALS of a mob nature who deserve the respect of the people and Barbara because they are so dignified and act so above the law.  So in a corrupted court system with protection to the top of justice and down, well I guess the odds were good that everyone would cut bait and run from Barbara now that the heat is on, instead of facing sanctions or prison or more to help her, let’s just blame her and Patty and Rochlin.  I guess doing the right thing for Barbara will cost Patty the kid and everyone can say it was her fault for helping Barbara, she deserved it too and her kid.  Just like I have heard in these rants that its Barbara’s fault for speaking truth to power her way, in your FACE, won’t back down.  Or it’s her fault for her not being an obedient girl and playing by the dirty judge murdering her mother for greed, and even worse for her talking back to the judges and exposing them to the bar.  So I guess she had it coming and she should have her mother murdered for that and she should rot in prison and we can all say well her mother had it coming for Barbara’s acts and Barbara should have done what all the others here do and watch their loved ones killed and their families wealth stolen instead of rocking that apple cart or making the big bad judge mad.   Makes me wonder if those affidavits everyone says do nothing and showing up in court in support that everyone is too busy for may actually be having profound effect in Barbara’s case in showing how scary and dangerous these mobsters are and how they will retaliate against anyone in their way.  This is why they need to be put down like rabid dogs, as in criminally tried, convicted, fried and then stripped of all their ill-gotten gains.  Makes me think of what heroes all these people who stood in support of Barbara and did the right thing and did not cower like you and do not turn on her now but in fact yell louder and fighter harder at any cost and for that Patty is added to my HEROIC PATRIOTS, anyone else wanna join?  Now my question is who is not afraid to help Barbara and fear no evil or repercussion and be next up to be hunted by the judges and corrupted to the core lawyers (criminals disguised as lawyers who fear the light and exposure?

Anyone of the disbarred lawyers or lawyers in this rant want to help Patty Pro Bono on character, I know she needs it bad. eb

from Eliot Bernstein.

Please note, I constantly have to remind these victims who are terrorized by corrupt officials, judges and attorneys that they are NOT responsible for anyone’s evil or bad deeds.  As Sarah Barrielles says, “what good has silence ever done you?” and she wants us to speak the truth and be Brave too.

Too many victims feel guilty when they stand up to crooked judges, attorneys, a probate system, their idiot family members who shut up and look the other way in a feeble “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil” manner that creates and fosters a code of silence.

Well, 18 USC sec 4 does not allow ANYONE to shut up when a string of felonies are being committed.  Many lawyers, in fact, recently have been proseucted by the feds for shutting up when they knew a crime was being committed and did not report it. (Note the atty disciplinary boards and esp. Jerome Larkin in Illinois loves it when lawyers shut up when they see a string of felonies in probate.  It seems this is the real definition of “probate exception”–let judges and attorneys steal and abuse and do nothing.

Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

18 USC sec 4

I and this blog continually relay information concerning the corruption in US governement with a string of emails to the FBI.  You too can send along your concerns to: or get the local FBI office email for a particular dept. by calling them. You should be able to get an email to court corruption and to civil rights.  If you are a victim, go there with a list of the statutes violated and demand to file a complaint and don’t leave until you get a complaint number.  That complaint number will give you victim’s rights.  It might be worthwhile to hire a lawyer to draft up a criminal complaint to hand to the FBI so all they have to do is investigate and then file with your affidavit or declaration the statements are true.



from Candice Schwager:

If I ever had a question about Barbara Stone’s case I’d say the Defendants have cleared it up. My witnesses have been threatened and retaliated against for testifying and to keep them from helping Barbara. Her criminal lawyer was 2000 miles away the day before a critical hearing and told me he was withdrawing immediately. Deborah Rochlins law license was threatened after the judge called her cell. And the day before my federal court hearing everyone left the state on vacation to Alaska and far away destinations. Now a witness has been told they’re taking her son but won’t say where. My local counsel refused to file my pleadings and told me her office was closed down for medical emergency indefinitely

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